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How To Do Ogbono Business As A Wholesaler (Complete Guide)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Ogbono business is secretly turning people into millionaires in less than a year. That is why persons who are aware of this have taken a step further to put style into it. Ogbono grows in almost all the West Africa countries but are majorly found in countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, Guinea, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Ogbono cub is greenish in colour but becomes yellow when ripe; the end product after breaking the seed is called ogbono. They are also consumed in almost all West African countries.

On January 12, 2017, Daily trust Newspaper published that the Federal Government has earmarked #86.5m to spend for the promotion and cultivation of ogbono. This is so done because according to their claim USA and Europe’s potential market is great.

Since Government have turn their focus towards ogbono farming then this should give you more grounds to do ogbono business.

Ogbono are majorly found in the South-south and South east of Nigeria, such places are; Ijaw, Edo, Obudu, Ebonyi, Ado etc for commercial quantity. Ogbono is a seasonal cash crop which is mostly used for consumption. It is always very expensive when compared with other ingredients used for making soup.

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You can buy a cup of melon for #150 whereas you will buy ogbono with the same measurement for #600 depending on the season. There are two types; the ugiri and the real ogbono, you can only distinguish them by their drawing power.Ogbono business

The real ogbono is good for both consumption and medicinal purposes while ugiri can only be used for consumption. It is very difficult to distinguish the two except you have been in the business for a long time or have a good experience.


It is highly profitable. You can buy and store for more profit. The season for ogbono is between June-August. Store and then sell them out during off peak period or you buy below the current market price and sell them off immediately for a quick turnover. A bag contains 17 buckets ranging between 45-52kg.

Because of the rate of ogbono consumption there is a fast and high demand for it thereby making it to be one of the most sourced after product.

It is not difficult to start. First identify your target market, the place to purchase them in abundance and in a cheaper amount which can be more accessible to you as well. Then the next thing is for you to start.

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It does not require too much money to start. You can even do the business without money, just make a deal with an ogbono dealer, tell him/her to offer you a proceed whenever you bring a customer to him/her. And you will get the offer because many merchants are even looking for such opportunities.


They are mostly used for cooking soup.

Ogbono is used by pharmacist in the production of drugs for weight loss.

It is said to aid weight control.

It can be eaten the way mango is being eaten, that is why it is called bush mango.

It contains vitamins and minerals which is good for human body.Ogbobo business

Cosmetologist used it in the production of cream for the skin.


Ogbono business can be started with any amount. But if you are going into it as a wholesaler then you can start the business with #200,000 that isif you are sourcing the product within Nigeria.

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You will need more money if you intend buying from other countries because of transport fare and exchange rate. If you are buying with that amount during ogbono season then you should be buying up to 3bags. When you remain steadfast in the business you can grow it over time and be buying as many bags as you may wish.


There is much profit in ogbono business especially if you are buying down during the time of abundance to sell in the time of scarcity. Assuming you buy a bag of ogbono for #100,000, you got 17 buckets from it and sold a bucket for #10,000 by the time you remove expenses you should be having 50% as profit. Imagine doing this every week with more bags. Can you quantify you gains? More bags mean more money and more money means more profits.

Ground Ogbono Business eni best


Source directly from farmers so as to obtain a farm gate price or you buy from dealers who are big time merchant in the business and can offer a reasonable price which could be a little higher than that of farmers but can still provide good profits.

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You can buy ogbono seeds from Ebonyi State they produce plenty of them. Another place to buy is in Northern Cross River State, the people of Obudu and Ikom are now seriously cultivating ogbono because of the amount of money they got from the ones they picked from the wild. This gave them the confidence to domesticate ogbono for commercial purposes.

In Edo State you will see ogbono seeds to buy in large quantities because they have plenty ogbono plantations. Although their harvest season differs, they harvest the real ogbono in January-February and harvest the Ogiri in July (this information was gotten from someone that stays there).

Some farmers/merchants often times dry their ogbono before selling but you can still dry them to be very sure they are well dried. If you bought them fresh then you have to dry them if possible to 7% moisture content.

This way the ogbono seeds can last for 6months and above without reducing in quality nor grow mucus. Always clean your ogbono by removing dust and dirt. Store them well in good storage equipment where neither ants nor insects can feed on them.

Keep ogbono where water or moisture cannot penetrate.


Ogbono falls on their own from the tree when they are ripe. They are then eaten or left to decay so as to get the nuts. Then the nuts are broken with stone or hard objects when they are dried and the seed remove from inside. Ogbono has three major harvesting periods in West Africa.

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In Nigeria, it is from September, in Ivory Coast it is usually from January while Cameroon is from March. A merchant can take advantage of this to buy from different countries at each point in time and sell them all year round to customers.


Advertise your product both online and offline. Register with online stores so you can use their platform example of such platforms includes olx, jiji, dealday etc.

Approach market men and women that deal on ogbono, give them a discount price and they will be so happy to buy from you. Continue that way until you have established a customer base relationship with them.

Make sure you supply quality ogbono and maintain supplies so as to retain customers. Other places to supply to are restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets that sell foodstuff.

Dealers can even help you to sell them or buy back from you and sell during scarcity.

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  1. Hi Eno, thanks for the write up, I’m into Ogbono business but my problem is limited suppliers, I would appreciate more if you could help me with the contact of a reliable supplier, I mean someone who sells in large quantities that can always supply to me.

  2. I stay in Lagos where can I buy ogbono at a wholesale price and for a starter how much do I need to hold before I can start


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