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How To Start Small Scale Exportation Business In Nigeria Easy Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

The number of people leaving the shores of Africa particularly Nigeria keeps increasing by the day, it is estimated that about 20 million Nigerians reside outside the country, with a greater percentage residing in America and UK.  This is one of the reasons for the serious demands in African foods. But the foodstuff quantities exported out is not enough due to large number of consumers to cater for. That is why exportation business would continue to remain a hotcake.

This is where you can come in, some people thinks until they have millions of Naira before they can start the business. Others frown at the business when they think of the hassles they will go through in Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Customs and the rest of them. You can start the business in a small scale as you grow you do the necessary registrations and enter into it in a larger scale. The reason for this post is to show you how to do exportation business in a small scale.

To start this business in a small scale you have to contact dealers of African foodstuff in your country of interest. But if you have someone that can stand in as middleman maybe a relative the better for you. Exportation business is very profitable but yet to be engaged by many maybe due to lack of knowledge on how to start the business.

There are steps to follow in exportation business

  • Get the customers address
  • Open a website for customers to reach you
  • Have a bank account, it could be current or savings but domiciliary account is preferable.You can give out your Nigeria bank account but there must be some level of trust before a buyer will pay into such account. Sometimes it also depends on the size of the expected exportable products and they money involved.
  • Own an email address

This will make your business to be very transparent and open. People are always afraid not to deal with scammers. By these steps you will be taken serious and very genuine.


  • Always get buyers down before starting.

This is very important because there must be an agreement before commencing any transaction. Choose the country of your interest, contact a dealer or buyer and open up conversation. State the quality of your product and the quantity. Agree on mode of payment and let him/her know the number of waiting days before receiving the parcel.

  • Full address of buyers, this is very important
  • State the quality of the product, don’t play a fast one, make sure you supply the exact quality your client bargained for.
  • Packaging/branding;: don’t package your product from home, an officer must be there to ascertain that you are expoting non prohibited item.


  • Groundnut
  • Ginger
  • Cassava
  • Charcoal
  • Coffee
  • Cashew nuts
  • Cotton seeds
  • Rubber
  • Sesame seeds
  • Fufu
  • Palm oil
  • Ogbono
  • Melon
  • Tiger nuts
  • Onions
  • Bitter collar
  • Palm kernel
  • Crayfish
  • Pepper

The list seems to be endless just chose any product that interests you which you can be supplying in small quantities.


Raw hides and skin, unfinished leather, maize, unprocessed rubber latex, sawn or rough timber, artifacts and antiquities, rubber lumps.

Elephant, eagle, zebra, crocodile, monkey, lizard and any other endangered species.


Hard drugs


It is very simple and straight forward, it is a do it yourself kind of business

You can start with little amount, yes with #20,000 you can start exportation business

The business is very interesting and profitable especially now that Federal Government is increasing foreign income generation through agriculture and business.


Be sure to use lighter materials that would not add more weight to the goods, nylon is preferable. Use transparent white nylon to put the goods depending on what you are sending. Use foil paper to wrap round it then put it in another in an envelop.  Packaging is very important so don’t take it lightly, westerners take it more serious than we do.

Remember that it is a business and several people are going into it resulting in greater competition, that’s why you don’t have to leave room for lapses, if not your client will look for a better alternative.


  • DHL
  • IFEX
  • UPS etc.

Nipost is the cheapest, they provide 2 kinds of services; the conventional which is very cheaper when compared to the express delivery, goods will take 2 weeks to deliver. EMS is their express delivery; goods take 3-4 days to deliver.

You have to find out what each of the courier companies accepts. The last time I was in DHL to send food supplement, I asked them if they accepts crayfish, the lady at the reception said no, they dont also accepts fish.

Learn how to calculate shipping charges so you wont be sharing part of your gains.


Open alibaba.com site

Look for the search bar

Type importer/the country of your choice/the product you want to export. Example; importer/China/ogbono

Press enter. The list of people that import ogbono will pop out. Check to see a genuine buyer, this you will know from other people’s feedback.


There are many ways to receive payment but some are safer than the others. Make sure you agree on a particular mode of payment before sending out your goods.

Cash in advance/wire transfers via banking channels

Collecting money in advance via wire transfers through banks. The sellers collect money in advance maybe because they don’t know the buyer nor made transaction with them. To be on the safe side exporters make use of this method In some cases a client will not want to pay until the goods enter their hands and are confirmed to be in order.

Credit sales: this involves buyers obtaining a documentary letter of credit from their bank to the seller via her bank for confirmation. The credit letter stands as an obligation for the bank to guarantee the buyers’ payment Sometimes bank refuses to give buyers this letter if they are not sure of their financial solvency. Also the issuance involves charges which the buyer may not want to accept.

Draft documentary/document against payment (D/P).

Here the sellers make use of bank services for payment.  She/he would ship the goods with a bill of lading and a draft through her bank, her bank will then forward it to the buyers bank in her country. The buyers bank would then collect payment from the buyer before releasing the product. If she is not able to pay the goods will not be released.

Time draft/document against acceptance. Another way is through a time draft, this is known as document acceptance (D/A) transactions. Here the bill of lading and draft are forwarded through banks but the buyer agrees to pay within a stipulated time (could be in a months time or so)after receiving the goods. If the buyers refuse to pay you may have to file a law suit which make this option very risky for the seller.

Open account  (payment on delivery)

Here the seller forward the goods and a bill of lading with a commercial invoice directly to the buyer for payment. The buyer will receive the goods whether the payment is made or not.

Counter trade

Here goods and services are exchanged, it is a kind of trade by batter thing. It could be sending a product to get another product from the buyers country.


These are the list of things you can export in small quantities; kola nuts, bitter colar, shea butter, melon seeds, crayfish, ogbono, bitter leaf etc. Check how much the product you are sending cost in international market. Fix your price in that line, maybe a little lower in other to attract clients. Take a step and start exportation business today.

Modified: I keep on answering the same questions over and over again from different people. I can’t continue doing that again, before you ask any question ensure you have gotten the ebook if your concerns are not addressed you can then contact me.


This Ebook is a complete guide on how to successfully start small scale exportation business. All that is required, how to get real buyers, things to export and some foreign buyers companies from Europe and US.

Pay #1,000 into the account below, then send your email and transaction details to 08035965405.  You will receive the ebook in PDF form within 3 hours. This Ebook values more than this amount some will give you for #10,000 or #5,000 less but I just want to make things easy for everyone.

NAME ENO JOHNSON                                      BANK   FIRST BANK

ACCOUNT NUMBER 3068300008                    SAVINGS


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  1. Thanks for ur wonderful post on export, needs further mentorship on securing a reliable buyer and d safest and easiest. Product to export.

    • Hello @Maureen thanks for the compliment. You can register with go4world dot com to get buyers. Bitter kola, kola nut, ginger, honey, ogbono and other products without restrictions are good for export

  2. Thanks so much for this post. The export business was presented in a very simple way. Thanks. But ma I would really need mentoring especially on how to get buyers and how to receive payment. Thanks , thanks thanks.

  3. Thanks a lot for this timely information…Pls i will need ur mentoring on products, buyers & mode of payment…..thanks ma

  4. Thank you very much for this wonderful lesson

    Ma, i need a mentorship and guidance and how to get real buyers and a perfect means of payment.

  5. Thank you very much ma, please am very interested on this exportation business, but I need your mentorship in the area of getting a real buyers and how to get payment.please add me up on WhatsApp 08032931084, thanks.

  6. Indeed you are God sent madam Eno,i’ve always wanted to do export business..Thank God for you ma..I have your contact already..I’ll call you

      • Thank you for these useful information Ma! Is business name very important for one to start exporting in case of website creation and directing buyers to your site or can one just go ahead to package and export just like that?

  7. I have been interested in this, thanks for your eye opening article. I will like to be mentored by you… I saved your line but it wasn’t showing in my WhatsApp contact list, I equally called but your line has
    been switched off….

  8. Thanks a lot. You did a great work for this simple presentation. Pls I would I to ask that is it ‘too’ necessary to create a website for the export business. And also what about the calculation & shipping with logistics process, how will one go about that. As for the ebook I really need it. I don’t know if you have for mini import as well.
    God bless you so much.

    • Yes@Oluwatobi I have but not yet on the system. You have to calculate the logistics and add to the cost of the product but you have to separate it by indicating the cost individually. Of course this will be after the buyer says you are the one to handle the delivery. You can reach me on 08035965405 for the ebook

  9. Good morning ma’am
    I’m very much interested in this. Please can we export from every part of the country? I’m from Plateau state and I was wondering if exportation is possible from here.

    Also what challenges are we likely to face when doing mini exportation? Is is absolutely necessary to have a relative in the particular before you export? I’ll like to get the e-book, thanks.

  10. Thanks for this ma please ma do we really need to have nafdac no before exporting.. I would really appreciate if you can mentor me on exportation thanks ma

  11. Thank you for this wonderful insight about export. Please I need the ebook and would like you to mentor me on the way forward

  12. Thank you Ma for the eyes opening information. Please, does the eBook contain details of information I will need as a beginner. And do you have for importation also?

  13. Pls ma, can I into it without corporate account and register Business name?pls I need your whatsapp Contact For more mentorship ma

    • You can start without corporate account for a small scale and business name. If you have a business name it is good as it shows credence

  14. Thank you ma for this wonderful privilege given to someone like me. I’ve previously been into different online trading and some other money making stuffs but not really working out for me as expected. So, a friend advised me tonight to learn mini exportation and importation since am used to the internet and social medias, that that could help me.
    I’m so happy you made it easy, clear and understanding to me… I’ll like to get the e-book as soon as now and most importantly need your tutoring and even make you a mentor in this business ma’am…

  15. Thanks ma for the post. I want to start an exportation business I will really appreciate your mentorship. Can I add you on WhatsApp?


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