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Fashion Boutique Business In Nigeria And Profits

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Boutique business is a booming business irrespective of your location however it is more viable especially were there are many young folks, celebrities, elites and women and men of substance.
That being said, do you know that the world is changing? Everyone now wants to be among the happening class, all thanks to social media activities, such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Where there many trends in fashiion, live streaming videos of what is in vogue.

Don’t be surprised when you see a boutique doing well even in your small locality. In case, you are saying how do I mean well! You probably have seen viral videos of men in suites hawking items on the street and twerking ladies too hawking one thing or another. That is to tell you the level we have gotten to in fashion.

However, where you position your boutique business is very important. The business is striving in places like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Benin etc, Clothing business generally is profitable not to talk of boutique. Everybody cannot bend down in the market to select okrika so they go to boutique. People with class prefer boutique especially the ones with brands. So when they are gisting with friends they are quick to say I bought this stuff in Exclusive Boutique Abuja or Everywoman boutique Lagos.

Boutique business, okrika business, clothing business
Fashion shop

Boutique is a place we believe we can buy things that are of high quality, brands, unique stuffs etc. That is why those who patronizes them don’t mind the price whether it is costly on not.

This business is yet to be crowded, why? Because some people believe that due to economic situation in the country, it will be difficult to get many patronizers. Do you know that in this part of the world people are very conscious of the way they look. It may interest you to know that after food, cloth and its accessories are is the next sort after items.

Any body who is dealing on fashion business without online presence is standing on a long thing. Very soon markets physical store may not be relevant.

Requirement for Boutique Business


You need a good capital to start a boutique business because you will be selling different items. You can save money from any other business or job. Do you know you can save money that is enough to start clothing business within a year from pop corn business? Yes I am saying this from experience. Other places to get capital are family and friends.


Location is very important for quick sales, large sales and return sales. Your shop should be in a high brow centre, commercial environment, busy road, Big estates, motor parks, higher institutions, market, and environment where there are many offices etc. A place like University, colleges of Education, Polytechnic where there are competitions in fashion are good baits.

Some people shut boutique business down mostly because of location. If you chose a place that you can only make 5 sales a week how will you pay for the rent. Remember some clothes will fade if they stay too long in one place, that is why you will see a China white material turning brown in colour after a long while in the shop.


Rent shop that is spacious enough to accommodate all the wares you will be displaying for sale. It can be down or upstairs. People wouldn’t mind climbing up to buy what the like. The shop should be furnished with carpentry work such as shelves, hangers etc. create a hidden place in the shop or room where customers can test or try materials. Show glasses and Marcot are needed to advertise items.

Sign Post

Pay artist or graphic designers to design a beautiful sign board for you. Chose a sweet and unique name to call your shop.

Where to Purchase Accessories for your Shop

In Nigeria, Alaba International market is a good place and Ariaria market in Aba. But you should be able to buy wears from India, Poland, Italy and other countries through mini importation. Dubai is a free trade zone, it is like commercial centre for the world. Go there and purchase things for your boutique because they sell cheap Another place to buy things from very cheap too is China. One thing is that if your products are of good quality with affordable price people will buy.

How much can start a Boutique Business?

You probably may be asking, how much does it cost to start clothing business in Nigeria. Capital will depend on the kind of start up you arecaiming at. Excluding shop #1,000,000 can start a boutique business if you intend to capture all the accessories but 2 million will start it comfortably. On a lower budget you can start a small boutique with #500,000 but with less accessories.

Items should include brands like; Dolce And Gabbana, Gucci, Emporia Armani, Armani Collection, Alexander McQueen, Etro. For make ups you can register with Mary Care products to be buying their things on a lesser price.

Things to Purchase for Boutique Business

  • Shirts (plain, striped)
  • Designer handbags
  • Shoes
  • Dinner gowns, office gowns, flower gowns, cooperate gowns etc.
  • Skirts
  • Suits
  • Couf
  • Dressing slippers
  • Ear rings, bangles, necklace, and other tricklets
  • Jeans
  • Lace materials
  • Tops
  • T-shirts
  • Polo
  • Shocking
  • Perfumes, body spray, deodorants, make up kits
  • Fashion glasses
  • Undies such as Bra, pants, boxers, girdle

You have to print bags with your brand on it to use in wrapping any item bought in your shop. It is another way of advertising your business.


Advertise through social media platforms, sell online through Jumia, Konga etc. Print business card and share to people. Sample some of the materials let people admire and ask where to buy them. Sell to friends, neighbours etc.

Profits in Boutique Business

That boutique business is profitable is not an exaggeration, there are some things you can buy #400 in China and sell the #2,000 in Nigeria. Assuming you are able to sell 100 of such items in a month. Calculate the gain to see the goldmine inside this business. 100×2000=200000
200000-40000=#160,000 this is just for few items by the time you add up other things you then know how far you have been missing out on boutique business.

Boutique business
Image from nairaland


Plan to start your boutique business today, stop procrastinating because you are losing out big time. The success of this business lies on the location, quality items and the volume of sells. Purchase quality products from China, Dubai, Poland etc. Sell at a reduce price so that you can get many referrals. Boutique business is lucrative in Lagos. You can decide on the area of boutique business you want to start. Is it exclusively male or only female clothings or unisex? Choose a niche and concentrate on it, draw out fashion boutique business plan in other to survive in the business.

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