How To Start The Business Of Producing Face Mask


It is no longer news that face mask has become a protective device against infectious diseases. As such making a DIY face mask has become a fast growing Industry. Due to the increasing number of covik 19 patients and its fast spreading tendencies. Some state Governors have taken it upon themselves to empower their citizens to mass produce face cover as a preventive measure against further spread. Some of those Governors are Cross River State Governor, Ogun State etc. However, it is not every state that is producing face masks for the people of their states, As such there is therefore opportunity to start producing them for sale. Because as it stands we are going make wearing of face masks a part of us until things return back to how it used to be.\

Producing face masks

Why you should start the Business of producing Face Mark

Nigeria population is about 200 million plus and definitely, making of face mask will not be the responsibility of the Governors alone, individuals will have to show commitment. Not all states are producing face masks even the states that are producing have not produced enough quantity to accommodate all their citizens due to large population.

Many people will not want to have only one face mark and I’m not sure the Government will give more than one that means people will have to buy their own personal face mask as many as they want for themselves and family members.

Some people are already adding swag and fashion to wearing of face masks, people are wearing face masks that are made from the same fabric they are wearing at a particular time while others wear to match (the colour that matches either their bag, shoes or tops). You can check out Governor Alade’s latest outfits, you will his swag with his face mask trends.

This is where the business of producing face masks have just started for you because very soon fashionistas will want to outdo each other on who wear it best. Apart from the competition, they will also be copying what someone else wore.

Another big reason to start producing face mask for sale is because very soon it will be compulsory for everybody to wear it before going out. Some State Governors are already enforcing this, example is Governor Ayade of Cross River State and Ebonyi, Ogun State and Abuja have even joined in the no mask no going out.

Producing Face masks

Ankara Face Mask

People are using different fabrics to produce face marks and they are acceptable for use. Sone people are of the opinion that fabric made face masks can help in stopping the spread of corona virus. Ankara made face mask can help protect you in places like; market, pharmacy, super market or grocery stores espccially where it is difficult to keep six-foo distance from others.

Why You should Wear Face Mark

It is advisable everybody wear face mark because people who don’t show sign can still spread the virus. It may be discomforting at the start never stop keep wearing so we can break the chain of spreading the virus.

Homemade Face Mask

It is very easy to make homemade face mask for personal use. Although we are told that face mask can be washed and reuse you can still learn how to make the homemade face mask in case you can’t afford buying for yourself and every memeber of your family. Watch this video to see how you can make homemade face mark.

Material to Use in Producing Reusable Face Mask

The best material or fabric for homemade face mark or for sale is tightly woven, 100% cotton example bedsheet, and curtain that are made from completely from cotton. Different countries have the kind of cloth they use in producing face mask just like Nigeria is using Ankara, Japan made a bra-like kind of face mask. Materials like Jersy and T-shirt are not good for face mask because they can create holes when stretched which can allow virus to pass through.

Producing face mask

How to Wash Re-usable Face Mask

To re-use your face mask, wash it with hot water to kill any germs inside it and to also shrink the material so it doesn’t change shape. Iron when dry to kill any remaining germ before using it.


After producing face mask, advertise it online using all the social media platform. Good Samaritans are buying in bulk to distribute for people who cannot afford it especially the vulnerable in the society.

Reduce the price of your face mask in other to attract increase buying. We bought from someone who was selling her own #200 per one, that’s reasonable if you ask me. There is profit in the business of producing face masks. Assuming you bought material 1k including miscellaneous and produce 10 pieces of face masks with #200 price tag then you will make about 1k after removing expenses. So face mask production is profitable. Start your now that it is hot.


We have factory in Aba and Lagos producing face masks, very soon a policy for the use of facemasks will be out. Some people are asymptomatic or presymtomatic on infection when they wear face mask will help in not spreading the infection. Wearing of face mask should be done along side maintaining social distance, use of hand sanizer and washing of hands.

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