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How To Start Coffee Shop Business In Nigeria, Easy Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Coffee shop business in Nigeria is one of the many businesses that has the potential of increasing your bank account on a daily basis. So many people don’t know this (now you know or I have just confirmed your thoughts). It is one of the reasons we have few person running the business. Some persons feel the business is alien to this part of the world as such it won’t attract good patronage.

Yes I know coffee shop business thrives well in the western world mainly because of their weather. But do you know that times are changing many things are now done by reason of sophistication. You will be shock to know that many people like coffee and are looking for a shop that will attain to their need.

People drink coffee for so many reasons;

  • some for weight loss,
  • to stay awake,
  • for taste,
  • for smartness etc.

Beyond this is the fact that coffee helps in

  • memory retention.
  • It makes people smart,
  • promote brain functioning etc

Coffee is a bean seed gotten from coffee tree or shrub. We have many farmers who are into coffee Farming in Nigeria but we fail to add value to it. Rather we take delight in exporting the seeds and importing them back as finished products. We are rich in Africa, the earlier we know how to utilise our resources the better for us. Coffee is planted in large quantities in Plateau and Taraba States.

When we talk of coffee shop it doesn’t end at coffee caffeinated beverage alone, it includes other beverages such as 3 in 1 instant chocolate, 3 in 1 coffee, latte, cappuccino, a selection of tea bags such as; lipton tea etc. Apart from selling only tea drink in your coffee shop add other healthy drinks such as orange juice, pineapple drink, grape drink, red grape drink, Chapman Drink, apple juice, smoothies etc. Investing in this business will help you grow other businesses that goes along with it. Example scotch eggs, sandwiches, buns, doughnuts, snacks in general and other delicacies.

Coffee business


Don’t get your fingers burnt you need to have good knowledge of how the business is run; don’t assume things. Do a trial coffee tea drink at home to know how well you can mix the ingredients and the quantity to use for a full cup. If there is any coffee shop close to you go there and see how they run things. How much they charge for a cup of tea and the best product to use or what customers like most.

Coffee shop business will be good in State capitals, busy areas like towns, cities etc. Places like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Victoria Island, Garden city are good for siting coffee shops. Here are a list of things to consider:


For Coffee shop business to be successful you need a good location. If your plan is to set it in the village, you may as well forget about the business because it won’t move a feather. Even within town you have to look for a place that high class and average class earners are concentrated. Because these set of people are the ones that will promote your business. They will render good patronage. The shop has to be in an open place where it can easily be sighted.

Another good place to start coffee shop is higher Institutions such as University environment etc. Students who have early morning lectures and the ones that are reluctant to prepare food in the morning will patronise you. Motor park whether public or private is not a bad place for the business. So many travellers leave their home very early without eating and will gladly have their breakfast in a close-by coffee shop.

Coffee business, coffee cafe, coffee shop business, tea shop
Image from watsapp group


The capital needed for coffee shop business is not huge. This is a business you can do with small amount of money. Once you have secure a place or building you want to use for the shop; others are just something you can purchase with chicken change. So to say you can start tea business with #100,000 and above.

Materials needed for coffee shop business

  • Beverages coffee
  • honey
  • sugar
  • milk
  • bags of tea,
  • water


  • Kettle,
  • mugs,
  • cups,
  • spoons,
  • plate,
  • pot,
  • fork,
  • source of fire (stove, gas cooker, electric stove).


Set up your coffee shop in a modern way, make the place airy, you can instal AC or Fan, television in other to turn it to a relaxation centre. It can be a block building or container; you need to see how some people who are using containers for their coffee shop decorates it, you will want to be going there often. Arrange beautiful and attractive chairs and tables.

If you have the money tile the floor and paint the buildings with a good touch of colour. An average Nigeria needs a cosy environment, serene and attractive. Plant natural flowers, add artistic work and keep a nice homely scenting perfume to make your customers comfortable.

Use modern utensils that are attractive, distinguish your coffee shop from others by the materials you use. The way you set your tea shop will command the calibre of people that patronises you. People that loves hanging out with their spouse and friends will choose your own over others. If the place is spacious and well furnished, offices will bring their board meetings to your shop. Seminars, training and people into empowerment programs and any of the like will use your coffee shop as their venue.


Charges in coffee shop is not fixed it has to do with ingredients use in the combination and the type used. A cup of coffee caffeinated product should be costlier than 3 in one chocolate or 3 in 1 coffee drink. Some will tell you to empty a full container of milk in their tea and you know how much a container of milk cost. Anyway that should be included under special offer. Before now some coffee shop owners used to collect #100 for a cup of tea but now it is from #150 and above depending on your location.

Coffee shop business
Image nairaland



Every business should be started small for experience sake before going into large scale. As a small scale entrepreneur you can start alone when more mouths are added you can then employ competent hands to help in the business.


  • It is easy to start.
  • Coffee shop business is not saturated.
  • It is lucrative.
  • The capital for starting is small.
  • Tea shop business is an excellent business idea to invest in.
  • The materials and equipment to use can be seen around.
  • It is a business a student can do, unemployed etc.
  • Other businesses can be added to it such as indomie food.


Start by preparing coffee for friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members etc. Advertise your product with the use of mouth and online portals. Pay for jingles on radio, use newspaper, social media platform etc. Print fliers, posters etc and distribute them to people in your neighbourhood. You can organise official opening of the coffee cafe by inviting people from different strata to attend.


Every business has challenges. Coffee shop main challenge is weather, when the weather is too hot you may have low patronage. But that can be addressed when you add cold fruit juice business to it. Also the business thrives well in the morning in fact very early in the morning so you have to wake up on time in other not to miss customers.

Not having a business idea, it will make you lose the money invested in the business. Get trained or make researches before you start. Plus write a business plan for your coffee shop. An adage says anybody who doesn’t make plan, plans to fail. So trade wisely.


Businesses these day is about packaging, so package your coffee shop in such a way that, it becomes irresistible. Serve hot freshly made sandwiches on a daily basis. Let’s start having the likes of Abuja coffee shops. You can call it, coffee shop, coffee cafe, tea shop etc.

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  1. Ok so I wanted to do something out of the box and I came across this platform….I’ve always loved coffee and would want to have a business of that and I love this article.Thank you


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