How To Produce Medicated Soap In Nigeria: Detailed Guide


Soap making industry is huge because it involves production of different kind of soap ranging from; detergent, bar soap, liquid soap, laundry soap, bathing soup and medicated soap. in this post we shall be teaching you the steps to produce them.

Medicated soap used to be for the high class because it cost more than other soap for instance some medicated soap cost #400 while others cost less. You can produce for sale or for personal use. Medicated soap is used to kill gems in the body, remove rashes, smoothen the skin, remove acne and other skin disease. It can also be produced in liquid form apart from tablet.

Medicated soap
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Chemicals for producing Medicated Soap

  • Caustic Soda solution – 3 and 1/2
  • Sodium Silicate -1/2 litre
  • P. k. O. – 6 litres
  • Carbolic acid/Phenol – 1/4 litre
  • Fragrance -1/4
  • Colour – to taste

Procedures for producing medicated soap

(i) Pour your P.K.O into the mixer, add the colour and warm
(ii) Add the caustic soda solution and mix
(iii) Add the soda ash solution, sodium silicate and stir
(iv) Add your calcium carbonate after diluting with little quantity of water and mix
(v) Add your carbolic/phenol and stir
(vi) Add your fragrance and stir
(vii) Pour it into your mould and allow to stand for about 10 hours
(viii) Remove from mould and cut
(ix) Stamp and label for sale

Medicated soap
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You can see how simple and easy it is to produce medicated soap, it will come out the same way like any other medci you see in the market irrespective of the name.

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