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How To Start Groundnut Business In Nigeria (Peanut)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Groundnut business is a silent money-making venture which you may not be aware of. When I talk about groundnut here I am referring to roasted ones. It can be called groundnut or peanut so I shall be using them interchangeably. This is a kind of snack that is generally accepted by many if not all. It is eaten all over Nigeria and every other country irrespective of culture, religion and background. I don’t know about you but l just love snacking around with groundnut but with my watch …heheheh.

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People blend groundnut and use it in eating a garden egg, the two goes so well that most people hawking garden egg now carry blended groundnut along. In Igbo land marriage is not complete without groundnut and garden egg. This trend is not cutting across other ethnic groups. some people use it to cook soup which is used in eating pounded yam.

Few years back I did groundnut business that was when I finished my degree and was waiting for a payable job. The salary i was getting from a travel and tour agency i was working with couldn’t handle my bills. It could only take care of the transportation and to work and my feeding nothing more.

A friend of mine gave me the idea of supplying their agency affiliated with airline peanut. He was one of the personal attached to the kitchen so I was directly supplying to him. And I was doing that every week that was when i knew peanut business to be very lucrative.Groundnut business

You probably maybe asking if it is possible to live a comfortable life with groundnut business. The answer is yes it is very possible. The key is determination, pragmatism, dedication, intelligence etc.

I know a woman in Adamawa State who has being in groundnut business for more than 20 years now if it wasn’t profitable would she have remained there. She was able to support the husband who is a mechanic to build a house and send all their children to higher institutions.


I worked all through the week except on Sundays in the company I was employed but half day on Saturdays. After close of work on Saturday I go to the market and buy already roasted peanuts from market women that are selling in wholesale. When I get home I peel the groundnut and package them in containers that I had already washed and dried within the week.

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Monday morning I take them to my friend before their office bus arrives. I did this business about a year before I moved to something else. The money I got from groundnut business became a saving grace as I was able to live very comfortable with it.

This post is all about how to roast groundnut, profitability, marketing, why you should do groundnut business and others.



  • Frying pan
  • Containers
  • Source of fire
  • Tray
  • Bowl
  • Stirling rod


Groundnut the main ingredient
Garri for frying

Some people use ash and sand to fry, I don’t like these two because you can easily chew sand and ash can also stain your hands. Garri is more preferable here because it is consumable.Groundnut business


–  Remove dirt from the groundnut, wash and soak in hot water for 15 minutes

  • Drain water out and add salt. Rub it all over the body of the peanut
  • Put them in a tray or flat surface in an open place or under sun to dry and for the salt to enter well into the groundnut. Either for a day or overnight.
  • Place frying pan on the fire, poor garri into it and allow to warm a little.
  • Pour the groundnut inside and stir intermittently until the groundnut turns brown
  • Bring the frying pan down, separate groundnut from the garri with sieve
  • Allow the groundnut to cold
  • Peel the groundnut, blow chaff away and remove spoilt ones
  • Package them in the containers and place stickers on them if you have
  • Start supplying


  • This is a business you can start from home
  • Groundnut business is not stressful and does not require a special training, this is something you can just wake and start doing maybe after reading this post.
  • The raw material groundnut is readily available locally all year round
  • You can do it as a side job for additional income
  • It requires a little amount for a start, with #5,000 you can start the business. It is possible to start it small and grow it within the a short tome.


The profit is 100% turn over and above. I am writing from experience, then if I buy #5,000 worth of groundnut. I make a profit of #5,000 even more, this is just by buying from wholesalers.
To increase profit buy groundnut in bags and fry it by yourself.Groundnut business

The price of groundnut in bag can be bought for #20,000 either less or more depending on your location. Whereas a bottle of peeled groundnut in a 50cl goes for #400. Assuming you got 200 containers from just one bag of groundnut….calculate the profit and call my name.
It is possible to sell up to 2-3 bags in a month depending on the number of customers you have.

groundnut business


Selling won’t be a challenge as it is generally acceptable.Start by frying a little, sell to friends, colleagues, neighbours, family members etc.

Supply to supermarkets, shops, stores, schools other institutions etc. As a starter reduce the price of your peanut from what others are selling so as to establish customers. Give discount to bulk buyers, this would help in building customer base.

You can package it for export, most of our bothers and sisters who are in the UK, USA etc. Patronizes our groundnut a lot. And are looking forward to more of the peanuts coming close to where the can easily pick them. Exporting to those countries is not a big deal you can even start with small quantities.

Another way is to fry groundnut with the shell and package it with nylon. Some people love it with the shell.


As a student you can fry and sell in the hostel and as a worker you can supply to your colleagues in the office. As a businessman or woman you can add it to your already established business. Are you a pensioner or retiree start-up the business by selling in front of your house.

Anybody can do this business ranging from student, businessmen/women, unemployed, employed, retirees etc.


  1. Buy peanut that has great taste, the small-sized ones pass this test.
  2. Apart from the regular reused bottle containers that people use in packaging them, you can do well to use a well unique package for yours this will make it look more appealing.
  3. Package containers of different sizes (big,medium,small etc.) so you can sell to everybody (poor, average and the rich).
  4. You can also fry peanuts that are brownish and the ones that are half done so people can make their choice.
  5. Try as much as you can to locate about 20 supermarkets you can be supplying to every week.


It will not be a bad idea if you roast groundnut to sell and in wholesale price to those who will package them for sale. It is something some groundnut sellers in my locality are doing especially on market days. You need to see the number of buyers queing up to buy. If you don’t go on time you may not get to buy because demands most times outweighs supplies.


Groundnut is mostly produced and sold commercial in large quantities in the northern part of Nigeria. These includes, Niger, Kano, Zamfara, Katsina, Plateau, Yobe, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Taraba, Kebbi, Bauchi, Kaduna,  Adamawa, Gombe, Jigawa, Sokoto.

Do you remember groundnut pyramid?.You can source for them during peak harvest that is between October-December


  • They provide fatty oil essential for body development.
  • Fights depression
  • Aids blood sugar regulations
  • Promotes fertility
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease
  • Boosts memory.

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  1. Thanks for the write up. It has given me alot of insight into the business.
    Please is there anywhere one can get locally made equipment that can be used for bulk processing of groundnut.

  2. Thank u so much for the write up ,, i notice that after frying my peanut it’s always whitish sort of please what could b the cause.

    • Ensure the oil is hot enough before pouring in. If your chin chin can be brown then your peanut can be brownish bcos its the same thing except for the groundnut inside

    • Thanks@Ada may God bless your business.Try and advertise your business on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp,telegram, let people know what you are doing you will get online orders

    • it depends on your location if you have many high class persons better will fair well if low class then the breaking maybe ideal

  3. This is d challenge my sister… We have to be peeling by hand… This method consume time… Machine peeling is appreciated here..

  4. After frying my peanut I found out that the groundnut inside is still whitesh instead of brown, please what is the cause

    • that means the heat didn’t penetrate the inside, when frying use a uniform medium heat. you can fry the groundnut a little if you care before using them


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