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How to start Car Delivery Business in Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Delivery business is gaining momentum and it keeps growing everyday, this is due to the advent of e-commerce business.  But there is still a gap, 9 out of 10 persons that want to venture into logistics business prefer bike delivery business. This is because it looks easy and less capital intensive as such people that have bulky loads are left to proffer solution for themselves. You can start car delivery business to help companies, market traders, factories, private individuals deliver their bulky items.

If you are already running a bike delivery business, you can add car to compliment the business. Just like any other delivery business idea, you have to write a car delivery business plan. Contact us for the plan if you need it.

Steps to start Car logistics business

Get a car

When starting car delivery business in Nigeria, it is very important you chose a car that is very strong and the fuel economical. Nissan Micra is one of those cars that is very good for Delivery business in Nigeria.

It is a strong car mostly used in Oyo State (Ibadan) and Ogun State for transportation (town service). Very strong, reliable and efficient car. Very economical in fuel consumption.
You can use 10 litres for about 5 days, the fuel consumption rate is the same with Keke. Their spare parts can be bought in Nigeria and are very cheap compared to others. Good for traffic navigation so it is typical for a busy city. It can maneuver due to it’s small size.

There are some places that are too dangerous for bike or they are not allowed to Operate at all. Also, Bike cannot carry bulky items, as such car is needed.

car delivery business
image from nairaland

Business name

Brand your car delivery business by choosing a unique name, easy to memorize and pronounce. Register with CAC so as to protect your business.

Get a shop

It is very important to get an office with a traceable address, it will give confidence to potential customers who want to do business with you.

Get permit or okay papers

You certainly need licence to start car delivery business. It is not far from that of bike delivery business. Approach ministry of transport in your location and get the necessary papers. Then go to VIO office for road worthiness and other papers.

The office should be spacious enough to accommodate items collected.


Advertise your business both offline and  online. Many people don’t want to travel. Time is important, we are living in a rush age, people wants to maximize time and will patronize a trusted logistics company.

Is delivery business profitable?

Yes, delivery business is profitable in Nigeria or anywhere else. Assuming you got delivery of #10,000 in a day, you will not spend more than #2,000. Meaning in a day you can pocket #8,000 and in a month #200,000

How much does it cost to start a car delivery company

The cost of setting up car delivery business depends on the type of car you wants to use. A Nissan Micra will cost you #1.2 million. Disclaimer, this price is not fixed and might have changed at the cause of writing this article. Cost of office also depends on your location.

Make a list of business contacts who might contract you

Write a business proposal letter and share it to traders, individuals, shop owners, business men and women etc.


There are many Delivery business opportunities in Nigeria
Home delivery business, food delivery business etc.


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