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10 Lucrative Farming Business Opportunities In Nigeria/Africa

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Agriculture no doubt is what can sustain a nation and also boost its economy, take for instance Egypt and Israel.The number one thing that will make you richer and keep you wealthy in this present time is farming business. There are many money-making opportunities in Agriculture. Take a look at the richest man in Africa, Dangote he has now diversify into farming, very soon he will be the number one producer of rice in Africa.,

Crop production is more cost-effective than livestock.  Don’t overlook any crop because the smallest plant like waterleaf is fattening some people’s account especially in dry season vegetable farming. In-depth knowledge of how to manage your farm and package your product is the way forward.  Farming business In Nigeria eni best


There are many profitable agricultural businesses to venture into but I am going to pick just a few crops and livestock out of a whole lot so you see the millions hidden in them. Please note it is not according to how profitable each is but randomly selected. Food business can never go down whether there is recession, lack of money or not. This is because human beings cannot do without food.

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In this post I will be writing on the opportunities in these agricultural products:

  • Rice farming
  • Beans farming
  • Cassava farming
  • Maize farming
  • Plantain farming
  • Ginger farming
  • Snail farming
  • Goat farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Pig farming


Statistics shows that Nigeria is amongst the highest rice consumers in the world. Rice is a very popular staple food in Nigeria almost every home eats it, one way or the other. Presently, Government has been able to reduce rice importation in the country by 95% according the Minister of Agriculture. This is one of the reasons you will succeed in this venture because demand for local rice will be high. Rice can be harvested within 3 months.

One hectare is enough to make you a millionaire. As at today a bag of local rice goes for #16,000. What you should do is to plant the paddy rice variety consumed in your location it could be long grains or short grains.

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Beans farming business is silently enriching many farmers, beans cost more than rice a bag of bean cost #30,000 plus while rice cost #16,000. Beans can be harvested in within 3 months or less. It is planted in August and by October ending some people will start harvesting while others harvest in November it all depends on the variety planted.

You have to plant the ones eaten most in your location. Beans farming is very easy and simple to manage because it requires less water and fertilizer to grow. This is because it generates nitrogen nutrients for their development. Little input yields much output.lucreative farming


Cassava is the most commonly eaten carbohydrate in Nigeria. The love for processed cassava production dates back to olden days. Cassava can be processed into garri, fufu, flour, flakes etc. I must say between garri and rice; garri is more consumed than rice. My observation anyway, but you can verify this using your immediate environment or you ask foodstuff traders around you which sales faster and in large quantity.

Garri is more affordable than rice the more reason many homes go for it. A modu of garri goes for #150 while local rice is #550 in Abuja. Cassava can be harvested within 6-9 months due to improved varieties such as TME 419. This has encourage many cassava farmers to grow large expand of land.

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Plantain is another sourced after food, it is high both in demand and in price. It can be processed into flour, chips, boiled etc. Plantain flour is highly demanded in foreign countries. A bunch of plantain sales from #1,000, if you have 1000 suckers you are made. You plant once and keep harvesting for a life time. Hybrid suckers produce heavy bunch within 9 months. You can expand your farm using sprouted suckers meaning you wouldn’t have to buy them any more. The suckers can be sold for more money.

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Maize farming is another money churning agribusiness. It can be processed into flour for baking, ground for pap production, boiled, roasted, fried for consumption. Maize can be harvested within 4 months. A hectare will accommodate 1000 stand each will produce two cobs.

Dry maize has more profit than fresh ones. A hectare can give you 4-5: tonnes up to 8 if well-managed.

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This is what is boosting Kaduna State economy. Ginger farming business is the main occupation for the people of southern Kaduna. Their ginger is said to be the best in Nigeria in terms of taste and quality. The reason why foreign buyers prefer their ginger. Ginger can be grown anywhere in Nigeria. It is an exportable product and it’s making many middlemen rich. Ginger is used for spices, drug production, beer etc.

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Snail farming is another silent ATM. The number of people consuming snail is increasing every day some people want to cut down on red meat. Before now if you enter your backyard for those in the village you will pack them in dozens but population increase and construction has reduced the number of snails drastically. To make up for this, we need to rear them.

One big size of snail cost #250, if you are able to domesticate 5,000 pieces to full size, you will be counting #1,250,000. Let’s say expenses is #250,000 that means you will be left with a whooping #1,000,000 under 7-8 months. Expenses might not be up to that because feeding snails is less costly. Go to fruit sellers and purchase watermelon peel; natural chalk is cheap in the market, other leaves can be sourced around you.

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Goat cost between #15,000-#40,000. If you can start with 100 goats by the end of the year you will be counting more than 300 goats. There are ways you can feed your goats cheaply. Purchase these grains; wheat or barley seeds and sunflower seeds. Grow them hydrophonically; use them to feed the goats and watch as they grow healthy.

The gestation period for a healthy goat is 145-147 days (5 months). A goat can be pregnant at least twice in a year. Some can give birth to 3 or 4 kids. Goat is majorly reared in Nigeria in the North whereas it can do well anywhere in the country.

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Diary products consumption are constantly on the increase  due to population increase. Eggs, chicken, turkey, quail egg etc are widely used by restaurants, hotels, individuals and in other businesses such as indomie joints; bakers who are seriously in need of eggs for their business. They buy them in large quantities.

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1,000 point of layers is a good start  but first learn how to manage the farming business so you don’t get your hands burnt. You can make more profits during festive season like Christmas and Sallah.

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Pig is the most prolific animal in the world. Many people are looking for where to buy pork meat without success; because people who engage in the farming are few. One pig can litter between 6-10 piglet at once and can deliver twice a year. A matured pig, depending on the weight cost between #30,000-#40,000. It takes 7-12  months for pigs to grow from piglet to maturity.

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Feeds are cheap and readily available, they feed on anything that comes their way ranging from industrial to domestic waste etc. There is market for pigs currently farmers cannot meet up with their demands.


Cassava  farming business will remain at the top of the chart because it is opens to low market entrants. Unlike rice farming that requires millions of Naira before you can penetrate the market where you can compete with Governments and big time investors such as Olam Nigeria if not in the near future they might push you out of the business. Agriculture in Nigeria today is the sure way to riches, start yours today.

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