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How To Start Ground Pepper Business in Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Today’s world has become so refined, sophisticated and very busy which has resulted in people trying to do things at their convenience. This has in turn created opportunities for ground foodstuffs businesses such as; dry pepper, melon, crayfish, ogbonno etc. to thrive.well. Of all these ground pepper comes first in the chart.

The major producers of pepper and exporters are; Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand with Vietnam leading with 30%. Pepper grows well in the tropics and is very abundant in many parts of Africa. But most of the crops produced are consumed locally without leaving anything for export.

Pepper is a type of spices used in food for its flavour, colour and medicinal value. Of all spices pepper is the most widely consumed the world over probably why it is called the king of spices.

Innovation has brought to us a lot of enlightenment. Dangote came from another angle and introduce packaged salt and sugar same with Golden penny. These products have been gaining increase patronage on a daily basis and will still continue.


Why won’t pepper do same of course you don’t have to wait for big names to start first before you join because brand name would have stolen all the attention. Just start now so that if at all the come into the system you will maintain the lead over them because of years of existence.

Some sealed items like this sells between #50-#100, goods that ranges within this amount are largely consumed in almost every home. With the exception of the bigger containers which are meant for big malls that sells higher. As it is now big shops have come to reckon with the fact that small price items sells faster that’s why you can now buy things of smaller amount there..


Packaged ground pepper is very convenient to use as such so many people place demand on it. The demand for pepper is high that is why you can hardly see it wasted because it doesn’t stay long without buyers.

There is ready market for it and the demand far outweighs the supply.

Dry pepper is highly profitable and very lucrative. Let’s say you buy a bag #25,000 depending on the price and location you can make 50% or more on your return in investment. Buying them in bulk will increase the profit level.

The advantage you have for packaging your dry pepper is that it gives you a competitive advantage over regular sellers.

Another advantage is that people believe that packaged products are more hygienically packaged and authentic. The more reason why you will grow in the business.

The business can be started with small amount. For small-scale you can start with #20,000 but large-scale can be started with #100,000


Dried pepper, nylon/containers, sealing machine, grinder, generator, gloves, nose cover, spoons are the necessary items/materials.


Dry the pepper to zero percent moisture if possible otherwise it will develop mould. Select shaft, stones and dirt out from the pepper. Grind it in a grinding machine if you have one or use blender if the quantity is not much.

But for a larger quantity use a big grinder, you can take it to the commercial grinders. If you are yet to purchase one but as the business grows with good profits buy grinder it will be more economical.

After grinding make sure it is cold before packaging because grinders always make grinded products to be very hot.  When the pepper is cold, scatter or spread it on a surface such that it does not clod and then use plastic spoon to scoop them inside containers.


For those using nylon make sure you seal the mouth very well so that air won’t be able to penetrate to avoid damage by mould.

For containers make sure they are well cork or covered you can use nylon to round the cover just as is done in bama. To do that, rap cellotape round the cover then take it closer to heat you can use candle as a lay man, it will become firm on the cover.


Cover your nose very well with a nose cover so that particles or dust does not enter your lungs through the nose. Just in case you used your bare hands and it becomes very hurting, rob palm oil on your hands, it will sooth the hurtiness. Also if the pepper mistakenly enter your eyes leak salt immediately it will clear it off.


Find out from the people selling in bulk in your area where the buy from. When I was into the business it was from Gombe State, but other people in my state that are into the business buys from Nasarawa State. Other states that have pepper in large quantities are Kaduna, Kano,Jigawa, Katsina, Sokoto, Plateau and Bauchi.

You can also buy and sell in bags to market women and make good profits out of it.  This way it is possible to make #5,000 and above from each bag and the turn over will be quicker.


When you are established in the business you can take it to another level by exporting them. Maybe in smaller quantities to other countries like the Uk. It is not difficult find out how to go about it from  Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

It most meet exportation standards. So many people are making money from this business already you can also research about it. Your packaging must be classic and the quantity superb in other to compete favourably with the ones there.


There are many varieties of pepper, we have the black pepper, red pepper, green pepper, white, yellow pepper etc.

The black pepper is said to originate from Cameroun probably what gives it the name Cameroun pepper. They are mostly cultivated in large quantities in Mambilla and Gembu in Plateau State and also in Taraba State.

It is green when it starts fruiting but becomes dark-brownish when dried. It is also grown in Enugu State they call it Nsukka pepper. The pepper is very hot with strong aromatic flavour, it cost higher than others.

The green pepper is mostly used in colouring food such as fried rice and in the preparation of salad. They are very big in size.

African Bird Eye Chilli pepper are tiny, short dry pepper and are the most consumed, they are very hot and can sustain their hotness for a long time unlike the Cameroun pepper.


Market them to food stores, shops, super markets and shopping malls that sells food stuff. You can also supply to market women although they packaged theirs with small white nylon. But if your packaging is appealing to them they can buy from you and add to their own.

Supply also to hotels, restaurant and boarding schools, eateries, suya sellers etc. If you go to restaurants dry ground pepper is kept side by side with salt.


Pepper contains vitamin A and C  which helps in the prevention of cell damage, ageing diseases, cancer and in immune boosting.

They help in the reduction of inflammation such as asthma and arthritis.

Red pepper helps in preventing cancer such as that of pancreas, prostrate, cervix and bladder. Because of the presence of carotenoid called lycopene.

They contain fibre which prevents constipation.

They increase body heat and helps in keeping the body warm during cold.


Dry pepper business is very interesting. Nothing make traders very happy when people are buying their products every day in volume.

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  1. I am very much satisfied with your explanation on pepper business.
    Thanks for the well grounded guidelines.

    Am looking forward to a fruitful one, as I venture into the pepper business this 2020.

  2. I’m really blessed with your write-ups. Please can you connect me with someone that sells black pepper in bulk. Thanks

  3. Pls, can grounded pepper be mixed with grounded crayfish & grounded dry fish for sale. This is to give the grounded pepper a unique taste & aroma. If yes, wht is d durability of d pepper? Can it get spoilt?

    • Hello@Modupe, I have not tried it before but I guess it will be helpful but it shouldnt be too much. They will stay a bite longer than their shelf live because the pepoer will not allow ferms to act on them fast

  4. i really want to start this business
    but pls , how can i contact you privately to inquire more from you?
    your response will be appreciated

  5. Just reading this now and I am blessed. Quite explanatory. God bless you
    I’ll keep you posted as soon as I start.


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