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Architecture includes all of these; the process, the product of planning, designing and constructing buildings or structures.  Before you start building a house architect is the one you contract to design the building to reveal the layouts depending on the type of structure you are raising whether, Amusement parks, Estates, Schools etc. You become an architect by attending University or Polytechnic, spend 4-5 years depending on the Institution.

Engaging an architect to design your building will save you a lot of money and give the engineer ease when building.
Our grandfather build houses in their time not using any architect but builders. At that time builders where more  relevant that architects.

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Nowadays architecture in Nigeria has changed people are beginning to understand their importance and role and appreciate architects more unlike before.  Architects are considered as the chief builders in the heirachy of building industry.

They are also considered as the head of construction because he is the first to interprete a clients idea, pictures, images and dreams into graphical interpretation putting into consideration, factors such as; functionality, buildability and convenience before other concern bodies come into it such as the structural engineer, builder, electrical, quantity surveyor, acoustic engineers.

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How Lucrative is Architecture in Nigeria

Architeture in Nigeria is very lucrative, you can earn as high as #400,000 for just one service. After graduation when others are searching for jobs architects are fully kitted to work and most times detect what salaries they want to collect. Even when some architects dom’t want to work for anybody yet jobs keep tracing them to their domain. You can make between #40,000-#60,000 every week by teaching people softwares. It is a Profession you can dictate when to work and earn. Architure allows you to set up a firm with little capital after graduation.

Architechure Salary in Nigeria

The average salary of an architechure in Nigeria is between #180,000-#200,000 but can generate more money from outside jobs they get from individuals or coperate organizations. To earn big as an architecture you have to open your own firm.

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Freelance Architecture Jobs in Nigeria 

There are many freelance sites both in Nigeria and outside where an architect can get jobs. The payment is fantastic all you need to do is to open account with any of those site example Fiverr and then display your work for clients to identify you.  Call: for any architectural design you need. You can demand for our catalougue of designs for your perusal. 

Challenges of Architectural Practice in Nigeria

Being an architect in Nigeria is very challenging due to ignorance, architectural practice in Nigeria is very quiet. So many people consider architects as building engineers, that they only draw and present graphics..

It is only the elites, mature minded or exposed persons that  appreciate architectural work. An architectural work is different from they ones performed by other professions or quacks. This is because every graphical line drawn by an architect has meaning and there is a science backing each line. 

The economy of a country is the another major determining factor for architectural oppurtunities. Nigeria is an underdeveloped country, majority of family are living below poverty line about 65% and cannot afford the services of architects.

The way forward is for architects to start drawing innovative designs that are cheap enough for people with low income to afford. Network with architects all around the world.

Importance of Engaging the Services of an Architect

An architect work with codes, this is because there are different types of architecture that are recommended for a building along certain areas, example; building close to the sea,  the ones close to train station that has much vibration etc. In the heriachy of  building industry globally, architect are the head of construction. he is the first person to transform a clients idea, pictures, images and dreams into graphical explanation such as; convenience, functionality, buildability before building, structural, electrical, mechanical , soumd, quantity surveyor and other consultants.

The difference between the houses you see in Asokoro, Ikoyi, Victoria garden and those  scattered in other places is the touch of an architect. Call 09021212760 if you need  a design with sound proof, accoustic effective, functional spaces to move about in the house with great satisfaction and emotional stability. 

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How to Gain Experience in Architectural Career

When you graduate as an architect you have to work in an Architectural firm to gain experience first before opening or stand a chance of getting employed in a reputable architectural frim or office. The pay in the firm or office, is not always palatable but the experience you will get is worth more than the money. 

You are likely going to be starting as a design architect in the firm and so you will be used more as a designer. As such you will need to update your CAD, 3D AND 2D skills.The nextstep after this is to become site architect as you will be visiting site in other to gain experience.

This is very important because it is the main knowledge you need to be an experienced or licensed architect. But if you wants to make it big in architectural career you have to open your own firm.


You stand to gain a lot as an architect so if you are considering this noble profession then you are on the right traclk. Be your own boss in architecture. To stand out as architest you have to draw designs that are exceptional and can stand you out anywhere. Join professional body like the Nigeria Institute of Architechures NIA
Call the Cloas for awesome designs in that your dream home, 09021212760 . We are customer centric and our charges are affordable.

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