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10 Sharp Businesses To Do Within Christmas And New Year Week

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Christmas and New Year period are no doubt the busiest time of the year. This is also the best time to make cool money and save for a more beneficial use in the upcoming year. In the process of dining and whining you can still look out for something worthwhile to add to the celebration. Many people travel at this time of the year to their villages or take leave from the year’s activities in other to spend quality time with their families or have some good rest.

Because of these varied reasons, shortages in human capacity have been witness in many endeavours thereby leaving people without alternatives. The business I am referring to in this article is not about passion, skills, like or potentials of course having any of this is an added advantage. I am referring to something you can do ‘sharp sharp as ‘e de hot pocket-money then waka’

Anybody can do this business; civil servants, retirees, students, employed, unemployed etc. you can then go back to your work after the season.christmas and new year business

Here are some of the businesses I have listed out


It is always a busy time for transporters, so many people travel from one place to another either within or outside the state. Buses, cars etc are not always enough no matter the dozens that are rolled out to take care of this.

You can do your own within the state, convert your car for this purpose or hire one if you don’t have, this is the best time for owners of Keke Napep to make money while others are jollificating you are doing your own in a coded way most especially on the very day of Christmas and New Year. People often times get frustrated and worn out after waiting for several hours for a cab; the few that comes around are scampered for. Apart from doing it for money sake it can also be a way of rendering help to those who need them. Because it can be very frustrating waiting for a cab for more than 1 hour.


You probably may be asking why food business, in a time like this? It is not everybody that cooks for themselves during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Many of the singles don’t cook; husbands whose wives and children have travel will not, some will assume people will bring food to them until reality dawns on them.

Also some persons still go to work especially those working in media houses, uniform organizations such as police etc.and will like to eat around.

These reasons will make the business to be very successful, at the end of the day you will be amazed at the amount of money you realised , food sold at this time will be on the high side . Due to the season, you are not supposed to cook any food, it must be that which is in relation to the time.

Cook fried rice; most people will prefer this because it will make them to be a part of what is going on apart from the food differing from the usual that is sold every other day. Some people will buy to serve their guests; as such the fried rice will be a perfect match from what is expected.

Another food to cook is white soup with pounded yam, if you prepare it very well, you will receive tips from your customers. Use goat meat and stock fish for the soup and use chicken for the fried rice.

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Some of the major cities in some States have been design so locate one of such places and pitch your tent or find a beautiful place down the streets such as gardens, parks (amusement etc.). Set up the place, use nice backgrounds and unique colours (Christmas colours) make it very attractive so people will not be able to resist the urge of coming to take a snap.

In my area people who are doing this kind of business are always overwhelmed. You can even go to party venues and do the business.

What to do; get a good location, camera, printer, printing materials, and batteries (get more than 2 pairs so that you won’t be stranded while customers are around you.


Yes cake! Many people are now adding colours to their Christmas and New Year celebrations by topping it up with a cake. Some companies do their end of the year party with a cake while others whose birthday’s falls in this month still cut cake.

You should be able to play with colours and bake very nice cakes that can bring you to limelight.

Advertise your skill online in places like; face book, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram, watsapp etc. For offline, you have to do mouth talk; tell friends, family/religion members, neighbours etc. get people involved by promising to give them something whenever the bring customer and make sure you keep to your word.How To Start Cake Business That Will Sale Fast, Christmas


Chin chin, meat or fish pie are the mostly consumed snacks at this time and it is not always enough if you doubt me just take a walk down fast food centres such as Mr. Biggs then come back and tell us the story. People will buy it to munch with friends or family members when gisting or as an appetizer while waiting for food.

You can add bread too, a number of times I have gone out to buy bread on Christmas day without finding any. As at that time many people have short down business. It becomes an opportunity for you to fill in the gap and make good money.How to start Meat Pie production Business In Nigeria


I noticed that drinks are most times scarce during Christmas and New Year period, I don’t know why but it may not be far from the fact that most people bought and stock them for their visitors thereby resulting in the shortage of the product at this time of the year.

If you have any available money you can buy them down for sale during this period.

Get coolers, put the drinks inside and some ice blocked, locate a busy place and flaunt your product or sale in front of your house.

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You can put a table in front of your house or locate a place outside the market to sell.

Since people selling foodstuff this period are not much you will sell very well. Before sellers will start coming back to resume their normal duty you would have made your money and back off.

You might not be able to sell every foodstuff but you can sell those small things that are very important or everyday food such as garri, rice, beans etc.


Roast assorted kinds of meat such as chicken, suya, beef etc by the road side or in an event place and watch as people troops in to patronize you. Most people will come from a far place just to buy and go back.

What you will do is to roast the meat half way from home and then continue with the roasting when you set up a place the aroma of the meat will attract people to you before you know what is going on you are already on your way home.


Sharply organize a quick event such as children’s party, end of the year party etc. but you have to pay for jingles on radio or television to get a wider audience. Make it enticing by promising gifts to participants who will win in different competitions.

Be sure to make it interesting by inviting popular bands, musicians, comedians’ etc. charge an amount that many people will be willing to pay. Set tables for couples and charge them accordingly.

You can register people to sell food and drinks in the arena or handle that by yourself for more profits.


Dress yourself up as a play boy or Father Christmas, you can approach people who have events or occasions to feature along or you gate crash into such events. You have to be very humorous or be able to dance well to be accepted by the people.

You can move from house to house performing for a token, while the children sings santa Claus is coming to town.

There are still many other things you can do such as joints, decorations etc. just look around your area you will discover one thing that people are looking for who to salvage them and take advantage of the time to make money in this festive period.

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