How To Start Ground Crayfish Business In Nigeria

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There are many interesting businesses to do in Nigeria and make good money which so many people are over looking. One of such is the ground crayfish business. This is a very lucrative business which only a handful of people are doing with sealed lips. They have successfully kept it a secret probably because they don’t want the business to be saturated. But the sky is wide enough for all the birds to fly. Know this ground crayfish business can make someone a millionaire within a year with good management procedure.


Crayfish is a spicy product that adds flavour to food; it is mostly used in cooking soup. Almost every home uses crayfish to cook apart from vegetarians and few religious groups that don’t eat them.

It therefore means that the number of persons using crayfish is high making it a ready market for sellers. The population of Nigeria is increasing by the day thereby making the demand for crayfish to increase as well.

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Crayfish sells faster and in higher quantity than fish and meat. These day people are looking for ease or the quickest way of getting things done. Some people don’t have the time or patience to select dirt out from crayfish not to talk of pounding them. Others can’t create time as they leave for work early and come back very late.

These and many other reasons make ground crayfish business something to desire.

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There are some major markets that deals specifically on crayfish and fish business. Locate them in your area for your purchase. To succeed fast in ground crayfish business you have to deal on tasty crayfish that doesn’t have sand.

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Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State has that quality of crayfish and that is the Oron crayfish. The taste of their crayfish is something else, the best so far in Nigeria.


  • Crayfish is the major material needed here
  • Nylon/containers
  • Sealing machine
  • Weighing measure or container for measurement
  • Power(light)
  • A big bowl
  • Stickers


  1. Make sure you pick dirt out of the crayfish and dry them very well under sun. As dried crayfish can retain its shelf life until they are ready for use.
  2. Grind the crayfish with a grinding machine or pound them in a mortar. Do not completely powder them as people prefers the ones that has traces of crayfish in them. This is because they want to be sure of what they are buying.
  3. Measure or weigh the ground crayfish into the nylon or container. Seal the nylon with the sealing machine. When sealing make sure you press and hold the machine for a minute before removing your hands so as to provide a neat job and for the mouth of the nylon to be properly sealed.


If the ground crayfish is well sealed ants cannot enter, air also cannot go in to cause damp. To learn how to preserve crayfish, click here.

If you are producing in a large quantity or grinding them down please wrap them with nylon ensure that water cannot enter, put them in a refrigerator until you are ready to sell them.

Please, when you are selecting dirt also remove those small fishes you find inside or you cut the head because it carries sand. And their eyes after grinding appears dark like dirt. Some crayfish especially the burnt or dark ones looks like dirt inside nylon (amidst others), don’t include such.

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Brand your ground crayfish with a very simple, unique and memorable name for example you can say ‘tasty oron crayfish or tasty crayfish’ etc. Choose a fine packaging material, package them in such a way that people will be wondering whether it’s a foreign product. Take a clue from the ones that are sold in Amazon, E-bay etc.


This will depend on your capital and the quantity you want to produce, large or small. But as low as #20,000 can start the business. If you are starting small produce packs that are sold for a little amount maybe #50 – #100 a sachet. Make it a roll of 12 for a dozen. Market women prefers that because the want to hang them where people can easily see them to buy.


Indeed there is good gain in ground crayfish business. The profit ranges from 50-100% and above all things being equal. But the higher the sales, the greater the profit outcome. You can never lose in this business. The risk percentage is very low.


Sell to food vendors (in any open market), super markets, shops, shopping mall for example Shoprite, eateries, hostels and offices. You can pay someone to sell for you at traffic. General market sellers buy more and sell quicker. Go to higher Institutions like Universities, College of Education etc you will sell higher.

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Advertise the product: the advantages of advertisement cannot be overemphasize. It makes the product sell faster in good numbers. People becomes aware of the product quickly and easily. etc.

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Pay people to market them about for you as you cannot cover everywhere alone.

Register with an online store example Jumia, Dealdey, Olx, Konga and display your product.


  1. Where to buy;: If where you are buying the crayfish is far that will make the business to be stressful and expensive.
  2. Consistency: this is another challenge because a drop in production will make the consumers to look for alternative.
  3. How to convince people to buy: it is not easy convincing people to buy because there is this fear whether the crayfish is mixed with sand. That is why it is advisable to pick out dirt from the crayfish and to buy the ones that do not have sand.
  4. Meeting up with the demand: once your product is known, you will have difficulty in meeting up with the demand.

For Oron, Akwa Ibom crayfish call: 07039321911

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  1. Hello Eno,

    Thank you for the useful information you’ve always dropped, I can tell you they enlightens so many and has got so many having a rethink of what to do with there life.

    I would want to plead with you that you next update should be the detailed step by step guide on how to start exportation business, necessary documents required if any, where one can get buyers online assuming that person does not have a family member outside the country that can front for him/her. What your advise should be when it comes with negotiating payment terms. And any more that might be useful to use your teaming readers.

    Thank you

    • @Jeremiah,thanks for the compliment. I have already address them in small scale exportation business. But if you want a post on large scale exportation I will do that.

  2. Comment: thanks so much for the lecture Ma’am, it was helpful but is it necessary to register crayfish business with NAFDAC before you can advertise or sell in large quantity?

    • Thanks@Patience, you only need Nafdac if you are using customize bags or use stickers on the bags.
      If nothing is attached and its sold for example with the type normally used (transparent nylon), then you may not need Nafdac except you want to stay ahead of others.


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