How To Start Cake Business That Will Sell Fast

How To Start Cake Business That Will Sale Fast, Christmas

Cake business is a very lucrative business now than before. Almost every occasion now presents a cake. Before now if a cake is mentioned what comes to your mind first is wedding or birthday parties. This is because it was somewhat limited to those two or were mostly used in those occasions. But today cake is used in naming ceremonies, send off parties, coronation, promotion party, new year festival, christmas parties etc. Cake can virtually be used in all or any occasion. It is prepared for both indoors and outdoors ceremonies.

This is one the reasons cake business is very promising and can be sustained. Because it doesn’t have season; it can be sold and consumed at anytime. The way cake is being herald will force buying thta’s why you see people presenting it as gift. Recently I celebrated my birthday and a friend just surprised me with a cake even when I was about retiring to bed. This is to tell you the euphoria or style that has been added to this beautiful piece. Some people have them at home for serving visitors, one of my friends those that anyway.


Cake is a kind of sweet baked desert. It can also be said to be a sweet food that is prepared from a mixture of flour, shortening, sugar, eggs, butter and other ingredients through baking and often times decorated. It has a feeling that is why if you eat a chunk or plenty of the cake you will not want to eat any other food again. In this post we shall be looking at how to bake cake that will keep you in the business; including cake business ideas.

One interesting thing about cake business is that a good cake sells itself. That is why you will have put these necessary things before starting such as; training, capital, equipment, location, awareness etc.



It is very important for you get some training on how to produce yummy cakes from professionals. Don’t assume you know maybe because you know the ingredients used in baking or you were once thought how to bake in donkey years.

Cake making is just like computer operation if you stop using them for a while you will forget some important things. Every day usage makes you conversant with what you are doing beside new things are unfolding every day making what we knew before or we were using before obsolete.

The importance of training cannot be overemphasize, in a nut shell it will be very useful at the long run. Training will keep you at the top of the game, it will make you to be very flexible in tweaking your style and colour


You will need money to buy ingredients and equipment for use. Look for a way to make money then save until it is big enough to start. Or you look for where to loan from either your friends or loved ones. I don’t mean bank loan o, people who have been there will understand what I mean. A close person of mine is still paying for the loan he collected since 2013; since then I had an understanding what bank loan means. Dont get me wrong there are things you can get a bank loan for but while doing that tell them to explain their terms and condition better


Go round your neighbourhood, institutions, churches and anybody you see and let them know you are about to start a cake business. You can even bake queens cake and give them to taste it will go a long way to launch you quick into the business. Print cards, flyers and share them as well.


Position your cake business in a place that you can attract good patronage. Places like housing estates, Government reserved areas, University environment, residence with high population, busy roads etc. Point of sell is equally important because it will bring clients you didn’t inform.


You just have to get the equipment ready. The equipment to purchase are;

  • Bowl
  • pan
  • spatula
  • mixer
  • sifter
  • oven
  • egg whisker
  • wire rack
  • measuring cups
  • and spoon


  • Baking a cake is simply measuring the ingredients and mixing them in the right other to bake in the oven.
  • Start by reading out the ingredients you intend to use as it is listed with the direction before you begin
  • Prepare the cake pan by greasing it
  • Pre-heat the oven to a certain temperature necessary for the recipe
  • Measure ingredients accurately and add them accordingly
  • Mix the cake batter as directed on the recipe
  • Pour the batter uniformly into the prepared pan
  • Place the pan on the kanter rack of the pre-heated oven
  • Close the oven door and immediately set a timer to the required baking time
  • Check the cake for readiness
  • Place the pan on the wire rack to cool for about 15-20 minutes before getting it out of the pan.



  • Flour 300g
  • Margarine 300g
  • Sugar 200g
  • Eggs 5
  • Milk 5 tablespoon
  • Baking powder 2 teaspoon
  • Flavour 2 tablespoon


  • Pre-heat oven for 374°C
  • Lightly grease the pan
  • Mix the flour and the baking
  • Use a cake mixer to mince sugar and butter until it becomes fluffy
  • Fold in your beaten egg in the fluffy butter mixture and blend it well
  • Add flavour and continue mixing
  • Fold in your flour to the mixture until thoroughly mix
  • Add milk and preservative
  • Pour the batter (mixture) into a grease baking pan, shake it lightly to distribute the cake mixture evenly.
  • Bake for about 40-44 minutes.


  • Keep learning new tips
  • Baking styles
  • Methods
  • Latest cake inventions
  • Cake needs very low temperature to bake.
  • As someone said hot-cake business is not what everybody is rushing into but your ability to identify hungry buyers and sell to them. You may not have a shop to start; but having what people are looking for is enough and then you are able to supply them any day anytime. This is enough to keep you in the business.


People celebrate one thing or another everyday, locate such people and supply to them. Bake for your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues ceremonies. They will in turn advertise your business to others. Also any one that taste your yummy cake will refer back when in need of such or recommend someone. Target event, parties that require the services and sell in bulk.

Advertise your product online, you can create a Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram for your cake business. Use showcase to fluent your cake for sale, you can put it in front of your shop or house.


  • It is very profitable.
  • You can start the business from home
  • It is not cumbersome nor time-consuming especially now that there is a machine that mixes butter and sugar together because this is where the challenge used to be.
  • You can start cake business with a little capital. With #50,000 you can start the business. This includes equipment and ingredients.
  • Cake is in high demand because of everyday festivity.
  • It is not difficult to prepare so anybody can start the business of cake making.


Snack business is very profitable and cake business is even more profitable. Depending on the kind of cake you produce you can make from #2,000 up. And more so if you buy things in bulk. Assuming you sold 20 cakes in a month you can make #100,000 gain from it. And if you are baking for celebrities, politician or highly placed individuals in the society you can make such money for just one in five cakes.

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