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How To Start Grinding Business(Pepper, Tomatoes, Grains)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Grinding business is among the kind of job people will refer to as ‘menial job’ because it appears to be very uninteresting (unattractive business) to involve in.

Some people think that it is not the kind of business that is worth the pain, I will not completely blame them because the noise of the machine alone is enough to put anybody off.

But wait a minute! Do you know that grinding business has changed from what it used to be to becoming a very lucrative business, especially now that people are in a hurry to get things done quickly?

How many people do you think will purchase a grinding machine for their personal use just because they will grind something once in a while?

Grinding business may not make you a millionaire but it can lead you to becoming a millionaire. How do I mean. Yes! I know of a young man who started grinding with a small grinder that uses hand to turn, he gathered money and bought the bigger grinding machine that can grind both wet and dry grains.

Before you know it he has expanded and added two more machines with 3 boys working for him. From this grinding business he got married, paid all that was required and opened a very big provision store for the wife one of the biggest in their neighbourhood.

Right now he is rearing rabbit and pigs you need to see the number of colony of pigs he is rearing and the grinding business? He is still very active in it; now tell me if he keeps to this overtime do you think he can become a millionaire your guess is as good as mine.


The grinding business I am referring to is the type that grinds tomatoes and pepper, beans, corn, guinea corn, soya beans, millets, cassava, etc. This business will continue to strive because population is increasing every day besides man must eat and some of the food will need grinding.

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Also businesses are unfolding every day, new innovations are in the pipeline as most agricultural products has to be processed into finished products for easy consumption and packaging.

The problems of farmers has over the years been that of foodstuff preservation and these foodstuffs has to be broken to pieces (smaller sizes) or grinded to powder.

Grinding Business in nigeria


Plantain flour business is attracting increased demand since people discovered it to be a better alternative to starchy flours. Those who are operating them in smaller scale needs grinding machine for the business and they can start by making use of operators in the business before purchasing their own.

Restaurant, mama put or bars, all need grinding services to grind tomatoes and pepper etc. for cooking.

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Pap business (akamu or ogi), many people are seriously embracing pap in place of custard because they believe that it is fresh and natural.  Others are soybeans, garri, foofoo etc.


It is self sustaining because it has the capability to provide good and reasonable income to sustain a family. Apart from the person I used as a case study my cousin is also into grinding but his own is palm kernel nut the whole village carry palm kernel to crack in his machine. He is single handedly sponsoring all his five children in school and he’s also running a poultry and piggery farm.

For socio-economic purposes, most people that has grinding business ends up employing two or more additional workers to ease the stress of work this in turn helps in reducing unemployment and over dependence on others.

It is a business that can be done passively. You can do grinding business as a side job while holding to your main job, business or occupation.

It is easy to start as it does not require certificate for a start. Anybody can operate the machine because it is easy to operate (not technical or complex).


It is profitable in the sense that once you purchase a good grinding machine you can continue to use it for years before replacing it sometimes up to 10 years (depending on the type and usuage). All you have to do is to keep servicing the machine and repair minor faults as well.

The major expenses you make is the one you used in purchasing the machine others are occasional servicing and fuel or diesel expenses if you deduct the expenses what is left is your profit.

Grinding of grains is every day thing, you must have at least one person come to grind in a day but in essence many people does.

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A small paint rubber of tomatoes is grinded for #200 and a basin of millet and other grains ranges between #800-#1,500 depending on the size and so on and so forth.

Assuming you have 3 persons for big basin of grains and imagine having 10 people a day for tomatoes, pepper, beans etc. That means in a day you can make #5,000 and above can you now see that there is money in grinding business. So what are you waiting for start one now!


It depends on the kind of machine you are going for and the number. On the average you can start the business with #50,000. A new grinding machine is very costly.

It could cost you from #80,000 and above to purchase one but you can check online stores such as Olx, Jiji and other online stores for fairly used ones to buy at a cheaper price.

You can pay a welder to build one for you, those ones are said to last longer according to someone who is experienced in the business.

Grinding business does not necessarily need a shop or building, an open space with a shed is enough to operate the business. You can create a space from where you are living and start up the business.


Everything business is about packaging, make sure you dig a hole where water from the grinding can flow into. Sweep and clean the ground whenever you finish grinding a set before new sets of people comes around.

Get a neat cloth you will be using to clean the body of the grinding machine and bowls that the grinded items splashed on. Be closer to a source of water keep a drum of it close to you if possible dig a well or borehole because grinding business requires a lot of water for a smooth operation.

Pour disinfectant around the grinding area to keep off flies from hovering or perching around.


Grinding machine (engine, funnel and generator), big bowls, drum or keg for water, neat pieces of cloth, broom, scooping bowl, a baton (stick) to press the grains down the funnel for easy grinding.

There are two types of grinding machine; the manual and the electric machines. The manual uses diesel or fuel while the electric machine uses electricity for grinding. The manual is cheaper than the electric.

Depending on the availability of light in your area you can buy electric machine or you buy the two if you can afford them. Many people prefer the manual to the electric because according to them, the electric can shock for safety reasons the stick to the manual.


Position your grinding business where there are no many competitors or operators of the business. Most people who are into grinding businesses do so as a result of necessity (not finding where to grind when they wanted to).

You don’t even need to print fliers or advertise although it can still help, grinding business is not hidden the sound of your machine will direct people to you.

Dedicate time to it especially if it is your means of livelihood after all many people are earning a living from it. Employ more hands if you cannot handle it alone better still put someone to run the business for you.


The main challenge is the machine breaking down while in operation and is very stressful to pack the grains out to fix the machine. The problem of light for those using electric grinder and that of fuel scarcity for those using manual and the amount used in purchasing diesel or fuel which reduces the profit made at that time.

Sometimes you will end up spending more than you thought.


Those who are running palm kernel grinding business are the big time money makers because the money they make out of it, if saved in a year can purchase a nice car.

Do not sit down and cry that there are no jobs sometimes the things you assume there’s no money in them may turn out to be the serving grace! If you are blessed you can empower people with this business.

How about your old folks in the village?  Get them busy by engaging them in this business so you wouldn’t have to spend more on hospital bill.

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  1. Thanks for the post.
    In an area where there is a constant supply of light, would it be better to use an electric mill?
    How can one get a welder-made mill?


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