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Body Cream Production In Nigeria: Detailed Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Body cream is a very important material not just for fashion but for the health of the skin. Although women are most involved in the use of cream, men likewise and children use them. In a nutshell body cream is used by everybody including day old. You can produce lotion for home use or make commercial body lotion, the processes are the same. What will distinguish your product from another person is the packaging. body cream production is highly competitive as such packaging matters. Tell me, for people that have class which product will the go for? Of course the well designed container the price not withstanding provided the content is good. Check products like Dove, Nivea etc.

You can carve a niche in your body cream business idea. There is a lady that is a big merchant in this business, she only mixed two ingredients together used it on her baby, rashes disappeared, used it on her body and her skin glow. People started asking her what cream she was using before you know it, they started paying her to produce for them. And before you will say Enibest, she became a big time producer of essential body cream.

Some people produce; face cream, hair cream, hand cream, natural body cream etc. Choose yours and focus on it. Body lotion like other chemical products such as, balm production, insecticide production is very easy to produce.home made body cream production, in nigeria

How Much is Required To Body Cream Production

The amount depends on how you want to start either small scale or large scale but with #30,000 you can start small. This is outside shop, one thing is that you can start at the comfort of your home. If you are among the people looking for work you can do from home, here is one.


I have written post on several chemicals you can quickly produce and package for sale or personal use. But have compiled them as an ebook with more than 40 products production you can learn and start producing for money.The price is only #3000 but I can give it out for #2000. Call or Whatsapp +2348155196689

Chemicals needed with measurement for 5 grams

  • Paraffin oil –        1 litre
  • Coconut oil –        250ml
  • Petroleum jelly – ½ kilo
  • Candle wax –      1/32kg
  • Shea butter –      ¼ kg
  • Glycerin –          125ml
  • Fragrance –       100ml

Materials Needed For Body Cream Production

  • Hand glove
  • Nose cover Pot
  • Stove
  • Stirring stick
  • Spoon
  • Water and soap

Procedures for Body Cream Production

(i) Place pot on a lightened stove and make sure it is well-dried up then
(ii) Pour in paraffin oil and coconut oil
(iii) Add candle wax, allow it to melt off, stir altogether
(iv) Add petroleum jelly. Stir as it melt off
(v) Add shea butter, after well melted drop from fire and immediately add your glycerin
(vi) Allow it to cold a bit then add fragrance. Stir as you add
(vii) Pack and label

Profit in Body Cream Production

It is very profitable, you can be sure of making 50% return on investment. Look for a good name to call your cream, make it moisturizing with good fragrance. Use unique and appealing packaging and you will make more profit.


You can produce and sell to your friends, colleagues, neighbours and family members. Like I said carve a niche, produce what people in your area loves, starting during harmattan season to produce cream for the season will be a good idea.

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  1. Comment:I really appreciate you be am one of the people who you helped by showing me how to make money by cream production thank you and please how do I make chocolate cupcakes

  2. I love your work. I am also an entrepreneur. I want you to send me materials on the production of vaslin and laundry soap. I will pay your cost. Thanks.


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