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How To Produce Hand Sanitizers In Nigeria: Easy Steps

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Hand sanitizer is a substitute to washing of hands with soap and water. Because it is not easy to carry water and soap about to be washing hands every now and then, Cosmetologist came out with the idea of hand sanitizer in other to save us that stress. With the way things are going on globally these days, there is need for us to keep hand sanitizers close by. You can call it hand wash, hand sanitizer, hand rub they all mean the same thing. Purchase our Ebook on different chemical production more than 40 products. See list at the end of this post.

In Africa hand sanitizers became a thing of importance when Ebola came but as Ebola died down so also the hype and hand sanitizers usage dropped. But with the emergence of Coronavirus and the confirmation of CONVID-19 in Nigeria hand sanitizers are now hot cakes. In fact in just a day all the face marks, hand sanitizers were exhausted in Lagos. This is to tell you how urgent this product is needed in Nigeria and the world at large. 

There is a ready market for hand sanitizers, you can prepare homemade sanitizers just in case you cannot find any to buy in the market. I gave my sister the steps on this post for the production of hand sanitizer when she couldn’t find any to buy in supermarkets in Uyo.

The materials for the production of hand sanitizers are readily available in any chemical shop around you. Preparation of hand rub is one of the simplest in chemical production just like insecticide production. How is hand sanitizer made? 

Hand sanitizer production
Image from nairaland.com

How to make hand wash in Nigeria

It is very easy to produce hand sanitizer and there are different methods of preparation. You can produce hand wash with aloe Vera or not. The active ingredient is alcohol which should comprise more than 60% of the other ingredients for the hand sanitizer to be effective.

Watch this below video to see how you can produce 1 litre homemade hand sanitizer. https://youtu.be/n3KOYgI5JWg

Materials Needed to Produce Hand Sanitizers

  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Funnel
  • Packaging bottle or container

Ingredients for the Production of Hand Sanitizers

  • I.P.A/Rub in ethanol.  1 litre
  • Minthyl oil or peppermint (essential oil) 50-100ml
  • Glycerin, gel or aloe Vera  to taste
  • Phenol 3-5 tablespoon
  • Texapone 3-5 tablespoon
  • Fragrance as desired 

You can use alcohol or witch-hazel for the sanitizer base. Some people don’t like alcohol because they say it has a powerful strong smell and can cause skin drying. So witch hazel becomes a better alternative.


Dissolve all the chemicals into a clean container or bowl and stir for 10 minutes. Your hand sanitizer is ready. Package for sale or home use.

Hand Sanitizers Production Tips

  1. To make slim from hand sainitizer, spread the hand sanitizer on a flat substance such as plate. Put it in the freezer and leave for 2-3 hours to become slimy.
  2. Alcohol is more preferable than witch hazel but both are antibacterial not adding any will result in a solution with scented aloe Vera gel. But you can make hand sanitizer without aloe Vera gel. The percentage of ethanol use in the mixture is very important. 
  3. Aloe Vera act as the base so it is also important you can use any essential oils in place of peppermint
  4. The alcohol added to the ingredients also act as a preservative as such hand sanitizer can last for months.


You can quickly produce homemade hand sanitizer for personal use to save yourself and family from germs. Especially now that coronavirus is spreading across the globe.  And you can also make business out of this by producing to sell. Finding a problem and  proffering a solution is what brings money. So know that hand sanitizers have disappeared from shelves you can feel the gap.

It doesn’t cost much to produce hand rub. Remember, washing of hands with water is the best form of preventing hand germs. There are areas you shouldn’t use sanitizer but water, for instance after defeacating or making use of the toilet.


I have written post on several chemicals you can quickly produce and package for sale or personal use. But have compiled them as an ebook with more than 40 products production you can learn and start producing for money. The price is only #3000 but I can give it out for #2000. If you have only #1000 then you can pick out only 15 of the type of production you want. Pay into First Bank 3068300008 Eno Johnson. After payment send proof to 08035965405 and your email address.

The ebook contains

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  • balm
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  • after shave
  • perfume
  • bleach
  • detergent
  • powder
  • scouring powder
  • methylated spirit
  • lotta body
  • setting lotion
  • bar soap
  • hair relaxer
  • soda soap
  • car wash
  • roll-on
  • cream
  • antiseptic
  • weavon oil
  • medicated soap
  • air freshner
  • Water gum
  • Chalk
  • Liquid starch
  • Pomade
  • Insecticide
  • Toilet wash
  • Candle etc.

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  1. I want to pay 1000 to pick up 15 items I want to learn. how do I pay?

    But I have a questions please…I’m very sure that some of the names of the chemicals that will be used will not be something we see in our everyday market

    So where we cant find a chemical because we don’t know the local market name,can we contact you to help with that or are we left to ourselves.

    • @Debby the account details is on the post First Bank 3068300008 Eno Johnson. All the chemicals can be found in Chemical shops around. Where is your location?. We mow have chemical shops scattered all over different states. If you see anybody selling liquid soap in your location ask the person where he or she bought the chemicals.

  2. I appreciate your article on hand sanitizer. pls can you tell me function of each ingredient and the quantity of each to be used thanks

    • I cant tell now @Zion because everything has gone up. I spent about 3k to produce 1litre of hand sanitizer. This has to do with location, it may be cheaper elsewhere than mine. I bought a litre of alcohol 1k, glycerine 500 naira

  3. Thank you so much for your lecture on hand sanitizer production, but i would like to know the measurement of aloe vera gel or glycerin needed in 1kg of i. P. A?.

    • @Ebere pay into the account provided then send your email to 08035965405
      You can chose the ones you are interested in but it is also good to have all in your achive, who knows you may need them tomorrow.

    • @Ben you can get everything in a chemical shop ask those you see selling liquid soap where they buy the materials.


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