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How To Become A Pure Stockist And Be Earning Millions

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Stockist is a person that get products from a company and supply to customers within her location. Since she is a representative of that company, they will make sure they keep stocking her with products for sale. She is like a warehouse to the company as such can never be out of stock. So many people say, they cannot do networking business because they don’t know how to talk or convince people to accept their products. Then become a Stockist and be earning high every week. Why tie your money down when you can invest in Pure products and make great returns. When you are working for a company whose products are amazing then you can succeed fast. Pure product sell itself because of the massive result it brings. You may have to take a look at some of the amazing testimonies.

It may interest you to know that wealthy people don’t save their money in the bank. Yeah! They will rather have it as assets or Invest it to generate more money. The reason why many people will remain poor is beacause they want to save to become rich while the Rich are investing to become richer. Which side of the divide are you, take action today. Invest and get your money back in weeks. It is health products we are talking about, it sells in volume every day. Call: 08035965405

When Donald Trump, the president of America was asked what he will do if he was to start business afresh; He said if he has to start all over again that he will start with a networking business. This should give you an impression what a networking business means. One good thing about networking business is that it doesn’t affect any other thing you are doing. Some people go into it as a side business. If you don’t know how to talk or do marketing you can become a stockist. As a stockist you don’t struggle others members will be referring people to buy products from you.

Listen to this amazing lecture on how to earn in Pure stockist system https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uB3ofuV3ixw

Pure products are very good for different health conditions, such as; eye problems, Diabetes, High blood, stroke, Arthritis, Obesity etc. Purxcel which s the main ingredient for raising Glutathione in the body that boost immunity thereby making the body to naturally heal itself from any health challenge. Pure products are made from natural ingredients as such does not have any side effect. They equivalent of investing in the stock market is the Livepure stockist program. Pure is a lifetime business because it is about health and I’m sure you know health products sell the most. Nobody wants to be sick and whoever is sick will look for money to treat themselves. Call: 08035965405 if you want to know more about the business or invest as a stockist. In our team we have a long chain of stockist and we work together to see that everybody succeeds so start calling. 

Pure stockist

Why you should become a Pure Stockist

  • It gives you passive money without stress
  • Others do the work for you by referring them to buy products from you
  • It makes you happy because products doesn’t stay long in your hands as you restock they are cleared off almost immediately.
  • You make money every week

Why you should become a Pure Stockist

  • The company makes it flexible for anybody to come into the business as a stockist
  • The capital required to become is a stockist are in categories so you can chose the one that is convenient for you.
  • You can make back your investment within a month
  • The company makes sure you are not out of stock because once your products is 80% sold, you will be restocked immediately.
  • Pure products are very effective and are fast becoming a household name. The rate of purchase is growing everyday.
  • You are paid 10% of your investment when you restock. This is what banks can’t give you, if you put your money in a fix account.

How to become a Livepure Stockist

You can become a pure stockist with #840,0000, #1,680,000, #3,200,000, 5,200,000. The least amount is #640,000 which can be sold off within a day. We advice people to invest from 1.280 million up so you can get enough product that can last for few days before restocking. In our team we teach people how to become a millionaire stockist in the shortest time..

pure stockist

pure stockist


If you are a networker who is yet to become a stockist you are missing out. To increase your earnings or get weekly earnings in millions become a Livepure stockist today.

We need stockist in Niger, Sokoto, Zamfara, Osun, Kano, Kogi States etc. We also need Pure stockist in South Africa, Kenya, Cameroun etc.

Do you need Purxcel, Cleanse, Daily build, Organic, Sulfur, Mila, Sleeptrim in any of the states in Nigeria call: 08035965405


Purxcel Abuja, purxcel, Adamawa, Purxcel Lagos, Purxcel Port Harcourt, purxcel everywhere you go.

Come and join me to make legitimate money in Livepure.

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  1. Hello Enibest. I’m writing to you from Cameroon. I went through your article and I’am very interested. So I wanted to know how I should proceed to become a stockist. Waiting to hear from you

    • Hello@Joy your interest is enough. I started with #60,000 and was able to save enough money from the business to become a stockist. Contact me on 08035965405 let me coach you on how to go about the business to get enough to become a stockist.


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