How to start Honey Business As Wholesaler And Retailer

Honey Business in nigeria

Honey business is a kind of business that can give a 100% turn over every month. Honey is a commodity that is well sort after in Nigeria and other countries. It is eaten by all ages ranging from the adults, youths and children either directly or indirectly.

It is gotten from a beehive, golden brown in colour and very thick. It has various uses mostly for medicines, cosmetics and food.

Honey is now becoming an essential commodity or should I say a commodity of necessity. You can distinguish yourself in this business by selling original honey to consumers. Let me assure you, if you are consistent in the supply of original honey then you have already opened your door to financial freedom.

It can be gotten anywhere in Nigeria either in small or large quantities. But it is available in large quantities in areas or States that shares boundary with Cameroon. Ethiopia is the largest producer of honey in Africa.


  • Why you should start honey business
  • How to get buyers/companies that buy honey
  • Challenges of honey business and my experience
  • why honey is watery
  • Profits in honey
  • Where to buy honey
  • Uses/importance of honey
  • How to know original honey
  • Marketing of honey


  1. It is undoubtedly a very lucrative business. There is a ready market for honey. As long as there are sick folks, elderly persons, hospitals, food and cosmetic industries etc, there will be consistent market for it.
  2. Only a few persons are into this business either because people don’t know the gains in it or don’t know how to access honey for business.
  3. Honey business doesn’t require huge capital for a start.  With #20,000 you can start the business and grow it up over time.


As pointed out before, honey business is extremely profitable in that you can realise equal or above your capital on investment. 50cl container of honey can be sold from #1500-#2000. You can buy 20 litres of honey from local farmers for #20000 or less depending on the location.

You can be a distributor selling to wholesalers and retailers or a wholesaler selling directly to retailers. Whatever your choice, the story still remains that there is a huge profit in it.

Bees produce much honey during raining season because there is enough food for them to eat. Plant, flowers, fruits and leaves blossoms during wet season as such juices, nectar which bees feeds on are in abundance at this time. This is the reason the price of honey comes down during this period of the year while the reverse is the case during dry season, the price usually shoots up.

You can buy down during raining season in large quantities and sell them off during dry season for more profit. Also you can buy down so you may have enough to sell to your customers whenever they need them in a larger quantity. They will be so disappointed if there is shortage of supply and of course you won’t want to lose customers for any reason.


Original honey does not get bad because there are no additives in it. You can preserve by keeping them covered in a cool comfortable environment. The taste and its natural properties remains the same irrespective of how long it stays before consumption.

As long as you know how to market your honey, then you will be able to determine the profit. More patronage means more money and more money means more profit.


Since you will be doing it for commercial purpose then you have to source for your honey where you can buy them in large quantities at a very cheap price. There are just but few places you can get honey in Nigeria in bulk.

Ganye Local Government in Adamawa State has honey in abundance. Because the share boundary with Cameroon most of the honey merchants buy from Cameroon to sell to clients in whatever quantity they want. Their honey is raw, very pure and undiluted. They are sold together with their combs and with some bee body parts inside.

I remember those days when I did my Youth Service in Adamawa State; I was consuming honey almost every day. I even went as far as chewing their combs sometimes.

Another place to get honey in large quantity for your honey business is Gembu, Taraba State, Obanliku Local Government Area along Obudu Cattle Range Road, Cross River State. They have a honey market where they sell honey in large quantity.

Many people in that area are into bee farming for commercial purposes. You will get enough to buy because they even sell in drums. Gboko in Benue State and Nsukka in Enugu State also produce original honey for commercials.

Honey Business in nigeria eni best


  • Consistent use of honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles.
  • Honey contains vitamins and minerals which protect the immune system from invasion by diseases.
  • The product is used as a moisturizer in cosmetic industries.
  • Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which promotes the healing of wounds.
  • It is used for treatment against acne, ringworm and other skin infections.
  • Honey helps in weight lost. To achieve this you have to mix a teaspoonful of it in warm water and take it every morning in an empty stomach. Adding lemon juice to it will be an added advantage.
  • It reduces cough and throat irritations.
  • Generally speaking, honey contains medicinal and nutritional values.


  1. Dip your hand inside the honey and drop a few to the ground if it is original honey it will go down consistently as a thread without breaking.
  2. Put a spoonful of honey inside a glass of water, if the honey goes down to the bottom of the glass without mixing with the water, then the honey is proven to be pure. Personally, I think this is the best way to test for original honey.
  3. Drop few drops of honey on sand if it is pure it will not sink immediately.
  4. Also put a stick of matches inside honey and strike the match if it ignites fire it is confirmed to be original honey.
  5. Some people believe that natural honey does not attract insects, this is false even pineapple fruit that is just coming out, not strong and not ripe attracts insects not to talk of honey that is entirely sugary. Point to note, any sugary thing attract ants, example date, sugar cane, honey inclusive.


Advertise your product either by word of mouth. By telling people around you about the business, speak to people in your offices, church, school etc. or by distributing printed flyers.

Give out sample test of the honey for people to be more convinced of the originality of your product. Yeah! You can do that, when it comes to marketing you just have to go the extra length to attract customers.

Look out for companies that buy honey and use them for production.


Supply to market men and women, Hospitals and Clinics, Schools (higher Institutions), stores, malls, super markets, individuals etc.

You can customize or brand your honey for a greater patronage. Branded honey is mostly perceived to be hygienic and original by big stores, Organisations, etc. You can place a label on the container you are using like this ‘Pure Honey’ do not go further than that until you are registered with NAFDAC to avoid disturbance.

Sealed and well packaged honey moves market more than others that are not. If you don’t have money for this not to worry because you will still sell as long as you are dealing on original honey.


Honey being thick and light. Some people get it so wrong when honey is watery they term it to be adulterated. I once sold  honey to my friend because it was watery she termed it adulterated. And the honey was pure original when I was almost exhausting the last batch I kept plenty ot for my personal use.

That honey is watery doesn’t mean it is fake, This mostly happens during raining season because honey absorbs water easily. Another thing is because of the source of nectar. If nectar is watery bees will produce watery honey vis versa. The texture of honey doesn’t affect their nutritional properties nor taste.

Adamawa honey is brown while Cameroun honey is black. This is because Adamawa own is collected raw without burning; whereas that of Cameroun fire is used to drive the bees away before harvest. They are both original honey but the process of harvesting differs.

Those who don’t understand mix things up. Some will say black is the original while others will say brown is the original. So find out which is accepted in your location first before starting your honey business.

Beware of honey that is mixed with sugar because it is dangerous for consumption.


Honey business is a straight forward business if well-managed can make you rich. Start yours today.

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  1. Waoooooow nice article
    I’m also into honey business base in Taraba and I make delivery to all state in Nigeria at N25,000 for 20ltrs and N30,000 for 25ltrs including waybill, I’ve had challenges delivering to Abuja my customers who do not know honey see crysterlized honey as adulterated when it caused by cold weather

  2. Enibest has been of tremendous assistance to broaden my knowledge about honey business. I have been seeking for expert opinion on how to start a medium scale honey business in my state and even eventually go into exportation.I really appreciate this blog and I want to officially link up to you guys for more enlightenment on this business.

  3. Great article.. I supply pure unadulterated honey in wholesale and retail and can waybill to any part of country. You can reach me on 08167868247 if interested

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  5. Thank you very much for this detailed writeup on Honey. In fact, l am motivated to start this business. Can you supply this Adamawa honey to calabar?

  6. Hi,
    My name is joy. I stumbled on your write up about Honey business and I am interested. However, the challenge is that I’m in Lagos and have little capital to start with. So how can I get pure honey to sell here in Lagos?

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    A well detailed write up 👍! I have interest in the business,how do I go about it ma?


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