How To Start Raw Foodstuff Business In Nigeria


You can never go wrong with foodstuff business, even when every other business is on hold foodstuff is always on the go. Everybody need food to survive that is why the business will keep growing and expanding. Nigeria population helps in making foodstuff business very lucrative.

It doesn’t matter how you start whether small or big there is always profit to make. Also your location not withstanding; whether you are selling in the market or at home you will still make a head way. All you need is diligence and commitment. Quoting, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, “By 2030. The size of food and agric business in Africa will reach £1 trillion. So if you are thinking of how to make money, that is the sector to be in”.

These are everyday item that people buy all the time, income is guaranteed daily and sales too. People consider food stuff business to be petty and dirty. In today’s world you can make a difference, decide to make your shop neat and you will see people trooping to buy from you. Check out Dutse market or Kubwa market by Army quarters you will know that market setting has change class has been added to it. 

Foodstuff business
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Things Needed to Start Foodstuff Business in Nigeria

You can start as a distributor, wholesaler or retailer. But you need the below to start.


The amount for starting depends on the size of your market either large scale or small scale. It also depends on what you intend to sell. You can start with #5,000, #500,000 or millions. Yes, you can start with any capital you have. Source for the money from family or friends, you can save it from whatever you are doing. 

Identify where to buy Foodstuff

Some people buy from village market, while others travel to the North or South to buy depending on what you are selling and location. As you progress in the business you can have phone numbers of suppliers to deliver them to you.

Carve a Niche

There is no way one person can sale every commodity. Choose from the list; grains, food ingredients, palm oil or groundnut oil, stock fish, tomatoes, pepper, onions, fruits, yam, potatoes, plantain, Garri, flour, confectionaries, seasoning, frozen foods, spices, fufu, Kanda, pap, vegetables, seafood (crayfish, shrimps, fish, periwinkle, snails etc). You can combine many or a few commodities for sale.
Assuming your concentration is on grains you can add groundnut oil, spices etc.

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Anywhere is market provided you have buyers around. So choose a good location for foodstuff business. It can be inside market or outside the market. Although you will get buyers anywhere, it also important to position your shop where you will have more patronage. Over turn is what increases profit.

Make shelve or Table

Pay carpenter to prepare shelve or table for you to keep the foodstuffs for display. Keep chairs for customers to sit in case they are tired or too many to handle at a time, some customers can sit and wait for you. There should be a sit for you to sit down as well especially when not selling.

Foodstuff business
Raw food business
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Purchase bowls, trays, spoons, cups, fridge, freezer, mudu,containers,  basins, rubbers and any other thing needed for your foodstuff business.

Employ Workers

Don’t be selfish, employ more hands to help you in the business if you have too many customers to handle at a time. Many buyers are always in hurry and wouldn’t want to waste time waiting for you to attend to all they people they came to meet. When you have helping hands customers will like to come to your shop knowing they will leave quickly

How to Succeed in Foodstuff Business

Some foodstuffs are highly perishable and should be sold off as soon as possible before they become spoilt. Also, some foodstuff can only be gotten in large quantities on market days.  For instance, when I used to produce plantain chips for sale, I could only buy large quantities of plantain at a cheaper price on market days.

Different food commodities are gotten from different regions. All these are factors that should be managed properly in other to succeed in food business. Don’t follow others, because Mr. A is making much sales in bread everybody tilt to bread business. Rather locate what people are in need of and breach the gap.

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Factors to consider to succeed in food business

1. Sell off your foodstuff quickly. There is no need selling on higher prices when you have many competitors around. Let your price be fair and moderate you will attract many customers who will buy off your commodities.

No need hoarding goods, sometimes you will he here hoarding it whereas hustlers have sharply transport the commodity down by the time such commodities arrive they are fresh and everybody will want to go for them.

2. Understand season. Foodstuffs are seasonal, you should know the seasons for every commodity so that you can plan well. Probably this is when you need a business plan on foodstuff business. People buy down during crop season ahead of off season where they cN make good profits. Business requires smartness so be smart about your foodstuff business.

3. Capital: no matter how things turn out don’t touch your capital. Make your personal expenses inside your profit, some smart persons pay themselves salary from their profits. It will help you to save, pay bills and reinvest.

4. Know where to buy what: in Akwa Ibom State traders go to Northern Cross River to buy yams, Garri, oranges, coco yam and foofoo. You can go there to buy or purchase from distributors.

5. Know your customers: find out what your customers like and satisfy them. For instance, in Delta State they people prefer Pepe yam anything other than that will be a struggle. In Akwa Ibom it is hand peeled melon, there is no chance for machine peeled. So understand your customer preference and stick to it.

6. Price fluctuations: some factors contributes to the rise and fall of commodity prices apart from the season. Examples of such factors incliudes, cost of transportation, shortage of commodity or scarcity. If you  understand the trend you can always make your customers happy.

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7.Purchase and sell more of the commodity that has higher demand and less of what is on low demand. For instance, if your location Garri attracts much sales please buy more of Garri. Don’t go and buy a bag of rice and buy Garri half bag when you know you can finish a bag of Garri in a day while rice may take like 3 days before exhausting it. So put your money where it is needed most.

8. Be neat: many customers prefer someone who is neat. Now that we have graduates in food business who are bringing class to the business, it is good you rise to the trend.

9. Package your food well. See the kind of nylon used in packaging stock fish parts, very attractive, sometimes I purchase it even when it was not on my list. You can package some things that are left open people who are in a hurry or like it that way will buy before you know it others will copy.

10. Be customer friendly: the importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Many have loosed potential customers because of their attitudes. And many have sustained their customers because of their friendliness.


Raw food business ideas are the ones listed above. If you follow the guidelines you will succeed in your foodstuff business.

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  1. Eni I greet you.I have been around and ive seen many guidelines and kind of tutor you have outlined to ppl like us..I want to say keep up the good work..Pls i want to go into food stuff business, such as Crayfish,Ogbono,Egusi,Garri,Beans and statefor a start..Is there a distributor to recommend at this early stage?..Am based in Lakowe Lagos State

  2. Hello ma, u have really explained things well….I would love to go into foodstuff business especially raw foodstuffs….. Can u be my distributor or direct me to one

  3. Please I will like you to help me with a place suitable for establishing foodstuffs business in Akwa Ibom, I have uyo in mind but I will be happy if you can tell me a place better than UYO for the business or the reasons I should chose you.

  4. Please how I start foodstuff wholesale business. At find start amount at least and what are the best foodstuffs to venture as a beginner.

  5. Please I like to start up food stuff business like grains, garri, melon,palm oil ,,ground nut oil and ogbono and cray fish . how much can I used in starting pls am in abuja.

    • From #200,000 will be a good start but if you have less you will buy in small quantities for each commodity when you are able to save money you start buying in bags

  6. Is indeed very impactful, please I want to up the raw food business how do I get distributors or can you refer me to one am in Calabar

  7. I have just a few questions to ask please,one I want to start a food business in ondo state and I want to make osun my base of importation,I have a local market and farm where I can be getting the goods there and my question is how can I deal with this,I mean I need to know the rate foodstuffs that is less in osun and fast selling in ondo.

    • Hi emo…please I want to start food stuffs grains in pH…can you please tell me how to go about it…and suggest a good location and where to source for stocks.

  8. Thank you ma for this wonderful information it’s really an eye opener. Am interested in going into the business especially crayfish, egusi, ogbono, stock fish and dry fish but need a supplier that I can trust. Please could you recommend one for me?

  9. ENO, thanks for wonderful and detailed information. I want to go into the foodstuffs business in a very big way. Location is Aba. I’ve have a big warehouse. Pls do you have contacts of people who can supply me Beans from the north in large quantities and other foodstuffs?

  10. Goodpm ma….tanks for the wonderful information….pls I would love to go into the foodstuff business in a very big way location Delta state (warri to be precise)….like garri, cray fish,beans ,yam,pepper ogbono,melon, onions,palm oil ,groundnut oil ,stock fish and dry fish etc…….pls can you help me with a contact where I can get them at a cheaper rate

  11. I want to go into foodstuff sales,majorly rice, groundnut oil, beans.Since I reside in South south, how can I get a distributor that has fairly cheap goods.

  12. I want to go for foodstuff like groudnut oil, tomatoes pastas, indomitable, spaghetti. I’m in Osun state pls help me with contact of distributor.


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