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How To Start Antiseptic Production In Nigeria (Detol)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Antiseptic production which is also refereed to as dettol production is very simple produce. It involves the mixture of certain chemicals with water in the appropriate ratio. Dettol is used in the killing of germs in the body, on the floor, in baths, clothes, hospital utensils, bathrooms etc.

When you use Dettol for bathing it makes you feel refreshingly good. It has a nice fragrance that makes it to be well-loved by many. Antiseptic share the same function with germicide in many ways except for few things. This is because some of the things used in producing dettol are also used for izal production. If you want to learn how to produce izal click here.

But dettol can be used on the skin and on things that can be used on the body. Whereas is not the same with izal.due to some of the harsh chemicals used in their production.
Places like hospitals, pharmacists, banks, schools etc used them. First aid box is not complete without dettol.


Dettol is actually a brand name there are few others in the market example Salvon. In this post you will learn how to produce homemade disinfectant which is exactly like dettol. You can also package for sale.

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  • Bowl
  • Containers
  • Stirring rod
  • Chemicals
  • Water
  • Labels depending on the scale


  • Texapon
  • Pine oil
  • Chloroxylenoll
  • Isopropanol (IPA)
  • Antiseptic colorant

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You can use anything as your measurement but the ratio should be 5 : 5 : 9 : 9 : 12 for pine oil, texapon, phenol, chloroxylenoll and Isopropanol. In this post I will be using milk cup tin as my measurement.

  • Texapon 1 tin milk
  • Phenol 2 tin milk cup
  • Pine oil 2 tin milk cup
  • Isopropane 2 tin milk cup
  • Chloroxylenoll 1 tin milk cup
  • Colour as desired (brown yellow colour mixture is ideal).
  • Water 6 tin milk cups


  • Step 1 pour the texapon into an empty bowl
  • Step 2 add the pine oil and stir very well
  • Step 3 pour the phenol into the content and thoroughly stir
  • Step 4 add the chloroxylenoll and stir very well
  • Step 5 turn the Isopropanol and stir properly
  • Step 6 empty the six cups of water into the mixture and stir very well.
  • Step 7 dissolved the colour in water if solid and keep adding it slowly until you get the desired result.
  • Step 8 package your antiseptic for use or sale.


  • Texapon: it is a sulphantant and a foaming agent
  • Chloroxylenoll: it is an anti-bacterial agent in anti-septic production.
  • Pine oil: it is an antiseptic agent that is used for production. Pine oil brings out the scent in dettol.
  • IPA (Isopropyl alcohol): it has the ability to kill germs most especially fungi. IPA is also used in menthol production.


  • It is easy to produce
  • The product is highly demanded as a matter of fact, it move market than .lzal
  • It has high profit.
  • The business is not crowded
  • Dettol or antiseptic can be produced from home
  • With little amount you can start the business of antiseptic production


This will depend on the scale you want to produce. With as little as #5,000 you can start on a smaller scale. But when you are going into large-scale you will need from #500,000 and above. Also you must get approval from NAFDAC before starting. Have a brand name, use unique containers and employ more hands.


Produced first for your neighbours, friends, family etc. Sell to shop owners or individuals in the market. You can employ people to take them to different markets and public places for sale.

Supply to institutions, hotels, offices, hospitals, clinics etc. Advertise your product online and offline for more patronage and wider coverage.

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