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How to start Shoe Making Business in Nigeria: Detailed Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Do you know that most of the shoes we wear in Nigeria are imported?  Meanwhile, we have all it takes to export shoes to other countries because we have people who have clear cut business idea on this line.. The interesting thing is that some of these imported shoes are produced by Nigerians in foreign lands. When asked why, ‘they said; most Nigerians prefer shoes that are imported to the locally manufactured ones’, the believe is that they are stronger and more durable. Oftentimes you hear aba made, if you bought shoes and it got spoilt quickly, it will be said to be Aba made, but some imported shoes get spoilt quickly as well. I have gotten so many UK shoes that only lasted few months. Shoe making business in Nigeria is profitable.

And i have also bought locally manufactured shoes that has lasted for years. After clothing shoes are the second most sought after fashion. Nobody wants to wear shoes that is saying, ‘I swear to God’ everybody wants to look good from head to toe. The demand for shoes is high even as population is growing and with the ban on the importation of this product there is need for entrepreneurs to consider shoe making business. Shoes are footwear worn for different purposes; for fashion, for protection of the feet, for sports etc.

You can start a small scale shoe manufacturing business at home. Don’t think the business is only for the big names, you can create your name and make it big with the kind of shoes you manufacture. It is very important to consider what your competitors are doing because the competition is stiff; their prices and quality. Also, know what stuff appeal to your target market.

Steps to start Shoes Making Business

  • Chose a niche
  • Capital
  • Get trained
  • Write Business Plan
  • Get a shop
  • Purchase equipment
  • Register your Shoe Business
  • Produce Quality Shoes
  • Advertise

Choose a niche

When you want to start shoe making business important to know what shoe will appeal your customers, the brand and prices your competitors are offering. There are many different types of shoes, you may have to choose which to go for and create a brand around it. We have; sandals, cover shoes, slippers, canvas, boot, leather shoes, rubber shoes etc, Also identify, whether you will be better with, female, male or children shoes. Go for the one you have interest in and can conveniently produced without too much stress. Your choice should be based on your target market.


Yon need money to start shoe making business, the money you need depends on the niche you are going for and the type of equipment you need.

Get Trained

Locate a good shoe company or individual that is very good in shoe making for your training. I know there are many videos on shoe making on YouTube but this is not enough because there are certain things you may need on ground training. Who you train from matters so be sure it a place where quality materials are produced. If you want to be manufacturing sandals go to a company that produce sandals not the one that is focusing on slippers, it doesn’t work that way. Learn how to design, trendy, fashionable and current designs that are for today’s market. In Nigeria, you will see big shoe company’s to learn or do apprenticeship with in Aba, the training may take 6 months.

 Purchase Equipment

There are necessary equipment which you cannot do without in shoe production. Below are a list of the equipment you need. Good enough these equipment can be bought in locally.

  • Sewing machine
  • Punches
  • Thread
  • Knife
  • Sand paper
  • Filing machine
  • Papers
  • Gum
  • Shoe former
  • Leather
  • Scissors
  • Shoe mold
  • hammer
  • generator

 Write a Business Plan

There is need to write shoe making business plan in other to succeed in the business, this will serve as a blue print to the business.

Get a Shop

You can start shoe making business at home or rent a shop. Location matters a lot to any business; it should be a place you can easily be located. Your target shouldn’t be only individuals let it include retailers, hawkers, bulk shoe sellers, wholesalers etc.

Register with CAC

You need a business name if you want to create a brand. Choose appealing and easy to pronounce name. learn from branded companies like; Clarke, Next, Michael Kor ETC.

shoe making business,footwear
image nairaland

Produce quality shoes

You will attract customers continuously when you produce quality shoes. Before now customers resent aba made shoes. But not any more as they now manufacture quality shoes in fact you may find it difficult to identify which one is aba made and the imported ones because of the upgrade. That Italian shoes you bought in the market may be aba made you never can tell. The quality of your footwear should be comparable to those produced in UK and America.

Packaging in shoe making business

Don’t take this for granted because it can mar or make your business. Every business we do in Nigeria is done in the western world the only difference is packaging. Many entrepreneurs are beginning to understand this at such many businesses are receiving a face lift. Enter a business deal with carton producing company so they can be supplying you with neat fashionable packaging small cartons. Make sure you stamp your brand name on the shoes and on the carton.

Profit in shoe making business

It is profitable. Assuming you used #1,000 to produce one pair of shoes and you sell that shoes for #3,000 is that not a good profit?. You gain more when you mass produced. So, set up your shoe manufacturing company, you can do that from the comfort of your home. Somebody quit his banking job to shoe making, what does that tell you? Nkiru Emordi is a female cobbler that is making waves as a shoe maker.

shoe making business in Nigeria
image from nairaland


Advertise on all social media platform, radio, television etc. visit schools if you are producing what their pupils are wearing and offer discount prices so they can patronize you.


Shoe making business is profitable, you are bound to succeed in the business because many people are beginning to patronize made in Nigeria goods. Footwear are important accessories that compliment ones outfit. Everyone needs shoe at one time or another for different purposes such as shoes for; work, marriage, coronation, sport competition, fashion show, school, formal and informal events etc. It is a good business idea, learn the skill.

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