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How to start Laptop/Computer Repair Business in Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Laptop/Computer repair business is very lucrative especially now that everything is going digital, laptop repair is a good business when you are in a good location such as; University, offices or cooperate business environment where computers are used. To succeed in the business you have to be very good at what you are doing to earn recommendation from clients. Look for a company to be repairing their spoilt laptop/computer this will make way for more companies to patronize you. From computer repairs you can upgrade to selling laptops and accessories.
Someone started as a computer repair technician and now has standard shops for laptop sales including the accessories.

Although some people are of the opinion that laptop repair is not cashing out as before anymore because smart phones are taking over. But this shouldn’t deter you from going into the business because if everyone decides not to venture into the business wouldn’t there be a gap? You can add other businesses to it, such as; printer repairs, inverter, ups, Photocopier repairs/maintenance, phone repair business.

It may surprise you to know many persons are still using laptop; children, mother, father etc. there are hardly no offices you won’t find computer or laptop. And these offices will require the services of a computer technician when there is fault. Multi-media companies that employ engineers are reducing staff strength to engage hired technician since repairs is not everyday. Banks have their own engineers for security reasons but who knows if tomorrow they will engage outside computer repairers.

computer repair business
image from nairaland

The Pros and Con of Laptop repair business

You have to know everything about computer repairs and maintenance so you don’t make mistakes. Computers are very fragile in the process of working on it you might mistakenly damage something and you have to replace it for the owner.

Once you are known to be a technician that knows his onions you will be sure of working for big organizations.

What to repair in Computer

  • Fixing of
  • motherboard
  • White screen display
  • Dim display
  • Plug in not charging
  • Charging percent showing 300% or 200% even when battery is not fully charged.
  • Some keys on the keyboard not working even after replacing with a new keyboard
  • Different laptop architecture, ranging from Hub architecture to SOC
  • Knowing the power sequence of 1st gen to 10th gen
  • Be able to read schematic diagram
  • How to use board view effectively
  • card level repair (part replacement and software)
  • chip level repair (working on motherboard)
  • HDD and CD

5 Steps to Set up Computer Repair Business

1. Location

Get a very good location because it will contribute to your success in the business. Choose a place close to; higher institutions, hotels, offices etc.

2. Capital

You need money to set up your laptop repair business. Shop, tools and accessories require some good capital. You can source the money from friends or family members.

3.. Training

Before you start there is need to get training from expert technician even if you are a computer engineering graduate there is still need to get first hand training from experienced hands.

4. Write a Business Plan

Every business needs a plan so write your computer repair business plan so you can follow up to run your business. It is something you should refer to often as the business progresses

5. Advertise

Advertise your hand work both offline and online to attract clients.

computer repair business
image from nairaland

How much does it Cost to start Laptop Repair Business

The amount will depend on the cost of acquiring a shop, equipment for the shop, cost of training, etc.

Equipment needed for Computer repair business

  • Table
  • Software
  • Generator
  • Accessories
  • Chairs
  • Laptop
  • Multi-tester
  • Cable Testers
  • ATX power supply tester
  • USB network adaptor
  • Post card

Is Computer Repair Business Profitable?

Laptop repairs is very profitable. This is because competition is not high and repairers charge good money. Formatting of laptop alone can cost as much as #5,000. In a day you can go home with not less than #10,000. There are days you may get a contract from Parastatals, hotel, business center to repair their spoilt laptop.


Computer Repair Business idea is a nice business idea to consider,. Start yours today.

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