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Balm Production For Commercial And Home Use:Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Balm production is a very lucrative business. The business is yet to be crowded, I can count the number of balm products that we have in Nigeria with my fingers. Yet every home needs this product for one thing or the other. It could be for soothing of pain, muscle cramp, cold etc.

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There are two seasons in Nigeria that balm is seriously needed for use; during harmattan and raining seasons. If you lay down on a cold surface or bare ground and experience some kind of pain in your side it will be nice you quickly use balm to tackle the pain, before consulting your doctor if need be. In case you are allergic to cold balm product shouldn’t be missing in your bag or pocket.

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You can produce balm for commercial or for personal use with just a little money and safe some money or make some money. The step by step procedure I used in this post is very simple for anybody to do quality balm that can compete with the big names in the market.


  • The materials for balm production is cheap. With less than #1,000 you can produce balm
  • Balm is very simple to produce
  • It is profitable
  • You can produce it at the comfort of your home
  • The demand for balm products is in high demand.


  • Containers
  • Source of fire
  • Chemicals
  • Label *optional)
  • Stirring rod


  • paraffin oil
  • Petroleum gel
  • Bee wax
  • Menthol
  • Camphor (industrial)
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus salt
  • Colour (optional)


  • Petroleum gel 8kg
  • Paraffin oil 1 litre
  • Bee wax double the size of your thumb
  • Camphor 1 spoon for powdered camphor or 1 full ball
  • Pepper mint 4 spoons
  • Eucalyptus 4 – 6 spoons
  • Menthol 8 -12 spoons
  • Colour as desired


  • Put an empty clean pot on fire
  • Pour the gel into it to melt
  • Add the paraffin oil and stir
  • Pour the bee wax into the to melt as well
  • Pour eucalyptus salt and stir
  • Reduce the intensity of the heat; add the menthol and stir
  • Add the peppermint and stir the mixture very well
  • Pour the camphor into the mixture and stir properly
  • Add the colour and stir if you are using it
  • Your balm is ready. Package for use or sale.


Turn the balm into the containers you are using immediately you bring the pot down, (you can use something to scoop it) less it gets cold and the whole mixture solidifies. Turning it while it is hot will make the balm smooth in the container.


Paraffin oil: it is used for the treatment of skin. Little wonder it is used in the preparation of pomade cream.

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Petroleum gel: is a body lubricant, a good body builder, skin protective etc

Menthol has various uses, it cleanses the lungs when inhaled thereby inhibiting throat infection. In balm it gives a cool sensation especially if the place you are is airy.

It is also used for the production of mouth wash such as toothpaste and many other products.

Industrial camphor: it is used in balm production so that it can treat infection, relieve pain and itching in the body.

But getting original camphor is a challenged since so many impure ones are sold around. Impure camphor is very dangerous to our body-health-wise due to the chemistry of their production. It has so many negative effects such as kidney damage when inhaled. You can add it to your production if there is a way of not inhaling it.

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Peppermint oil: it is added to balm because of their relief effect. Peppermint can relief itching, acne, muscle pain etc. The feeling of mint to the body when used give an aura of expression. That’s why so many people like products that contain mint. Especially sweets and chewing gum example tom-tom sweet etc.

Eucalyptus is an antimicrobial, which is used in relieving cold.


Produce and supply to people selling provision shops, employ people to carry them around village markets.

Sell to market men and women who are selling them in the market.


Balm is produced from chemicals, any chemical business is profitable. Ingredients #1,000 can produced something worth #3,000.

Balm production business is equally profitable as germicide or liquid soap business. You can click here to learn liquid soap business.

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