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How to start Indomie Distribution in Nigeria (Indomie distributor)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Indomie is one the fasted food in the world. It is called fast food because its preparation is about five minutes. That is why bachelors, spinsters, students, children and some adults love it. The rate of consumption is high so also is the rate of demand. This has created an opportunity for people to become Indomie distributor and sub distributors in Nigeria. Indomie is a noodle that is consumed as snack (although it is not advisable) and as food. It is consumed like any other food, such as; rice, spaghetti, beans, yam etc.

There are many noodle companies in Nigeria, such as minimie noodles, etc. But Indomie brand is the most preferred because of the taste, name and awareness. Indomie seems to be the first noodles to be introduced into the Nigeria market space. Before any other brand came into the market they have already made a name. And have grown their customer base by sustaining quality apart from that they have continued to introduced new spices and sizes that endear customers to them. Their appealing packaging and advertisement has wowed so many people to their brand. These and many reason is why you should be glad to become Indomie distributor. I have observed over the years how Indomie noodle sells fast in provision stores,

How to start Indomie distribution

  • Approach Indomie company and fill distributorship form.
  • Source for capital
  • Secure a good location
  • Rent/build a warehouse (store)
  • purchase truck or van

Fill Distributorship Form

You have to go to the company, fill out the form that will be presented to you. The owners of Indomie noodles are Dufil Prima Foods PLC Their contact address is 44, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone number +2347000888888

Capital to become indomie distributor

The capital you need to become Indomie distributor is huge. You will need about 3 million to start up this business idea. Before you approach the Indomie noodle company you must identify your location. This is because not more than one Distributors are allowed at the same location. You can start as indomie sub-distributor until you are able to meet the requirements for a distributor.

How much do I need to become Indomie sub distributor. To be a sub distributor you can start with half a million.

While distributors get Indomie directly from Dufil Prima Foods PLC you as a sub distributor will be getting Indomie noodle from distributors.

Distributors are few in a state it can be one or three in a state while sub distributors are many.

indomie distribution, indomie distributor
image from nairaland


Although customers will find you wherever you are, it is advisable you get your store in a good location where you can be found easily and quickly. Use indomie banners, cartons and flex to decorate your shop and environs.


You need a large hall to stock up the Indomie noodles as a distributor. But for a sub distributor a large room will suffice. The warehouse has to be well sealed to avoid rats eating up the Indomie.


Get a van or truck to be loading the Indomie noodles to supply customers that order.

How Profitable is Indomie distribution

Let’s assume you are supplied 1000 cartons weekly and your profit is #100 per each carton
Let’s say expenses is #100,000
That means in a month you will make #300,000
If you ask me that is not bad. You can always add other fast selling products to the Indomie

As a sub distributor you can make 200k monthly after deducting expenses

Marketing as indomie distributor

Indomie wholesalers are your customer another of your customers are indomie business owners, retailers, food vendors. The price of noodles keeps increasing, indomie wholesale price in Nigeria price is something to consider.

indomie distribution, indomie business, indomie distributor
image nairaland


If you are looking for a good business to do become Indomie distributor or sub distributor because it is profitable.

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