How To Produce Soda Soap In Nigeria:Detailed Guide


Soda soap is very easy and quick to produce. The ingredients for production can be gotten from a chemical shop close to you. It is a traditional way of making soap but has been modified to bar soap.

In Akwa Ibom State it is one of the most commonly used soap. Many homes used it for washing kitchen utensils. But low income earners use it for every other thing such as; bathing, washing clothes etc.

Soda soap
soda soap

Ingredients for making soda soap

  • Oil (palm oil or P.K.O) – 6 litres
  •  Castic soda solution – 3 ½ litres
  •  Colour – to taste
  •  Fragrance (optional) – to taste

Procedures for making Soda Soap

(i) Measure oil: 6 litres of palm kernel oil and mix with 3 ½ litres of caustic soda solution, add other ingredients just as you desire and mix very well to smoothness. The caustic soda can be dissolved overnight for smooth appearance.

Note: If you are using palm oil, boil till the red foaming colour and substance disappear.
Then turn into your soap mould for your soap to form

Soda soap production
Soda soap


Soda soap is cheap and many people with low income patronizes it so much. This means there is market for it. Produce and sell to market traders, individuals and provision sellers at home.

People that produce this soap go to market very early to count for retailers. They count 13 for #500 so that retailers can gain #150. And you know Akwa Ibom has palm oil in large quantities, the type used is the second grade although some producers use third grade oil to produce soda soap but care must be taken because it may affect the process.

Why you should go into Soda Soap Making

  • It is easy and quick to produce
  • Very foamy
  • Cheap to produce
  • Attracts more buyers because of price
  • Anybody can produce, it doesn’t require qualification. With the steps in tjis post you can produce.


Soda soap is very easy and cheap to produce, if you want to go into soap making you can start with this. The profit in the business is very encouraging but overturn is the key.

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