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How To Start Doughnut production Business In Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Doughnut production business, is very lucrative just like chin chin business is you can learn how to prepare chin chin here. It can fill the tummy just like bread does, maybe I should say it is the younger brother of bread and a senior brother to puff-puff. Those three snacks mentioned above (bread, doughnut and puff-puff) has yeast added to their recipe (for their rising) when baking.

Although it serves as snack to so many people it also taken as food by another set of persons. If you eat one doughnut with a bottle of drink it can last you till the time for your next meal. It is a fast food product mostly served during occasions such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, cocktails, naming ceremonies etc.

Doughnut can be eaten by both adult and children. The demand for it is high and only very few persons do it for commercial. It is also very profitable just like other snacks of course it is an established fact that anything snack can give more than 80% profit.

The type of doughnut bakers are producing these days makes people to long for more, it is not the boring type anymore. You can now add flavour of any kind; strawberry, vanilla etc jam can put stuff inside as the case maybe, colour of all kinds such as chocolate etc.Doughnut production businesso

To start doughnut production business you have to undergo some training on how to prepare doughnuts that are irresistible from a professional.


Flour 4 cups (400g)

Milk 5 tablespoons

Sugar 5 tablespoons

Salt 1 teaspoon

Nutmeg ½ teaspoon

Yeast 2 tablespoons

Margarine 50g

Egg (raw) 1

Water 10 tablespoon

Oil for frying


If you are using powder milk (5 tablespoon); dissolve it in 420ml water and set aside

Put the yeast in a small bowl add 5 tablespoon of flour, 10 tablespoon of warm water and mix together. Cover and leave it in a warm place to rise and double. And for it to form small bubbles, set it aside.

In another bowl, put the remaining flour, add sugar, salt and mix very well

Add egg, warm milk, melted butter and the start, then mix well for about 10 minutes

Fold the sticky dough into a bowl and cover with a clean napkin or nylon. And leave for 1 hour till the dough double its size

When the dough has risen sprinkle flour on your table or working source, flattening the dough on your palm then rub a little flour on the flattened dough.

Use a biscuit cutter or a round object and cut the flattened dough into a doughnut round.

Keep it to rise for another 20 minutes

Put your pot of oil on fire , allow it to be very hot and fry the doughnut for 1 minute on each side

Remove and put in a sieve for oil to drain and for it to get cold for a while

Your doughnut is ready for consumption.

You can spray or roll the doughnut in sugar or in any glaze you prefer.


It is a business you can start from the comfort of your home thereby reducing the startup capital.

Doughnut production business is not capital-intensive like bread bakery business if you want to learn how to bake bread you can read it up here.

This snack has a ready market already because of their high demands

With little experience or by reading some books or this post you can comfortably start the business and succeed.

Doughnut has high profit potentials.

An easy to expand business


Snacks are generally profitable. You can make 50% profit and above from snack business. The high rate of turn over is what guarantees huge profits. To increase profit devise means of reducing production cost. This can be done by buying things like; flour, oil, sugar etc in bulk.

The more doughnut you produce the bigger the profit because of the power of overturn. One doughnut goes for #50-#250 depending on your location and the class of people you are supplying to.  Devise means of reaching potential buyers if you can supply up to 20 people a day and make #1,000 from each that will be good.


It depends on the scale you are starting with, #20,000 you can comfortably start it small. But for a doughnut factory operating in a large-scale #200,000 can start it.


Start by selling to your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours etc. If your product is good they will bring a lot of referrals to you and would come back asking for more.

Use online portals such as Facebook, Instagram etc to advertise. Also tell people about it by way of mouth. Position boys at bus stops, busy traffic to sell for you. Sell your product in Schools, hospitals, markets, events centers etc.

Put a show glass somewhere or a mobile spot and sell your doughnut and drinks.

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