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How To Start Football Viewing Centre In Nigeria: Easy Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Sport generally, is a very lovely game that attracts several engagements both from players and viewers. Everybody has a particular game he or she likes, for example I so much love basketball and I like watching it at any given opportunity.

Other games are football, volleyball, handball, sprints etc. of all these games football is the father of all. It gives viewing centers and betting centres life and has provided jobs to many. That is why the name football viewing centre.

Football is loved mostly by men although the number of female folks interested in football matches is growing everyday. I have been a football lover since my growing up days and understand so much things about football, I can analyze football matches more than some male folks, smiles….I’m not exageratinging, that’s how it is. Everything about football is business it ranges from the sell of T-Shirts that have the name or image of a player or club, wrist bands, caps, scarf, jerseys etc.

Football fans like representing their clubs and admired player by wearing anything that have their inscription.

There has been an ongoing debate that football viewing centers aren’t paying anymore because the number of patronages are dropping. The argument has it that betting centers now show match for free so football lovers go there to watch instead of paying money in viewing centers.

Betting centers althought feature matches but not every match. If you go there to watch you might be standing all through. The comfort and gyration you get in viewing center cannot be seen in a football betting center.


  • Cost of starting football viewing centre
  • Profits in viewing centre business
  • Requirement for starting
  • Challenges/risk of operating football viewing centre busines
  • Football viewing centre plan
  • What to sell in the venue
  • Why you should start football viewing centre
Football viewing centre



Getting a good location is key to the success of football viewing centre business it should be a very visible and traceable place. I see some operators put small boards on the road side without any arrow putting to the direction.

The hall should be spacious and clean, I have seen unkept ones, buildings looking dilapidated, such environment puts people off. It is a competitive business snd people will always get attracted to nice environment. Check out how others arranged their centre and do same or improve on it. The room should be able to accommodate more than 100 persons. If it is an open place like field, construct a shade and cover it half way. Study the area very well before establishing the centre.


Furnishing the place has to do with the resources or capital available for use. If your capital is small then get a carpenter to construct wooden benches for you. Such that each will accommodate not less than 4-5 persons. As the business progresses and you have made enough money you upgrade to single chairs preferably plastics. It will make individuals sit comfortably on their own.


Make sure you provide a very good ventilation in the room, it should have standard sizable Windows. Position standing and ceiling fans in strategic places if possible an AC (air condition). Due to the size of people that will be coming to watch matches the room will stuffy so make it airy always. This is because it can result in the outbreak of diseases especially communicable diseases such as airbornediswases: cough, catarrh etc.


Depending on how large the place is 3-4 television is enough, use flat screen it is what is reigning, it will display good images, sound and colour which attracts good viewership Table television is no more in vogue it has turned obsolete.

The television can be brand new or fairly used ones, having plenty television in the venue will enable people make their choice of whiat to watch; especially when there is more than one match going on at the same time.

Install a cable to the television use a company that has the right to cover many popular matches globally example multi choice DSTV. They have the right to cover directly majority of Football Competitions.


If you go for Premium DSTV subscription plan, you will be provided with UEFA Champions League, English Premiership, Spanish La Ligament, French League, Italian Series A etc.


Generator is a must for anybody going into football viewing center business. Because relying on PHCN will result in complete failure. Even when there is light you have to still use generator if you don’t have UPS. Because when light goes off booting of the cable will take a while and it won’t go well with your customers.

Using your generator when there is no light in the area will force people to come and patronize you. It can be I better pass my number generator,


Always write the match of the day on a board , the date and time of the incoming matches. It serves as a means of advertisement, if anybody had forgotten about the match it will serve as a reminder. People that selects matches to watch will be able to chose which one to watch or the one they fancy most. It will also help them to be aware of the next match.


It is very important to connect a UPS to power the cabal and keep it running in case there is a trip or light fluctuation. Instead of the cable to reboot it will keep working. This is the same thing business centres do to keep their systems active before light is restored.


Keep a receipt booklet so that you can issue it to anybody that pays for the viewing. It will help you identify the people that paid if not people will watch for free.

Football viewing centre


The cost of setting up a football centre varies from place to place. Assuming you are opening a viewing centre in Victoria Island Lagos it will not be the same like opening one in Uyo or elseway in the same Lagos example Ajegunle.

Lets say you are establishing it in a location where average class people are concentrated.

  • Space #300,000
  • LED television 3 (32 inches) brand new #210,000, fairly used #40,000 each
  • Fan (2), #8,000
  • Benches #50,000
  • Subscription DSTV one month #17,200
  • DSTV Decoder #22,000 for month subscription
  • Generator #45,000 UPS
  • Maker/booard #2,000


Assuming you charges #100 for every match and you are able to register 50 people in a day although during hot periods like peak periods and when top clubs like Chelsea, Man United, Barcelonia, Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Maldrid, etc. are playing you will register a good number of persons. Now 100×50=5000. This means in a month you can make #100,000 averagely.


  1. Most football viewing centres are always ransacked by police who think criminals or bad boys in the society goes there to hide. This sometime discourages some responsible persons who doesn’t want to experience such. Because police doesn’t know who is who, they will be forced to pick everyone seen in the viewing centre. And everyone must bail themselves out. To keep your viewing centre running successfully you have to register with CAC, if police knows you are fully registered they will stay off your centre.
  2. Fight sometimes broke out at the centre especially among rival club fans. Chairs and other valuables may be destroyed in the process. Underage children may turn the place for gambling so you have to watch out if not police will come for your arrest.
  3. Betting shops are making the business non lucrative because people now watch matches for free. You can go to bars that are showing matches buy a bottle of drink and watch the matches for free.
  4. You still have to run generator and pay for subscription even when people are not up to ten coming to view, it happens especially for certain matches. Matches are not played everyday except during local league , Nation ćups, European, Football league and Worldcup. During off season you have to make plans for the time so it won’t be wasted and you become hungry.


  1. It is sustainable: this is because people will keep patronizing viewing centers. There is a general believe that football is interesting when watched in a crowd or with other people. By watching with others you can argue, analyse, counter, scream, quarrel, yell, sometimes fight ensues, bet, mock and also display intelligence in summation. It is fun to many viewers and they will keep going leaving behind their cabals at home and a more comfortable environment.
  2. The amount charged in any viewing centre is very cheap. Making it easy for many people to always come back to watch whenever there are matces.. Viewing centers especially those in the village charges not less than #100. Except executive places in major cities, towns, hotels, bars etc. Othrs charges #200 and above.
  3. There are always football matches on weekends and few within the week though not every week day.


You can sell snacks and drinks it will give you additional income. Other things to sell are Groundnut Business , smoothies, fruit juice, pepper soap, fast food like indomie etc.



Remember it is a business and football business is one that you need a business plan just like other businesses. It should factor such things as;

  • Competition
  • Assets to acquire
  • How the centre will be run
  • Estimated recurrent expenses
  • Profit per season
  • Risk
  • Market evaluation and
  • Cash flow


Football viewing centre is very lucrative if you know what to do. Don’t forget to draw your plans in other to run the business effectively. Note, the more the population of viewers the more money you make. People like comfort so make your centre very comfortable and affordable cost.

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