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How To Make Money From Akwa Ibom Toothpick Company In Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Akwa Ibom Toothpick was inaugurated together with the Pencil Company during Governor Udom’s second year anniversary. China is the major manufacturer and supplier of toothpick all over the world.

Nigeria as a country has consistently patronised them for a number of reasons. One of which is that we never made up our minds or summoned courage to set up a factory to manufacture toothpick.

It is on this scenario that Akwa Ibom State Governor Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel stepped in to salvage the situation. By establishing a world-class toothpick manufacturing company which is located along Km 2, Uyo-Etinan Road, by Ekom Iman junction in Etinan Local Government Area of the state. Ahead of Federal Government who had projected to establish such a factory in the year 2018.

This singular action by the Government of Akwa Ibom State has pushed the African continent forward in terms of development. As Nigeria is not the only African Country that has deemed it fit to take this giant step.


Uganda Industrial Research Institution has already taken this step. By piloting a project with a Chinese based Institution in producing toothpick from bamboo. Which has provided jobs for the locals and given a boost to their economy.

Toothpick has been around even before the thought of manufacturing toothbrush and paste came to be. Then someone can easily lay hands on any stick to remove stuck meat or solid food from the teeth. The local floss is the toothpick made with either bamboo or wood sometimes packaged in a transparent container.

But these days things have changed.  We have made toothpick a part of us that we can’t serve a meal or eat food without using or keeping toothpick close by. If you serve someone food without adding toothpick in the tray you will be perceived to be archaic.


You will be surprised to know despite the fact that toothpick is now in our doorstep so many of our brothers and sisters are still travelling to other countries to import them.

It is for this reason I am writing this article to encourage those people to dissuade from this activity and come and do business with Akwa Ibom Toothpick Company. Whether you are in Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon, Ghana etc the business terms are very flexible. And the toothpick is of the best quality, produced in an environmental friendly condition

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How To Make Money From Akwa Ibom Toothpick Company In Nigeria


  • You will be a part of history and posterity will smile at you
  • Profitability, you can save some money as the price is relatively low and affordable
  • In terms of unemployment you would have created jobs for so many people directly or indirectly.
  • There will be overwhelming patronage because people be willing to buy from you in order to patronize made in naija product as this has turn out to be a song in the lips of so many Nigerians.
  • Transporting the toothpick won’t be a problem, it can be done the same day at a reduce price compared to the amount you will spend on airfare to and fro, lodging and feeding in other countries.
  • You are sure of quality and regular supply since everything has been put in place to make sure is nothing but the best.
  • Steady production is guaranteed.


You may be wondering is it only for those who are already in this business? The answer is a capital ‘NO’. As long as you are interested in doing this business you are free to join the moving train. The managements of the company have made it very simple for many people to be a part of the business.


With one million Naira you can kick-start the business, but you have to purchase and fill a form first with the sum of #5,000 for registration after which you will be given goods worth the amount (1m) which you deposited as a distributor.

For Akwa Ibom Youths who wants to rise to the feat of greatness. But don’t have such money are given the privilege to start the business with the sum of #200,000.  Don’t forget that this project was designed through the Akwa Ibom Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Scheme (AKEES); as part of industrialization to create jobs to thousands of Akwa Ibom teaming youths.

You can be a distributor in any of the 36 states, Federal capital territory and also in any local Government of your choice.


This is how the ascertain the price, Akwa Ibom toothpicks are weighed in kilograms. And sold to buyers at the rate of #1,000 only per kilo. You can then go and refill them by yourself. You really have to take advantage of this and give a good packaging to it.

Use containers that are extremely unusual with good labelling. For the labels you can use your own coined out name but you have to put the Akees logo on it.


To purchase the containers you can approach any plastic company and tell them to produce it for you. It might be costly the first time because of the mold but subsequent ones will be relatively cheap.

For already made ones you can get them in Aba, Abia State or at Ojota in Lagos if you are in Nigeria. Check also alibaba online market to order from china, they have varieties of toothpick containers for supplies.

Also, Akwa Ibom toothpicks are sold in small sachet packs. Which are very portable and can be slide into handbags, pockets, place in hotel rooms etc. That one is sold at the rate of #10 per sachet.

The second way of making money from Akwa Ibom toothpick is by selling raw materials to the company. In this case bamboo tree is the raw material used.

Before now bamboo trees were used in the building of hut and staking of yam. Technology has brought in many innovations such that bamboo wood is now the preferred raw material for toothpick.

You can use something else to stake your crops, maybe you trellis them to a different wood or iron. Then go and exchange your bamboo for money.

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If you can raise bamboo plantation that will be nice because you will be making a steady income from it. Irrespective of where you are or your country you can still sell bamboo to the company. People from Nigeria have been exporting bamboo to other countries so it is do-able. Akwa Ibom toothpick Company will weigh them and pay you accordingly.

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It is very lucrative; this is something that is used globally.

Toothpick demand is high if you doubt go to any restaurant around you and check out dozens of toothpick stock somewhere. This means there is a ready market for it.

The profit margin is huge. This is because toothpick is one of those products that has a high level of turn over due to its daily consumption. The more kilograms you buy the more money you make.

The stress of marketing it is less as people already know and welcome the product.


We have all the necessary materials including the technical know how to establish more toothpick companies in Nigeria. come to think of it all the raw materials for their production are locally available.

There is a need to state exporting them to other countries to serve as a foreiqn reserve since it is globally acceptable. At the course of my research, I discovered that there are other toothpick companies in Nigeria.

The one that caught my attention is that of the Undergraduate students; who came together in Ondo State through the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), to establish the first toothpick and pencil Industries.


Another company is the Business Development of Pemo Groups, Anegbette in Edo State. Plus some anonymous persons who have been producing toothpick in Aba codely.

The business is sustainable. We employ more of such companies to show up in other to serve our increasing population.The machines can also be produced locally. If you are interested in the locally manufactured machines you can visit www.thisdaylive.com


The packaged toothpick can be sold to shops such as provision shops, market men and women, super markets, shopping malls, hotels restaurants etc.

For effective marketing employ more hands to carry them about, this way you will be sure to cover many places.


The company has sophisticated machines to carry out full operation with high-capacity production. These includes: bamboo splitting machine, wood slicer, toothpick precise cutter, toothpick sharpening machine etc.  And they have the capacity to produce 50,000kg of toothpick every week.

Apart from toothpick company, there’s also pencil company so watch out for my next article. Plans are also on the way to include pen, matches, and sagged bags into the premises of the factory.

So arise the sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, Africa as a whole let us support our own to succeed.


South Korea used to manufacture and export toothpick before now? But today they are major importers of toothpick according to Korea Times, April 15, 2010. That is why we must see to its success.

Get a business plan  on toothpick business, the price is 10k. Make part payment into First Bank 3068300008 Eno Johnson then balance up after receiving it. You will get the business plan within a week.

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