Custard Production In Nigeria: Detailed Guide


Custard is very easy to produce just like pap. It is also very lucrative in fact probably more lucrative than other products in that line. Many people prefer custard to pap because it doesn’t change colour or taste no matter how long it stays. Provided it is well sealed. Why some people  prefer pap is because of the sour taste which custard doesn’t have. Custard production can be started in small or large scale but the large scale production attracts more profit than small scale. This is because raw materials are purchase in large quantities at a time.

Good packaging is what will single you out from competitors. You can combine two or more flour or use a single flour. In business you must keep trying out new things-innovation, most importantly add class to your product or business. Some entrepreneurs came out with custards that has milk and sugar so that consumers will not have to add those two anymore and it sold like water.

You can do the two, custard without milk or sugar and the one with milk and sugar. There are many types of custard in the market, example, 3 in I custard, strawberry custard, chocolate custard etc.The ones people buy most is the one you should produce. Add spices like cloves, ginger it will give it good taste and healthy food.

Custard is a powdery substance produced from edible starch such as corn starch, it is nutritious and very delicious. It is consumed by many Nigerians especially those in the Urban areas. Many people use it as breakfast  combine with any other food such as moi moi.

Custard Packaging

Use container or nylon for your packaging. Some investors cane up with #50 satchet custard in other to capture every income earner. The nylon or sachet should be well sealed so air will not enter. The same with container, chose a unique container, it attracts buyers.

Put a label on the container or print nylons with labels. Chose a short memorable name for your custard production business. People will identify your product by the name just like checkers custard.

Why Custard Business

Custard is very fast and easy to prepareThe price is low and majority of people can affordIt has a good taste and appealing appearanceMany homes use it as breakfastPeople combine it with other foods such as beans, Akara, moi moi etc.
If you are producing  homemade custard or in small quantity you may not need machines just use bowls and stirring rod to mix everything and package.  But if you are going into large scale production you need these machines.  

Custard production
Image from nairaland


  • Drying machine
  • Mixing machine
  • Sealing machine
  • Weighing machine


  • Unripe plantain powder.    4 cups
  • Corn-starch or edible starch.    20 cups
  • Flavor banana, strawberry, vanilla, milk etc.     2 teaspoon
  • Colour (yellow or dip orange color) to taste 


Sugar to taste

Salt to taste

Egg (6  eggs)

Procedure for Custard Production

  • Turn the corn flour inside a bowl, add plantain flour and stir
  • Add the egg white and stir if you are using it
  • Put flavor and stir thoroughlyAdd colour and stir
  • Pour sugar and salt and stir if you are using them
  • Allow the mixture to dry
  • Package for use or sale

You may not need preservative if you are producing in small quantity but if large quantity and you want to use preservative then use Sodium benzoate. Other additionals are; essential Vitamin example Vitamin C, Glucose (tetrazene).

How much is needed to start Custard Production

You can start with #30,000 and above depending on the scale. If you are producing small quantities or homemade custard you can use the materials in your house for production. Note, it will still come out like any other custard produce with machines.

Custard production
Image nairaland

Profitability in Custard Production Business

You can make up to 300k monthly if you are starting small and a million if large scale.
To ensure you have raw materials at a reduced price; establish your custard production business in a region where raw materials can be gotten in high quantities.
Equipment for custard preparation can be sourced locally. Approach engineers to fabricate the machines for you.


Supply to:

  • Supermarkets
  • Market Traders
  • Provision shops
  • Catering outfits
  • Schools
  • Vendors


Custard is more nutritious than pap because of extra nutrients added to it. It can stay for a long time without getting spoilt. Custard is made from edible starch used also in making Pharmaceutical products (drugs).

This is an argument between pap and custard which is better. Well, pap is healthy, a fermented corn very natural without additives. Custard is also from corn but has some additives.

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