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How To Start Phone Repair Business In Nigeria: Detailed Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

How do I start a phone repair business in Nigeria? If these is your question, then you are in the right place. The advent of Global System mobile (GSM), has brought a lot of opportunities, employment and economic benefits to many people all over the world and to Nigerians in particular. More than 70% of Nigerians are using phones and some people have more than one phone. This figure shows that is possible to work on 3-5 phones a day, because phones will need repairs anytime time, they are faulty. Apart from phone repairs, other opportunities that came with phone usage are phone sales, recharge card printing, phone charging, bulk SMS business, sale of phone accessories.

Steps needed to Start Phone Repair Business

Get Trained

It is very important to go for training, not just in any place but where you know the person or company can deliver. Shops that are always having repair work are likely place because the more engagement made the more knowledge one acquires. For you information you may not be thought everything at the training ground, you will discover how to do certain things as you start. If you go to a shop where the repair one phone or no phone in a day, then oyo for you. Phone repairs can be learned within a short time, it is not like sewing where you can spend a year or more for training. 2-3 months is okay, even within a week of your learning you can start repairing simple things.

You can stay in your house and learn phone repairs if you cannot afford to pay for physical training or there is no such place in your location. Here is some online site to get materials or watch how to repair, download repair manual from ifixit, watch YouTube. There are many hours to hours repair video on vlog

Get some Capital

Every business requires smartness, you can buy dead phones, repair and resale. Aside that, you need money for the purchase of equipment to use for the repairs. You also need money to pay for shop or space.

Get a space

Location is very important in phone repair business because it will determine how much work you do invariably the amount you make. A busy road, high commercial centre, some residential area, places where offices are concentrated, market, motor park, campus or a school environment (Tertiary) etc. approach phone store owner who doesn’t have phone repair and ask for a space to use for a fee.
It mustn’t necessarily be a shop, you can start under umbrella. Customers will still come but to get big time customer (people with class) you need a shop.

Tools Needed for Phone Repair

Soldering iron. Screwdriver, LCD tester. Battery booster. Diode-testing meter. Cleaning brush. Tweezers. Magnifying lamp. Adhesive tape, small generator. Magnet. Table. Laptop (for unlocking, downloading and downloading of some software. Suction Cup Pliers. Heat Gun or Hair dryer. Magnetic mat. Guitar picks.

Things to Repair in a phone

Software issues. Charging port. Fixing of new screen. Smart phone repairs. Replacing broken LCD. Changing of earpiece (speaker) Replacing the data port. Unlocking of phones. Replacing headset, jack flex cable. changing the Wi Fi Flex Cable Replacing of speakers. Changing of home button. Replacing of broken glass digitizer.

Profitability in Phone Repair Business

Phone repairs in very profitable. You could make as much as #10,000 even more, especially if you repaired a dead phone. How much does it cost to fix a phone or repair a cell phone screen? The charges for phone repair depend on the type for instance you cannot charge small touch light phone same amount with android. The charge for android screen replacement can cost #2,000 and can be #700 for a smaller phone.

Where to learn phone repair in Lagos

  • Knowlegeacademy. Retrox Nigeria Limited
  • Phone doctor service
  • Lucrative work in Nigeria

Check internet for their contacts.

Challenges of Phone Repair Business

Phone repair in nigeria, phone sales
Image from nairaland forum
  1. Phone parts are very fragile, a small mistake can damage the phone sometimes beyond repairs. People have been dragged to Police Station because of phone issues. I have seen someone who paid for phone that got damaged. The interesting thing is that the phones that get damaged mostly are the expensive ones. You have to be very careful with motherboard because it get spoilt and land you in trouble.
  2. Another challenge is theft. People can cluster around you and won’t know a phone is missing until the owner comes. Sometimes thieves break into shops and still people’s phone.
  3. Handling of difficult clients can also be an issue.
  4. Electricity fluctuation
  5. Repair tools are very expensive especially if you are doing chip level repairs
  6. Here are Business you can Add to mobile phone repairs
  7. Selling of phone accessories, selling of phones, you can import both accessories and fairly used phones from London for sale.


This is one of the most lucrative small-scale business in Nigeria since the introduction of Global System Mobile. To set up the business is very easy and you make money every day.

Mobile phone repair
image from a forum


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