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Fruit Farming Business Opportunities In Nigeria/Africa

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

I want to assume evetybody knows that fruit farming is very profitable. In case you don’t know just take a walk down to the nearest fruit market or fruit shop to see the high rate of fruit purchase/consumption. People are now more aware of the role fruit play in maintaining our health status. Go to any hospital now amist everything… You will be told to be consuming enough fruut always. Fruit is now competing with food in consumption rate. Nutritionist garnish their food with fruits. Sometimes people prefer to take fruit in place of solid food.

 Most Lucrative Farming Business Opportunities In Nigeria/Africa

Fruit is a natural vitamin that is loved by all although the type of fruit consumed differs according to individuals. There are many reasons that will make fruit farming business very lucrative. In this post I will be writing on 10 most interesting fruits to cultivate for good profits. I have carefully selected these fruit crops not according to how profitable they are;

Because fruit farming profitability will depend on:

  • Location
  • Demand
  • Availability
  • Competition
  • Sophistication

Africa as a continent has; vast arable land , good climate and resources that are  advantageous in growing; fruits, cash crops and vegetables of different types. The high rate of fruit consumption in the urban and rural  areas have made fruit farming in Nigeria and Africa very lucrative. Yet fruit farming has little or no competition because few persons are into commercial fruit farming. Fruits are highly perishable to increase market value process them into fruit juice and package very well. It will increase your income as well.

Fruits are highly nutritious and can serve as appetiser. It is known for its health and medicinal benefits but fruits are also very refreshing when eaten. 

Fruit farming, orchard, fruit plantation


There are many reasons that will make fruit farming a profitable business some of which are:

  • Population increase happens daily; meaning there are more mouths for fruit consuming.
  • People wants to stay healthy and young since eating of fruits is the answer; then the demand for fruit will just keep increasing.
  • For medicinal purpose, you often hear the adage an apple a day keeps you away from the doctor.
  • Many people are making a living from fruit business. Some are into roadside fruit selling, others are opening fruit bars….
  • It is one of the major sectors of job creation. We have many fruit juice companies springing up now than before.


Gone are the days you will have to wait until 10 years before you can start harvesting fruits. And probably the next two years after that before profit starts coming in. Technology has brought so many development to Agriculture such that you only need 3 years or less to plant, harvest and make profits from fruit farming All thanks to improved crop varieties which are found to grow vigorously, resist diseases and pest, produce healthy fruits in good numbers and in a short period of time.


  • Apple farming
  • Orange farming
  • Mango farming
  • Bread fruit farming
  • Passion fruit farming
  • African Apple (udara farming)
  • Pawpaw farming
  • Avocado farming
  • Banana farming
  • Soursop farming.



Before you start fruit farming you have to make thorough research to know which one will serve you better in the long run. And which fruit people in your area prefer. There are many different kinds of fruit some are called vegetables and they start producing within two monthsband above example watermelon etc. Others are grouped under cash crops and that is what this article is about.

Short time producing fruits can easily experience drought example cucumber, watermelon, garden egg etc. The reason is because; they can be harvested in a short time, are very profitable and their start up capital is small compared to cash crop fruit farming. Take a look at cucumber and watermelon they are everywhere now,; their prices have crashed. Before now one big size of watermelon can go for #800 or more but now #400 will buy the same size.

In Abuja grape fruit is one of the fast selling fruits. People are now squeezing grapes into containers for sale. A woman in Wuse is selling her own #250 for 75cl. Every morning she will bring a big sack bag of grape before noon she is already on her way home. You need to see the crowd queuing up to buy processed grape fruit.


If you don’t have money to buy land or own one maybe family land or so don’t even bother starting. Otherwise go and start cucumber farming. This is so because it is a long term project that may span up to 15-30 years if not more. But then whenever diminishing return sets into your orchard you need to restock the crop in batches.

How will you feel when your expectation is high because of the bountiful harvest and money coming in from your orchard; all of a sudden you are in pains because the fruit trees will have to go down.

Make sure your fruit plantation is accessible. It should be close to where you can easily monitor and manage the farm.


Commercial fruit farming is capital intensive you have to factor these processes into your plan;

  • Labour
  • Seedling
  • Purchase,
  • Pesticides
  • Hiring of tractors,
  • Provision for irrigation etc.

Take for instance, foreign Apple seedling especially Wambugu Apple. One seedling goes for #7,000. And you will need about 430 seedlings for acre of land with 3mx3m spacing. 7000×430=#3,010,000, can you see that. 


Wambugu Apple is an organic grafted Apple that is easy to cultivate either in lawns, backyards or farms. It can grow in any soil type anywhere in the world except in water log areas. The Apple fruits within 9 months and a tree can produce 2,000 fruits.

The cultivar has 2 seasons a year; July-August and December-January.
An acre requires about 300 stands and you know how much an apple cost. Its a fruit that is mostly purchased by the elite. But because of its health benefits all classes of people now consume Apple.

Thereby making the demand for it to be higher. One Apple fruit will cost not less than #50. Let’s say 2000×50=#100,000. When you multiply by 300 trees you know how heavy your account will be.


apple farming in nigeria, fruit farming
Apple fruit


Orange fruit farming is a source of income to farmers. It is a valuable source of Vitamin C. And can be processed into fruit juice, concentrates, jams or eaten whole. It is all season fruit but fruits abundantly in late April or early May and December.

Orange is greatly loved by many and has various uses in nutrition and medicine. It seems to be the closest fruit one can easily lay hands on.
Budded citrus plant will start producing from 2 and half years from the time of transplant. Average yield is between 10-12 tons per hectare.  A tree will produce 130kg in each season, in Abuja 5 oranges go for #100.


Orange farming


Mango can be grown in a wide range of soil, it can be propagated through seed and grafted seedlings. However, grafted seedling is preferable because mango planted from seeds produce fruits with stringy pulp and has a mild taste of turpentine. It takes 3 years to fruit, and keep increasing in number as it grows. A tree can produce between 400-600 fruits. 

Assuming you have 100 trees, lets say 100×500=50000. One mango goes for #50 depending on location. 50×50000=#2,500,000.



You can generate huge income from avocado farming. Unlike other fruit farming business their start up cost is less. Pear fruit needs humid condition during flowering and fruiting stages, intense heat and dryness can lead to falling of leaves, flowers, branches and fruits.

Today avocado is grown for cash crop and the commonest variety is the Hass variety. Avocado fruits and mature between July-September, they are called butter fruits.

It requires little care and management, 100 trees can be planted in a hectare. Avocado yield depends on; the variety, age and Agronomy management of the farm.  200-500 fruits can be gotten from one tree in a year but yield will decrease after 12 years. One avocado fruit cost between #50-#100 depending on the size.


Avocado farming, pear farming


African star Apple are planted in tropical regions mostly in Africa. Some of the countries where they are found are; Uganda, Niger Republic, Cameroun , Cote d’voire and Nigeria. It is very popular in the southern part of Nigeria.

The fleshy part of the fruit is eaten mostly as snack. Udara as it is called is a seasonal fruit that starts producing during dry season ( from December-April). 

Before the advent of hybrid seedlings, traditional seeds will take up to 9 years before fruiting. We now have improved dwarf variety that can be harvested within 3 years. People that are into commercial udara farming are rare to come by yet it is a loving fruit that is eaten by all.  Udara seedling is very costly, one seedling goes #4,000 in Nigeria.
Udara is a commercial crop in Nigeria and are used for; jams, juice and jelly. 

The fruit contains not more than 5 seeds that can be used for aesthetics decoration and traditional dance. It has sticky body, sour taste and milky juice colour. Good for pregnant women because it is said to prevent vomiting. 2 udara fruits cost #50 in Akwa Ibom State and a tree can produce more than 1000 fruits.

Let’s say 500×50=25,000 so a tree will give not less than #25,000 multiply that with 100 trees. That is how lucrative African Apple farming is and you will keep harvesting for many years


udara agbalomo farming in nigeria


Breadfruit is an economical tree that is rich in energy; it contains carbohydrate, fibre, and minerals. A tropical plant with shallow root system and large canopy, it grows well in a temperature between 21-32°C. It is a likeable fruit not just because of its; pleasant taste, softness or smoother texture but also because of its medicinal value.

Unlike other fruit crops it requires little or no attention and can withstand harsh condition. One hybrid seedling is sold for #4,000, it starts fruiting from 3 years and continue for a long time. A tree yields about 600 fruits and above every year and has a lifespan of 50-100 years. Harvest can be done two times a year because they fruit more from June-September and less from December-February.

There are different varieties some have seeds while others don’t have. The small brown seeds have flavour like groundnut when roasted. It can be eaten whole or ground into a paste for preparing sauce. Or made into refreshing drink used in preparing cakes, snacks and cookies.



Soursop grows in a well drained sandy loam soil with a PH of about 5-6.5. The tree is small in size as such can be inter cropped with large fruit trees. Soursop fruit can grow anywhere on the tree;; trunk, branches etc. But you have to stake them, the fruit matures within 3 years after that fruiting continuous every other year. 

Their peak period is between May-June, harvest the fruit when fully matured  while the colour is still green. Every part of the tree is medicinal; root, stem, bark, fruit, leaves etc. That is the reason why it is being craved for by many. One soursop fruit can be sold from #200 upward and a tree can produce between 60-70 fruits a year.


Soursop Farming


Passion fruit is highly sourced for in the international market and are mostly used for juice. There are more than 50 edible varieties, hybrid variety is gotten from the cross breeding of yellow fruit with the purple passion fruits. A fruit weighs between 90-100g which is more than other varieties. Passion fruut crops are vigorous climbing vine that clings by tendrils for support. 

They fruit after 10 months from planting and mature between 80-90 days but can also mature in 10-15 months depending on varity. The fruiting time is from August-December and March-May. Passion fruit brings out fruits twice a year. The yield is between 10-20’tons a hectare.  A vine will produce 200-250 fruits every year.

Passion fruit farming



Despite the economy situation in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large banana demand keeps adding value on a daily basis. Many people cannot allow a day to pass without eating banana. Their high demand calls for increase plantation which is making many banana farmers smile to the bank.

Banana farming is very easy to manage and cheap to set up.  If well managed within 9-12 months  you have already harvested your banana fruit. And once the plantation is set you will not need to plant another sucker. Because as you cut down the matured sucker during harvest, more young suckers will spring up from it. This will go on for life as long as you keep managing the farm. You can be making #400,000 and above every month.


Pawpaw farming business requires little or no capital, it is easy to start/manage and has high returns in a short while. You can also add snail/duck farming to it. One pawpaw fruit cost from #100 and above. The risk in pawpaw farming is minimal.

Carica papaya as it is called can be grown anywhere in Nigeria and it fruits all year round. But when the temperature drop too often they stop flowering and resumes flowering when the weather warms up. Young pawpaw are the most productive, the older it gets the weaker it becomes. 

Pllant them in batches in other to get a healthy and productive pawpaw plant always.  Hybrid pawpaw can only last for 2-4 years but fruits in volume with large fruits. Their seedlings are cheaper when compared to other fruit seedlings, 500 seedlings can be bought for #5,000. Some varieties produces in 3 months while others produce in 6 months.

Before you start pawpaw farming find out which variety is highly consumed in your area. Because there are different varieties example red lady and yellow flesh pawpaw seed which is very popular.



Start fruit farming today in other to secure a life time financial status tomorrow.

fruit business

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  1. I am interested in Mekka Kusa variety of yam. How and where do I get them and what price. Thanks so much for your numerous write up. I look forward to reading them now daily. Best regards.

      • What of delivery. I am in Ajah Lagos. Do you also have good variety of egusi and groundnut for planting. How much are they for what quantity.

        • @Odo you are to arrange for the delivery but since its within Lagos, the despatcher man can bring it to you for a fee.
          There is no melon seed, you can get a good melon seed from traders in any market closer to you. There is an hybrid groundnut from the north called SAMNUT 24 variety its #1000 per kg

          • Thanks my sister. I will need 5kg of the high breed groundnut Dammit 24 variety. How is payment made or is it on delivery.

          • Hello@Odo, please call this number to get the minimum quantity and mode of payment 07082638957 Onome. Cheers


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