How To Start Bedsheet Business In Nigeria: Complete Guide


Bedsheet business is not popular but very profitable just like boxers business. The materials use in making bedsheet can be used in making boxers. So you can consider doing the two maybe in due course.
Bedsheet are materials spread on bed for comfort and also for the beautification of the bedroom. Often times you see people using the same colour of bedroom wall as the colour of their bedsheet. It can also be called bed cover.

Before now domestic manufacturing of bedsheet was limited in quality, variety and style. While foreign bedsheet where available in different designs and quality. Now in Nigeria we are churning out great quality and beautiful varieties of bedsheet. If you place foreign bedsheet side by side with the ones produced locally it will be difficult to spot the difference.

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You can sell your bedsheets without opening a physical store. The products can be sold online on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Konga, Jumia etc. If you are still wondering if bedsheet business will sale take a look at; the number of persons getting married on a daily basis, they will need bedsheet for their bed. Many families have more than 5 beds and they will all make use of bedshhets. People will always change their bedcover every week or two weeks and will have to use different bedsheet for new face lift.


To start bedsheets manufacturing business in Nigeria you have to decide on the scale to start with. But it will be better to start from small scale manufacturing before upgrading to large scale bedsheets manufacturing. The capital you have at hand should determine how you start. You have to draw a business plan and incorporate all areas into it. This should include

  • Capital
  • Number of bedsheets to produce for a start
  • The number of machines to buy
  • How to market the bedsheets or the distribution chain
  • Profit in view etc.

There are numerous bedsheet business opportunities. You can buy fabric materials for experts in tailoring business to sew them for you. If you go to Aba there are many professionals who cut and sew bedsheet just like the imported ones. They will sew for you for a fee, their charges wouldn’t be much.

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In case you want to manufacture the bedsheets by yourself then you have to learn the basics. It is not difficult a day or two is enough to start cutting materials into bedsheets.

Another way is to go to the market and select already sewn bedsheets then buy fabric materials and give to a tailor to sew pillow cases for you. Alternatively you can go into bedsheet business as a wholesaler or retailer. Locate manufacturers of bedsheets, buy in wholesale prices and supply to retailers or retail them yourself.

Bedsheet business


  • It is very lucrative
  • You can start bedsheet business with little amount of money
  • The demand is high because population is growing every day
  • It can be started at the comfort of your home


  • Cotton fabrics
  • Threads of different colours
  • Nylon


  • Foot stitching machine
  • Double needle stitching machine with motor
  • Embroidery machine
  • Over lock machine
  • Label
  • Ironing machine
  • Cotton, linen, silk, rayon



This involves cutting of the fabric materials. You have to cut the fabrics according to the size of the bedsheets you desire to produce. It will be advisable for you to sew different sizes because we have different mattress sizes.


Produce bedsheets with different pattern so that your customers will have choices. If you leave them with no option they will turn to another manufacturer for purchase.


The next thing to do is to create beautiful designs on the bedsheets. Make it very colourful and attractive to the eyes, in other to attract many buyers.


Make your sewing neat, do not allow threads hanging around. The sewing should be straight.


Package your bedsheet in a transparent nylon, it is better that way because people will easily see how beautiful the product is. After packaging you can place label on it with your business name and phone number. Use a nice and memorable name.

Packaging of bedsheet in bedsheet business


  • Kings size with four pillow covers (6ft x 7ft)
  • Double size with two size pillow covers (4ft x 4ft)
  • Student size


  • Square pillow
  • Round pillow
  • Candy-shaped
  • Rectangular pillow
  • Patterned pillow
  • Decorative pillow
  • Everyday pillow
  • Axed neck pillow


Amount needed for bedsheet business will depend on the how you want to start. With #20,000 you can start the business by buying from the manufacturers. If you want to buy the fabrics for professionals to sew for you for a few #50,000 is okay for a start. But if you want to manufacture the bedsheets by yourself #100,000 and above is needed to start.

Duvet and other heavy fabrics are costlier to start, the amount is far bigger than that of light bedsheet. In fact the amount should be double or thrice.


Every business has its own challenge so also is bedsheet business.

  • If you make a mistake of using inferior fabric to produce your bedsheet then you will have to struggle through your bedsheet business because you will lose customers.
  • Another challenge is fluctuation in the prices of materials. this will invariably affect your sales especially if people have made up their mind on how much they want to spend on bedcover.
  • Market being flooded by second hand bedsheet that are sold cheaper
  • Consumers income largely depends on how often bedsheet are purchased
  • Economy situation in the country is another challenge. Increase in foreign currency also increase the cost of the materials. Nigeria is yet to establish textile Industries that can produce the volume of materials needed to manufacture enough bedsheets that will meet demands.


Cloth business generally is profitable take a look at okrika business how it is thriving seriously in Nigeria. This is enough to tell you that bedsheet business will equally fair better. The profit you make will depend on several factors, such as;

  • The cost of materials
  • Amount spent in manufacturing the bedsheet
  • The price of each bedsheet
  • Quantity of bedsheet sold

You can make up to #2,000 and above on one bedsheet. If you sell them in a higher platform you can make from #5,000 and above.

Bedsheet business, bedsheet manufacturing business, bedcover making


There are many ways to market bedsheet. Go to schools especially hostels and sell them to students in higher Institutions. sell the bedsheet in open market or in different markets. get a shop and display your bedshhet business.

Advertise your bedsheet online and attract many buyers If you check platforms like Jumia you will be amazed at the amount one bedsheet is sold. Export your bedsheets to other African countries such as Cameroon, Niger Republic etc.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing ur knowledge freely with us. God bless u greatly. Please, which place is cheaper to get bed sheet material, Lagos market or Aba? Thanks

  2. Good day sis Eno….pls I want to know how many yard will do for one bedsheets and what’s the price ranges in Aba market

  3. Thanks for this post please what’s the procedure to sell bedsheet to people at a far distance eg another state or country.

    • Hello Amie, it is either you have an agent there or you go there yourself. But in these days of online you can do dropshipping to any country using any online market store that offer such services.


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