How To Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria And Grow It

Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

Cosmetic is just like food which is every day thing. Although some people can ignore using cream and the likes but cannot do so all the time. There are some essential products such as soap that you cannot do without. Except such a person wants to be repelling or become offensive to others.We are living in a world of competition and sophistication, everybody wants to outdo the other even with the cosmetics we.wear. Women are the most culpable in this These and more are some of the reasons cosmetics business is overly green. Hardly would you find a house that at least one cosmetic product is not in use.

Have you ever wondered why more people are going into cosmetology? Before now people used to study it as a part-time programme but these days many studying it as a full-time course. I see some shops in town that has the caption Cosmetic medicine store this is to tell you that the business is real. A lot of beauty therapist are in town helping people to retain youthful look and the age ones to grow younger skin with a combination of different cosmetics.


Before going into cosmetics business there are many things to put into considerations. Such things like;

  • training,
  • location,
  • capital,
  • where to buy,
  • marketing etc.

In this post I will be sharing with you all that is needed to set up cosmetics business, the pro/con of the business and how to grow it. You can produce some of these chemicals. Click here to learn how to produce soap.


Capital should be the number one considerations before starting cosmetics business. This will determine your location and the type of scale you will be operating. With the amount in your hands you can decide on the kind of cosmetic to buy; which should be the priority and the quantity to go for. This bring us to how much one is needed to start a cosmetics store.

You can start the business on a small-scale with #200,000 and a large-scale from #800,000


Go for training so that you will be able to understand how cosmetics business works. Learn these important things,; the names, price, functions and size. Keep pen and paper from the first day you start learning, it will help you to catch up fast.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions where necessary no matter how foolish it sounds it will go a long way to help you build your own. Ask questions like where to buy the products and how to cost them.
Learn how to mix specific natural oil and herbs to satisfy the needs of customers. Especially when they place a special demand for it.


Location is key to this business. The places to consider should be easily accessible, a junction, market, bus stop etc. It should be an environment where the sale relevant things that compliments the business. Examples are where the sale shoes, clothes, bags etc. Or a hair dressing/barbing saloons.

The shop should not be too large except you are using a part of it for something else. Cosmetics are items that fits in to small spaces. Putting them in a large shop will show empty spaces that will make your shop look scanty.

No customer will like such a place. Customers are looking for a place where they can make choices. When you stock them in a small space it will appear full and attractive even when you don’t have all the things customers are looking for. They may be compelled to buy something else.


Packaging is very important in today’s business. The products should be neatly arranged according to function and sizes. Get a carpenter to do shelve for you the type you see in provision shops.

Use a nice wall paper on the background. Or you use big show glasses to stock and flaunts the products. This will depend on what you want and how others set their own.

Keep some sits that customers can sit and wait while you show and explain some products to them.

The shop should be airy and spacious such that people can walk and look around.

The front should be opened in a way people can view the inside clearly from the outside.

A table that looks like locker which can serve for the placement of writing paper and money deposit. Have a long notepad to write your day-to-day transaction,.

Write down the amount you bought an item and the amount it is sold for. This will help you not to cheat yourself or your customers. Make a list of various cosmetics to know the ones to buy. Write down what clients are requesting for


What kind of cream do you want to sale, natural or specialized creams. I will advice that you sell both. Examples of natural ones are; moringa oil, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, aloe vera etc.

Stock your shop with large number of popular creams.
Cosmetics to sale are; hair products such as hair cream, dandruff cream etc. body cream, fragrances, perfumes, powder, mascara, lipsticks, nail polish, foundations etc.


This is equally very important. You should know where to easily buy your cosmetics before you start. Companies or dealers selling authentic products at an affordable price. Many cosmetic shops have closed down because of fake products. Research where you can be buying the original products. Don’t send someone to buy for you at the start of the start of the business. Establish contact and relationship with the people so they can be sending it down to you.

There are many online platforms you can buy from. Especially if you are selling in larger scale; most of your product should be foreign about 60%-70%. In that case, you can order from aliexpress or alibaba when you want to buy directly from manufacturers. In the case of manufacturers, there have a fixed number of products you can order before they can sell to you.

There are also many Nigeria Companies you can buy from such as Imperio products. It is one of the best brand. You can google and search for their sites to get contact. If you don’t want to go through all of these then go to Trade Fair Complex in Lagos and buy. Locate large-scale dealers and buy from them you will find plenty of them in Lagos. If you are residing in South-south you can buy from Aba, Abia State.

Search for popular brands companies that are flexible to do business with.


Start by selling to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Print flyers and share them everywhere around the neighbourhood. Also make a complimentary card for customers so the may locate or get in touch with you quickly.

Advertise your cosmetics business and sell online. The challenge is that most of the products that online are interested in won’t be the same with offline. Therefore, you will have to plan how to get the products so you don’t tie your money down in one place waiting for when such order will come.


Locating your shop in a place you can’t get good patronages. It may result in your products expiring. In case you have any product that wants to expire soon; reduce the price of such products and sell them out quickly.

Selling fake products as earlier mentioned you may close down or run at a lost when you sell inferior products because most of your customers will run away from you.

That is why where to buy from is very important before even starting. The only precaution to this is to keep to originality. Mary Kay products is one of the most adulterated product if you know you don’t have anyone that buys directly from the company don’t include it in your business. You can search out the company’s site and order directly from them.

Having a particular product and not knowing you have only for you to find it after a customer has gone. Selling high thereby pursuing your customers or low and be running on a loss. The solution is to keep the same product in one place and tag their prices.


The business is profitable believe me. If my sister who is running a provision shop is making profit how much more those buying from manufacturers or dealers directly. There are many ways to increase profit.

Add other businesses such as weavons, attachment, thread and the likes to it. You can go further to include disinfectant, antiseptic to it. In some shops I see them adding things like umbrella, slippers and gift items. Learn how to prepare antiseptics here.


For a small-scale business when you buy a pack of a particular cosmetics assuming it is 10 inside after selling 4 use the money to buy another type so you can have different types for option. It will help you to expand the business fast. Go for popular demands such items that are not very expensive. Example buy big cup cream and lotion that looks like the imported ones and not very common in the market.

Recommend it more for those buying for family use. As long as it is oily with nice fragrance you can sell twice the price you bought it. That is why cosmetics business is interesting and require smartness.

Those selling on a large-scale bases have to operate it as a wholesale. You will make more gain since the rate of patronage will be high. In this business profit depends more on the rate of turn over. Other cosmetics shop selling on retails and provision shops will be your major clients.

Don’t let a customer leave without suggesting another type if you don’t have what they are looking for. Give them the one that will have equal effect like the ones they are looking for.

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