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How to join FES One International and Earn every day

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

FES One International: The new way of doing business has surfaced, the world is going digital so also businesses. Investors has found out that the best way to do business now is through E-commerce. During lock down the wealthiest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, the owner o f Amazon, made billions of dollars. He achieved this feat through online sales. Everywhere was lock down but essentials were selling. If you check data, you will find out that many companies have sprouted using offline/online business model for their businesses. These companies don’t want to employ so many staff as such prefer to use Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

Beware of companies that promise you double of your investment within weeks they are most times fraud. Some of the genuine ones get hooked because they cannot manage the population of people who joins the business on a daily basis. As such people’s money get stock, because of the bitter experiences some persons have vowed never to get involved again in E commerce business, I won’t fault them on this. I have had a fair share of it but that has not stopped me from continuing. I am very careful now, the likes of stakexchain international is very legit, I have made good earnings from the company. But you know what, investors always look for opportunity, I have found another opportunity in FES One International, you can invest in more than one E-Commerce provided they are legit..

The future is E-Commerce whether you embrace it or not, what will make a banker resign from his banking job to join FES if is not paying. One good thing about MLM company is that the earlier you join the better. This company came to Nigeria in November 2020, it is very young. Now is the time to join, the company is just penetrating Africa. If you have money tied down somewhere please use it to invest in FES AND THANK ME LATER.

Red alert: Please and please o, do not put your money here if you don’t want to be trapped, it is not working. RUN VERY FAR. Let this remain here for future reference please.

What is FES One International?

FES (Fast, Efficient and Sustainable) is a trading company, mainly dedicated to providing import and export services for the Thai jewelry industry., they promote the international development of the jewelry industry. The company was founded in 2015 and it is located in Thailand, Chiang Mai.

The CEO of FES is Iris, she has MBA in financial management., FES focuses on designing, manufacturing,, selling of the products and exporting to other countries

Why you should choose FES One International

This company have a name to protect, they are a leading manufacturing of Jade in Thailand and has been in business since 2015. They are not a brand buyer but have a brand of their own which they will love to protect. Jade is.a jewelry,. it is valuable the same way gold and silver is. In Western countries people don’t wear jewelries for the sake of fashion; they wear things that are beneficial to their health. Many celebrities wear Jade etc. it is an energy product that is very good in regulating the pressure of the blood in the body. You can Google the function of Jade to know how valuable they are.

How to Earn in FES E-Commerce

You earn daily, once you pay for any of the packages. After 3 months you are required to renew the trade if you are still interested in the business. If you do not want to continue you can get back your money. There are other ways of making money, that is by networking, it is optional but you earn big when you network. Another way is to sell your products if you so care.. Remember it is a product based company and you are given some products from the amount you used in registration.

FES One International Packages and Rewards

VP 1 

Total cost #63,000 ($126)


  • Activation #22,500 ($45)
  • Auction amount #40,500 ($81)
  • Take home profit
  • Every 10 days, #4,000 ($8)
  • Every month, #12,000 ($24)
  • Plus Jewelry #22,500 ($45)
  • Plus capital #40,500 ($81)

VP 2

Total pack cost #126,000 ($252)


  • Activation #45,000 ($90)
  • Auction amount #81,000 ($162)

Take home profit

  • Every 10 days, #8,000 ($16)
  • Every month, #24,000 ($48)
  • Plus Jewelry #45,000 ($90)
  • Plus capital #81,000 ($162)

VP 3

Total cost #392,000 ($784)


  • Activation #140,,000 ($280)
  • Auction amount #252,000 ($504)
  • Take home profit
  • Every 10 days, #25,000 ($50)
  • Every month, #75,000 ($150)
  • Plus Jewelry #140,000 ($280)
  • Plus capital #252,000 ($504)

VP 4

Total cost #812,000 ($1,624)


  • Activation fee #290,000 ($580)
  • Auction #522,,000 ($1,044)
  • Take home profit
  • Every 10 days, #52,000 ($104)
  • Every month, #156,000 ($312)
  • Plus Jewelry #290,000 ($580)
  • Plus capital #522,000 ($1,044)

VIP 5,6,7 to be launched soon


  • Earn without referral
  • 10 days profit guaranteed
  • Earn from upline
  • MLM is optional
  • 20% referral bonus
  • 12% binary bonus
  • 50% leadership bonus
  • No flushing of points
  • Earn binary till infinity
  • No monthly autoship
  • International trips and car awards
  • You can own multiple accounts
  • Cash out is every 10 days
  • Upgrading of package is allowed but that can be after 3 months of trading when it is time to renew the trade.

How to join FES E-Commerce

To join and make money, send the following information to this number +2348155196689

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Username


What some investors do is to buy brand name. They go to companies, enter agreement for them to produce product with their brand name. Assuming the thing is sold for $10 the company will give them at $5. They introduce this business to prospect at different packages, which is fixed by the time the company increase the price because theirs was fix it becomes a problem. You see system upgrade and you keep waiting. FES One International is legit and not a scam. They have a brand of their own and are making waves in the UK, USA, Asia and Africa. Join today and share in the profits. Ghana  FES one International is already making waves.

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