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How To Start Black Palm Kernel Oil Production In Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Black palm kernel oil is different from red palm oil. Red palm oil is gotten from palm fruits while black palm kernel oil is made from kernel nuts of palm trees. It is believed to have spiritual power that is why some people in the village will rub it on their children especially at night in other to keep off witches.

I remember in my growing up days we will pick a good number of shelled kernel nuts from the bush crack it for our mother to process black palm kernel oil. Then it was scarce not to see a family without aki dudu. Because it was the only known cream to some people. There is no how you will not know when the oil is being processed because the nutty scent that comes out of it will fill the air. And can be choking before the production ends.

Beside using kernel for oil it served as snacks too. In my primary school days we will go to the bush during break period to crack some nuts for lunch. Others bring theirs from home. 

The production of homemade black palm kernel oil is very simple and straight forward. Unlike red palm oil that is stressful to produce.  The oil is incredibly good for the health of the skin and hair. You can mix black palm kernel oil with other oil types, example shea butter, coconut oil etc. To get a very wonderful glowing skin and hair.                    

Black palm kernel oil is produced from burning of kernel nuts. It has a lot of benefits just like red palm oil  and vegetable oil.  And it is not as common as the two. It is mostly produced for personal or family use. Black oil is left for old women who produce and sell them in small quantity in the village at a cheap price. ….maybe there are but I am yet to see a company that produces black palm kernel oil in large quantities.; when compared to vegetable oil  and red palm oil


  • Akwa/Cross                    mmayanga
  • Igbo                                mmanu aki
  • Yoruba                          adi dudu or                                                adi  ekuro
  • Hausa                           kwakwar manja

Ekpeye people in Rivers    oga-okuta

Tiv                                          akweshi       

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This oil is what our fore fathers used in treating many ailments and for general body maintenance. Black palm kernel oil has some ethical believes or maybe I should call it superstitious believes surrounding it.

For instance,

  • some people believe that for it to be potent then it has to be prepared by an elderly woman who is a widow and is no more menstruating
  • While others say if you rub the oil all over your body it will drive away evil spirits.

Amidst these believes is the fact that the oil is still working powerfully same way as in the past. The challenge now is that we follow a new trend of events, fashion and forgot about the very essence of nature.

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Most of the creams and soaps we are using today are actually produce with black palm kernel oil used as the main ingredient. If the creams that have undergone severally processes are working this much how much more the raw oil .

In this post you will learn how to produce  hand-made and industrial black palm kernel oil  marketing and their benefits.


The industrial production will produce a clear oil while the homemade or traditional one will produce black oil.


You can purchase un-shelled palm kernel nuts. But if you want to process them from start to finish; then

  • get oil palm fruits,
  • put the fruits in the pot and add water enough to get it done,
  • When soft pound them in mortar, press  to bring out red oil or use a milling machine to separate the oil and the seed
  • wash and dry the shelled nuts under the sun or dryer to dry well; so that the nuts can come out whole when cracked
  • Crack the nuts with stones, hammer or hard object. You can use machine to crack them if you have one or take them to the millers to use their machine to break them for a fee.


  1. Dry the kernel nuts under the sun for some days . Until you see oil coming out of the nuts (optional) but that is how we do it in our village. When the nuts are well dried the oil will come out plenty and fast.
  2. Place a big pot on fire according to the quantity of the nut and allow it to dry.
  3. Pour the nuts inside the pot (only nuts no water or oil added). It won’t be long oil will start coming out with a natural nutty smell that is nice to some people and repulsive to others.
  4. Keep stirring the nuts with rod intermittently until the smoke coming out of it becomes choking. Or until the nuts are some how burnt.
  5. Bring it down and decant.
  6. Allow it to cool down then you filter them into containers. You can use the kernel residue as fire source.


Mechanical preparation is by the use of a machine. The good thing is that the machine can be used in processing other nuts example coconut.


  1. Select impurities out from the un-shelled nuts so they don’t damage the machines.
  2. Break the nuts to smaller sizes for flaking,
  3. Roll the flakes several times to reduce them the more.
  4. Convey them to the steaming place to cook the flakes.
  5. Screw press the flakes to separate the oil from the cake.
  6. Store the oil and dispose the cake.

Simply put

Crush nuts》cook nuts》press》refine the oil


So far I don’t seem to like the packaging some people are using. Old refillable containers that doesn’t look appealing to the eye. Get nice containers, print labels and stick them on your container. Give a beautiful name to your product such as ‘ebony palm kernel oil, palmy black oil ‘etc.


Sell your black palm kernel oil to soap and cream manufacturers, mothers with new-born babies, individuals etc. Other places are; hospitals, clinics, hair beauty saloon etc.

Advertise on social media for a wider coverage. Many people are looking for where to buy black palm kernel oil. If you have the money register your product with NAFDAC so you can put your place your oil on counter in supermarkets, shopping malls etc. Export to foreign countries where our brothers and sisters are looking for it to buy.

You can start your own soap or cream manufacturing from it. Check this out creams and soap produced with black palm kernel oil cost higher and sells faster example is Dudu Osun.


  • Protects skin from severe and harsh weather.
  • Restore skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles.
  • Good skin moisturizer
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Use in soothing scalp
  • A natural hair conditioner; encourages hair growth.
  • It can inhibit some types of cancer because of the presence of tocotrienols
  • Good for vascular issues
  • It controls cough when used at an early stage.
  • Black palm kernel oil has less saturated fat than red palm oil. It is rich in lauric acid which helps in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


  • The oil is rubbed on a new-born baby in other to prevent body odour and to make the baby’s skin shinning.
  • It treats skin rashes in children
  • Some babies head are soft from birth to 12 months even more. Black oil is used to strengthen it. Rub it all over the head every day until the head becomes strong
  • Use in treating high fever and convulsion in babies. When a child becomes unconscious through convulsion one of the first aid treatment is to force the baby’s mouth (teeth open),  then pour the black palm oil inside the mouth to drink. Rub some of the oil on the baby’s body too after 15 minutes the baby will be fine
  • When a baby or adult finds it difficult to defecate rub the oil around the anal opening to ease the situation.
  • Black palm kernel oil is used in controlling epilepsy, drop a little quantity around the baby’s eye.
  • It helps babies who have baldness or scanty hair to grow.


Black palm kernel oil needs can perform wonders to our health and body. 

As a mother you can mix black palm kernel oil with honey, shea butter own your own for your babies. You can also mix it for your personal use. If you don’t like the smell then add natural fragrance to it such as lemon, orange etc.

Sludge gotten from palm vegetable oil can further be processed into black palm oil. If you want to produce in large quantity and you cannot afford the machine for now. You can buy plenty of big pots and start; for me, I prefer the one that is black; the traditional to the industrial.

Black palm kernel oil production
Black palm kernel oil production

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