Homemade Condensed Milk Preparation In Nigeria Step By Step Guide

Condensed Milk production

Condensed milk can also be referred to as sweetened condensed milk. It is a dehydrated milk which 60% of its water has been removed. Condensed milk preparation is something you can do by yourself. To enjoy a particular meal or prepared for the family especially your kids for special meals. Must you buy everything eh! Don’t mind me, you can do this for the fun of it.

The step by step guide outlined in this post is just for home use but the end product is the same with the condensed milk you see in the market such as peak condensed milk etc. For commercial condensed milk preparation there is a machine for that because it involves bulk production. Manual production will only be a joke.



  • Powder milk (skimmed milk)
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Flavour
  • Water


  • Powder milk 8 tin milk cup
  • Butter 2 teaspoon full
  • Sugar 1 tin milk cup
  • Flavour to taste (optional)
  • Water (boiled) 2 tin milk cup


  1. – Pour the water inside pot and put on fire
  2. – Turn the water into a big basin when it boils
  3. Add the sugar and the butter to the water.
  4. Stir properly until they blend together.
  5. Put 1 cup of the powder milk to the content and mix together. Allow it to blend together before adding another cup. Continue that way until all the milk is exhausted.
  6. Add flavour to the mixture if you are using it.


The butter and the sugar you add to the hot water may not blend completely. Just go ahead to add the milk and stir. Also when you add the first cup of milk it may not be smooth from the beginning just don’t worry; keep stirring the content whenever you add milk.

When you have finally added everything; vigorously stir the overall mixture until you achieve a very thick and smooth paste. You can add hot water to the mixture if it is too thick to your liking or as desired. Turn the final mixture inside a container.

Put the condensed milk in the refrigerator or you use sodium benzoate as artificial preservative. It can last longer in the fridge for about a month, about 2 days without fridge. The sugar that is added into the content inhibits the activities of micro-organisms. That is why it will stay longer without getting spoilt.

Condensed milk shelf life is more than evaporated milk. It is not advisable to freeze them.
You can add the sugar according as you desire taste either to increase it or reduce it.


For ice cream production, if you want to learn the production click here

It is used for salad dressing
Very good for people who wants to gain weight

It can generally be used for anything that requires milk.

If you use condensed milk to eat corn moi-moi (agiri) you will want to eat it over and again.

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