How To Produce Hair Gel In Nigeria (Styling Gel)


Hair gel is used on the hair to harden and style it to desired style. Women are known to use this product the most but male also use them these days especially those keeping dreadlocks and curly hair. It works well on curly hair apart from making it beautiful, food gel will make the hair to maintain style for a long time as desired. Apart from using it to style hair some people apply gel to relax their front hair, while some persons with soft hair use it to harden their hair.

The materials for production can be bought from any chemical shop just like liquid soap production.

Hairgel  production
Hair gel image from nairaland

We have ebook that contains more than 40 chemical products production such as; hair shampoo production, setting lotion production, hair cream and many others.

Chemical for hair gel production with measurement for 10grms

 Natrosol – 1/8
 I.P.A – 250ml
 T.E.A – 100ml
 Fragrance – to taste
 Colour black (water based) – 1 tablespoon
 Formain – 2 tablespoons
 Gycerine – 3 tablespoons

Materials Needed

  •  Hand glove
  •  Nose cover
  •  Measuring or graduate cup
  •  Stirring stick
  •  Mixing bowl

Procedures for the production of hair gel

  • Mix natrosol in 10 litres of water. Stir continuously till it dissolve and its thick
  • (ii) Gradually add I.P.A and stir as you add
  • (iii) Ad T.E.A; you will notice instant thickness of the mixture. Add more water to soften it if is too thick
  • (iv) Add glycerin and stir all together till it blend
  • (v) Add the colour to the whole mixture
  • (vi) Add fragrance
  • (vii) Add formalin for preservation
  • (viii) Pack and label


You can produce and sell to neighbours, friends, family members, association members etc. To penetrate the market you need a Nafdac number. It is not difficult just go to their office for the requirements.

Hair styling gel
image from nairaland


This is a very simple method to produce hair styling gel. You can produce for sale or personal use. The chemicals for production can be purchased in any chemical shop closest to you. There are other products you can produce and package for sale.


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