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How to become Golden Penny Distributor in Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Flour mill of Nigeria are the leading food business company in Nigeria, and have been supplying every home their food brands ranging from; Golden penny spaghetti, semovita, noodles, macaroni, flour, vegetable oil and margarine, golden fertilizer, FMN Agro Allied, ball food and cereal, bagco total package solution and sugar. To be a golden penny distributor for all the products you need more than 50 million. When you become Golden penny distributor a sales officer will be attached to you, for those running bakery, a bakery officer will be attached to you.

Become a distributor to this company and be making so much money. Their products can be found in every home, this is to tell you that the business is very lucrative. They are fast movable products, sales is in volume, what makes the business more profitable is overturn. You can decide to be a distributor to one or more of the products.

To become the Flour Mill Nigeria Products Distributor will require lots of money and you will not be given license to deal on all the products at once. In other to work your way into the system, start by being Golden penny Sub-distributor. To get information on the procedure, visit their nearest office for direction. Address, Golden penny place, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos

how to become a golden penny distributor in Nigeria

Requirements to become a Golden Penny Distributor

To be a distributor of golden penny, write application letter to the company with a letter headed paper bearing your business name; notifying them that you want to be their company distributor. There is no direct distributorship for golden penny noodles you have to first become a distributor of the pasta products, such as spaghetti, macaroni etc. before you can add the noodles. But you can only be accepted if you have impressed them. To be a distributor of macaroni, spaghetti, elichie etc you will need up to 10m depending on location.

Golden penny Semovita/Goldenvia Distributor

To be a distributor for Semovita you have to buy Goldenvita which is the wheat brand alongside. The minimum capital to become Semovita distributor may be up to 5 million. You have to bug a full truck (as minimum) that is 600 bags of semovita to qualify for a rebate which is done quarterly.

Golden Penny Flour Distributor

You have to write application letter to the national sales manager and declare your intention of being a distributor. Two options will be presented to you; to choose between freight, that is Golden penny company delivering the goods to you with their truck. Or office collection that is collecting your products from the company by yourself. You will write application to the National Sales Manager on this wise introducing your transporter

The minimum you can start with as a golden penny flour distributor is between 200-300 bags, depending on the truck and location. While the maximum is 600 bags and above. A full truck is 600 bags which is 30 tons. And you are required to purchase minimum of 600 bags in a month to qualify for the company’s rebate. There are 2 types of flour; the Confectionery and the Prime flour, you can also buy the two for a mix.

golden penny distribution

Flour Mill Rebate Structure

Rebate is the money the company pay customers on monthly bases; golden penny pays rebate on every bag of flour bought by the customer at the end of the month. The rebate is paid in monetary form into customers account, it will not be given to you at hand but rather you will add money on top to purchase your next goods.

There are several discounts in the comapny

  • Volume discount
  • Cash discount
  • Wheat offal discount
  • Special wheat offal discount
  • Quarterly rebate
  • Special city discount
  • Rebate for pasta and semovita is every 3 months
  • Annual rebate (once a year)

The amount paid for rebate depends on location

Golden penny Sugar Distribution

There is no more rebate for sugar due to charges and sales policy of the company. If you buy more than 2 trucks in a month you will get discount for a month too. The company can review the price at anytime they don’t have a fixed price.


To be a distributor of golden penny products start as a sub distributor or with one product. So you can work your way to acceptance when you impress them. Golden Penny Products and prices can be found online.


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  1. Good evening sir/ma
    I want to be a distributor in your company I want to start with flour
    How do I become the distributor


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