How To Prepare Homemade Natural Baby Food

home made baaby food

Natural baby food business is a kind of venture you can start quickly to make money. How you package your product will determine your target market. Think of what to use that can serve all. Making a baby happy is a mother’s greatest task and having a crying baby is every mothers nightmare. Babies can be very selective with food; that is why you see them reject the very food that they have been eating all the while. Breast milk can quench a baby’s hunger when the child is less than a year after that they become very selective. Meanwhile all a baby does is to eat, sleep, urinate/defecate but at one year plus they also want to let you know they are maturing.

Babies dietary changes as a result of some factors other than growing. It could be due to teething, health issues, environment etc. Forcing a baby to feed is not the best option as this will rather reinforce the babies dislike for food. The solution is to look for a diet that your baby will look forward to eat at anytime.


I remembered how stressful it was for me to feed my last boy. He was already used to breast milk as much as I tried making him to like other food, he just would not. It became worse when we changed environment (moving from Abuja to Akwa Ibom State).

I devised every means to feed this baby to no avail including covering mouth and noise so that while gasping for breath he can be gulping the food who side…In my very eyes a very robust baby began a shadow of himself looking very thinny (malnourished). To worsen everything we didn’t barber his first hair well. I was always embarrassed whenever we go out it was at this point I introduced a different diet into the millet pap I was feeding him and he started responding; before you know it he became everybody’s baby; everyone wanted to identify with him.


Natural baby food that are well spiced will initiate your babies appetite. Not much attention has been paid into this area all that we know is the caned baby food that are sold in the stores which have less nutrient than the natural ones. There is a way you can prepare and package your natural baby food and it will compete with the refined package ones in the superstores and markets.

If you have been worrying about what to use in weaning your baby, soya beans meal is that best for it. And if you are also looking for what will make your baby fat then try this natural baby food.

In this post I shall be giving you a step by step guide on how to prepare natural baby food for home use and commercial. It will interest you to know that many mothers are looking for to where they can be buying natural baby food consistently. You can also prepare it by yourself for personal use to serve cost and avoid unwholesome products bought in the market. There are targeted places you can sell this product and the market is already there.

Some mothers are very busy and don’t have the time to prepare this natural ingredient for their babies. This should tell you that you have a sustainable business because child-birth (delivery) is everyday’s thing. It will not only serve babies but adults as well especially those who are dieting and old people too, whatever is good for babies is equally good for the elderly because of health issues.

Soya beans powder is used for various preparations ; food and drinks for babies and adult alike. It contains a lot of essential nutrients especially protein which is good in the development of babies.



  • Soya bean seeds
  • Unripe plantain
  • Crayfish
  • Groundnuts (peanuts)


  • Select dirt, stones and bad seeds out of the soya beans, wash and dry them in the sun. Pour the seeds inside pot and dry them in the pot and fry when dried.
  • Fry until it becomes brown you bring them down.
  • Take the seeds to commercial grinders if you don’t have the engine to lightly break the seeds for you. Blow and remove the seed’s skin. You can use your mortar in place of machine.
  • Also select dirt, stones and bad ones out of the groundnut, wash and dry the groundnut and fry when dried till golden brown. You can buy the already fried groundnut in the market but the fear is how hygienic it is. Remove the skin of the groundnut.
  • Peel the unripe plantain and cut them into chips. You can dry them under sun or oven until they become cripsy. Where not available or possible you buy plantain chips from hawkers.
    Select dirt out of crayfish wash and dry
    Grind everything together; soya beans, groundnuts, crayfish and plantain until they become smooth powder.
    Spread them on a surface material or tray to cool before packaging for sale or use.
  • It can be added to pap, cerelac or any baby food. You can sample different flavour or ingredients for people to make choices. It could be:
  • Soya bean powder only
  • Soya beans and crayfish
  • Soya bean, groundnut and crayfish

Some babies and adults are allergic to groundnuts and soya beans. Watch out for any reaction while giving your baby any of this food for possible changes. If there is no reaction keep sampling different foods until you allow the preferred one. Millet, sorghum, corn can be combined or used in place of soya beans.


This is where the main challenge is because it can mar or make your product acceptable. Use a very good container, coin out a unique name for your sticker and stamped it on the container. The container you use will determine the value of your product. Try and register with CAC and NAFDAC so you can be free to carry your product about. When you register your natural baby food mothers will be very free to buy your product. And you will be able to sell them in big supermalls and stores.


Dissolve the powder in an enamel bowl with cold water to form a thick paste
Pour a little quantity of boiling water into it while vigorously stirring it
Place the pap on top of fire to boil and keep stirring while boiling for about 3-5 minutes or until your desired thickness is achieved.
Pour it in a plate, add sugar and milk or any fruit puree according to taste.


Take your products to hospitals, clinics, markets etc. Advertise online to capture many buyers. You can start by preparing it for mothers around neighbours, friends, family, church etc.


Make sure you prepare it in a good and hygienic condition so that there will be no story.
Packaged them in different containers; in a nylon for low earners and containers so the high-class can patronise your product as well. Make the price affordable so that more people can buy.


  • There are but few competitors thereby giving it the privilege of high volume sales
    We are in the era were natural foods are replacing the refined ones. The more reasons people use organic manure for farming.
  • It is a very profitable business. For outstanding profit you can plant soya beans for your business.
  • You can start it from your home and the start-up capital is less. With less than #50,000 you can conveniently start production.

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