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How To Start Frozen Chicken Business In Nigeria: Simple Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Frozen chicken business is a good venture you can start and make good money. Take a look at the number of restaurants, food vendors, hotels, fast food joints, bars and the likes that are scattered all over the place it is a pointer to the fact that the business is evergreen. As I always, say we are living in an age were sophistication, ease of life and class is trending. These days nobody wants to hold small party; everybody wants to do oyoyo party due to competition in lifestyle. Hardly, will you go to occasion without been served with food (rice in particular) with chicken to grace it.

Many people think that using chicken to cook in a ceremony shows you are well to do as such will want to outdo the other person. Epileptic power supply, not having enough money to purchase deep freezer or generator will force people to go for frozen chicken. These and many other reasons will make the business of frozen chicken and turkey to thrive big time.

The number of Poultry farmers in Nigeria is less when compared to our population. The ban by Federal Government on the importation of chicken has put a strain in the supply of this product. On a serious note, the number of birds raised is not enough to meet up with the high rate of chicken consumption carried out everyday. Also with the constant rise in our population there is need for increase; in the production of chicken (poultry farming) and frozen chicken business. This is the more reason we call on entrepreneurs to invest in this business. There are different ways to start frozen chicken business; you can buy chicken from poultry farmers or raise them by yourself.

It is very important to freeze chicken because it will;

  • Keep the chicken nutritious
  • Preserve their texture and freshnessA quick freezing will prevent fluid from the inside turning into large crystal which can lead to fast deterioration in texture and nutrition.


Some people say Noiler birds are good for frozen chicken business because they are more fleshy than the cockerels and have great taste more than broilers. Also they produce more meat, has zero mortality rate and are very resistant to diseases. While others say broiler is good because it can attain average weight of 1.5kg within 6-8 weeks. And that their meet is tender when compared to Noiler. Most customers prefer Broilers but suya sellers prefer Noilers.

Raise the birds in batches, give 2-3 weeks spacing to help you in controlling the distribution and the profit from each batch.


  • Freezers
  • Cold room (optional)
  • Generator
  • Knives
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Benches
  • Chisel
  • Apron
  • Bowls
  • Water pot
  • Water
  • Nylon
  • Sealing machine
  • Pots
  • Stove/kerosene or gas cooker
  • Mobility


The major challenge is light, generator will not freeze the chicken except you leave it for 24 hours, if you are in a place were there is power supply you can use electricity to freeze the chicken and use generator to retain it. Diesel is #200 a litre to power your generator for 12 hours you need not less than 10 litres that is if you are using only generator to freeze which is not economical. You can preserve them in a cold room or partner with abattoir that uses cold room. This is because cold room can retain chicken for 48 hours before thawing. It is ideal to build a cold room instead of purchasing up to 4 freezers.


  • It is very lucrative especially if you are raising the birds by yourself.
  • Chicken is a fast-moving product as you will always have people to buy from you every day.
  • You can start small and keep growing the business


The cost of raising one bird is about #800, assuming you sold each for #2,000 that means. You will be making #1,200. If you did raise 100 birds that means 100×1,200 will be #120,000 if you subtract expenses lets say #20,000 you will be left with #100,000. Profit will rise when you increase the number of birds you trade on.
During the festive period, the prices of chicken normally go up. So you are likely going to sell higher during Christmas, Easter, Sallah and New year celebrations.


It is the same with chicken, all the procedures used in the preparation and sale of chicken is in use in turkey. The only difference is that turkey is costlier than chicken. A full-grown turkey cost between #8,000-#15,000 depending on the location. Turkey is cheaper in the North than any other region in Nigeria.


Put water inside a pot and place it on fire, pour it on the slaughtered birds when hot and de-feather them. You have to dismember the chicken or turkey and sale them according to parts or you mix up the parts. For turkey 2 hands and 2 legs alone goes for #2,000 and above.


Get a strong fancy rubber plate put the washed chicken or turkey according to parts in the plastic. Use transparent nylon to wrap around the whole plastic and place label on top. Another way of packaging is to put the chicken or turkey in a sizeable nylon and seal the mouth with a sealing machine then place a label on it.  Some people use a stapler to staple the nylon. The label should have a sweet conned name, for example; Amanda frozen chicken.


Sell to wholesalers on request, supply to supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, roasted chicken vendors etc.


Whether you raise chicken or buy them from poultry farmers to start your frozen chicken business you certainly will profit from it. So start one today.

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