How To Prepare Aftershave For Sale and Home Use In Nigeria


Aftershave is a mixture of chemicals that is used mostly by men to prevent bumps or rashes after shaving bears or barbing. It is very important to use if you don’t want to have a rough face. Almost all barbing salons have aftershave which the use on their clients. You can buy it for yourself or produce homemade aftershave for personal use. The steps I will be putting forward in this post are straight forward and very easy to prepare. One good thing about preparing aftershave is that the chemicals for use are readily available.

The process and step by step method of preparing aftershave in this post is not different from what the big companies are using to prepare their aftershave package and sale. They only difference will be in packaging which you should aim at because we are in a time where packaging is the order of the day.

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How much is needed to Start the Preparation of Aftershave

The preparation of aftershave is not capital intensive depending on the scale you are starting with. If you are going into afershave business you can start with #50,000 and above. It is sometimes very good to start small and grow it overtime.

Recipes for Men’s Aftershave

There are different ways of preparing aftershave, mainly two ways. The one you use methanol as the main ingredient or Witch Hazel as the main ingredient. The end products are effective your choice will depend on your skin and what you want.

Methanol is an alcohol and alcohol can be hard on the skin. In that case you need another astringent to add to the alcohol and this is were the Witch Hazel comes in, to help reduce stringing of the skin.

How to Prepare Aftershave: Chemicals needed with Measurements for 5 Litres

  • Menthol. 1 tablespoon
  • Methanol. 1 liter
  • Glycerin. 100ml
  • IPA. 2 and 1/2
  • Methyl paraben or propyl paraben 500ml
  • Fragrance. 30ml
  • Water. 1 litre

Materials needed for Aftershave Production

  • Measuring cup
  • Bowl (big) for mixing
  • Plastic pin-stick
  • Tablespoon
  • Nose cover
  • Hand glove


  1. Mix I.P.A and glycerin together in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add propyl paraben and stir carefully
  3. Take another bowl, pour in the menthol and methanol and stir together until the menthol is completely dissolved. Add the solution to the previous solution.
  4. Add water and fragrance into the mixtures and stir thoroughly.
  5. Add colour if desired (optional)
  6. Package for use or sale. Tighten or cap the cover well to avoid drying up.

Marketing of Aftershave

Every product needs advertisement especially when you are just starting even if the product sells itself. To start with, prepare aftershave and sell to neighbors, family and friends if it good they will bring more clients to you.
Advertise on social media such as; Facebook, Instagram, what’s app, Twitter etc.

Produce quality aftershave and you will see customers looking for you everywhere. Take your products to local barbing saloon around you for patronage.

Aftershave production
Image from nairaland


Aftershave preparation is very simple. You can quickly produce and packaged for sale in your neighborhood or produce for personal use. The type of preparation to cho depends on your skin and what people wants. Go and purchase the one most popular one in your environment and check their recipes. You can produce aftershave balm, lotion, spray.

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    • When you get to the shop they have plenty. They wil open for you to perceive please chose the one you like. You can do a combination of fragrances that’s what big companies does so that no one will know what they are using and imitate


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