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Crayfish And Prawn Business In Nigeria. Complete Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

I have written in details how to do crayfish business as a retailer, wholesaler, distributor and processing into powder (ground crayfish business) form for marketing. In this post I will be concentrating on prawn business. Prawn can also be called shrimp even though they are brothers. So any place I use shrimp just know I am referring to prawn as well. Crayfish and prawn are just but the same thing the difference is in their body structure.

Prawn business, shrimp business, crayfish business

Prawn is stronger and bigger in size than crayfish and also tastier. Both are used in food preparation for enhancing the taste of food. Prawn is not common unlike crayfish that can be seen all over the place you barely can find prawns around like that. if at all only in small quantity.

You can carve a niche in crustacean business and settled on prawn business. This will attract plenty clients to you because they know it is your business. Shrimp business is not common, the ration of those doing crayfish business to prawn is 99:1 percent. Getting prawn to buy might be a beat difficult but when you strategies you can get enough to sale to keep your business going. Crayfish is always available for harvest in large quantities and prawn only in small quantities. This means you can actually determine the market price. Crayfish is cheap when compared to prawn. A paint rubber of crayfish can cost #3,000 while prawn will cost #6,000. The more you dominate the market the more money you will make.

How to Start Prawn Business as a Wholesaler and Distributor

As distributor you have to meet farmers or dealers and buy from them directly. And as wholesaler or retailer you can buy from prawn distributors but getting to find them maybe difficult.

We are yet to have known prawn farmers in Nigeria, in countries like Philippines and India, prawn farming is a viable business. Looking forward to see people toll that line. Prawns are of different types some are more reddish than others and some are bigger than others. In United Kingdom it is called Prawns while In America it is called Shrimp.

Prawn business

Where to buy prawns

Go to coastal areas where crustaceans or seafoods are found, Such as Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Ondo, Delta, Bayelsa, Cross River you will find them to buy. You will buy from different people to make it plenty or reach a bag. This is because dealers only have them in small quantities no one person has large quantities to purchase from. In Oron crayfish market the shade it to quantities using their discretion #1,000 for each. In Ibeno market the sale in paint rubbers. The time to see shrimps in large quantity is during the time when the rain comes more with lightenings and thunder.

Prawn Exportation

The global market for prawn is huge yet demands can’t be met. This is because we rely on the wild for supply. Nigeria exports 12,000 metric tones annually to the international markets. This is far less than demand. You can chose to export prawns to Britain, America, Asia etc. I have given a step by step guide on how to export products to different countries. Exportation business is very profitable and prawn business is one of those products that can sustain your exportation business. The few people who are into exportation business look away from prawn and concentrate on things like bitter cola, ginger etc which is equally good.

How to Package prawn for sale

You can blend prawn into powder form for sale. Another way is to use nice packaging materials to package them whole for supermarkets, malls, shops etc. You can decide to sell them by using measurement such as cups, mudu, rubber paint etc.

Materials needed for packaging

  • Nylon
  • Sealing machine
  • Measuring materials
  • Label
  • Light
  • Bowls

Give your prawn business a brand name especially if you are supplying to big shops. It will help in promoting your prawn business. The name to use should be memorable and easy to memorize. You can read crayfish business to have a clue on how to package your shrimp, it is not far from it. The same process can be used here.

You can register your brand name with CAC and NAFDAC to take your business further.

Profits in Prawn Business

Permit me to say there is more gain in prawn business than crayfish business. Yes! You can quote me anywhere. A bag of crayfish can cost 60k and you sale 70-80k but a bag of prawn can cost 120k and you sale 150-160k which out of the two will you say is more profitable? Prawn of course!

How Much Can Start Prawn Business

You can start with any amount, #5,000, #10,000, #100,000 etc. The higher the amount the bigger the business and profit.

Marketing in prawn business

There are many places to market your prawn business apart from the general market. You can supply to hotels, restaurants, individuals, shops or export them.
Before now prawns were used for exotic foods but nowadays people just want to use it for general food preparation for more taste. Some people who are into ground crayfish business add prawns to crayfish to redden the face and for more flavor and taste.

Contact 07039321911 Happiness, for prawn and crayfish

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  1. Many of them are on Facebook but they still fraud people. An example is Adebayo Adebisi foods with phone no:08034742844.you can confirm. Thanks

    • Exactly what I meant that anything like that will be all over social media. There is a guy who commented on my kanda/kpomo business that he is a kpomo dealer only to defraud someone of 33k. Immediately I got to know I quickly notify the public on that post and deleted his defrauding message. That’s the power of social media


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