Fried Yam Business In Nigeria: Complete Guide


Ankara business is more popular than fried yam business, this is because many people prefer to go into the sell of Ankara because there seems to be more profits in it. But do you know that Ankara is mostly eaten in the morning and in the evening whereas fried yam can be eaten at anytime be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The reason why some people prefer fried yam to akara is because they believe it will satisfy or stay longer in the tummy than akara will. Some people take fried yam as snacks, appetizer and others as main meal.

Fried yam business is profitable, consider this; you buy a tuber of yam for #500 and slice it to give you #1,000 if you are able to sell 10 tubers a day that is something. Besides, it is very easy to start the business, one of the simplest food to prepare within a short time.

Some of this overlook businesses actually churn out good money to those who venture into them. Of course such businesses are never crowded because they are being looked down on.

You can do well to pass this information to those who need them, you never can tell how far you are able to save a life or improve on another person.

You can take this business to another level by going into home delivery. Have you heard of Bayo Adedeji a plantain/fried yam supplier? In this age and time you can dignify any job.

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Don’t look down on fried yam business, the same way you will treat chin chin business or any other executive business is the same way to treat fried yam business. Locate a good place such as; busy roads, commercial centers like market, shops, motor parks, offices etc and start frying there.

Sometimes people working in offices like banks search for a place to eat food without seeing any depending on their location. If they can find you that is a plus to your business. Do you know some mothers who didn’t have the time to prepare food for their children will buy from you. Mechanic, welder, carpenters on a busy day will order for your fried yam.

Things needed to Start Fried Yam Business

  • Frying pan
  • Sieve
  • Fork
  • Frying spoon
  • Tray
  • Groundnut oil
  • Yam
  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Maggi
  • Bowls
  • Knife
  • Plate
  • Take away plates

How To Fry Yam

  • Peel yam into a bowl, wash properly with clean water to remove dirt, stones etc. Don’t leave any sand out otherwise it will reduce the value of your food.
  • Slice the peeled yam into smaller pieces of your desire.
  • Place oil on fire, allow to hot
  • Put some of the sliced pieces of yam into the oil, you can peel one sizable onion into the oil, it will give the yam a favorable test.
  • Stir the yam occasionally in the fire, when done it will have some patches of brown or a hard back. You will know when it is ready because it will change face from fresh to cooked yam.
  • The fire should be moderate if not you will have fried yam whose outside is done but the inside remains undone if the fire is too high.
  • Remove from fire into a sieve for oil to drain then turn them inside a tray or on what you want to display them.
  • Do same to the remaining sliced yam until exhausted.

How to Prepare a Sauce for Fried Yam

  • Wash pepper and pound in a mortar or grind them into small pieces not paste
  • Cut onions round or as desired but big pieces
  • Put oil on fire when hot turn the onions into it and then the pepper
  • Add Maggie and salt to taste. Shikenah

How Much is Needed to Start Fried Yam Business

With less than #20,000 you can conveniently start fried yam business. Once you are able to purchase fixed capitals such as fire source, fry pan, spoons, plate, fork. If you already have these things then Others will cost less amount; yam, pepper, onions, groundnut oil etc.

Profits in Fried Yam business

Let’s take the above example above as consideration
Now we said a #500 tuber of yam can produce #1,000 pieces of yam. Assuming, you sold ten tubers then 1,000×10= #10,000
Let’s say expenses is #6,000, when you add the cost of yam, pepper, onion, groundnut oil and salt.
If you realized #4,000 for just a day then for a month you will #100,000 which some people in an AC office are not receiving.


Set up a canopy around where your business is so customers will see where to sit and eat. Tell people about your yam business, advertise on social media.

How to Increase Profit in Fried Yam Business

Buy yam in a wholesale price and in large quantities. You can purchase from places like Benue, Taraba, Niger, Oyo States where yams are sold cheap. You don’t have to go there if you check online you will see genuine sellers. I can link you up to a yam dealer if you need one.

You can buy yam and store during its season against off season. Check my post on food storage business to know yam season.

Fried yam business

Other Businesses to add to Fried yam business

You can add fried potato business into it. Fried chicken business fish and fried plantain.


Try fried yam business today to see the profits in it. You can start the business with a small amount. It is one of the easiest foods to prepare.
You can eat from it apart from the gains to realize.


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