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How To Start Ice Cream Production Business In Nigeria Complete Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Ice cream production business is a booming business especially now that the weather is becoming very hot raining season not withstanding.

The business is still yet to be tapped into by many. This is because people view it to be a business that can be started with millions of Naira. Many also assume that the equipments to do this business aren’t available in Nigeria.

Personally, I wouldn’t have given a serious thought on ice cream business; until a friend of mine who is a lecturer in one of the higher institutions here in Nigeria told me she wants to start the business. I decided to do a run down check on it and discovered that it is a worthy venture to embrace.

The most likely place you are sure to buy ice cream in Nigeria is in fast food joints such as Mr Biggs, Capitol, Chicken Republic and the likes. Plus few other outlets such as Chocolate Royal. In this post you will learn how to produce ice cream with and without machines.


You need constant light to keep the ice cream frozen or semi-frozen all the time. As we all know we are yet to attain that feat in our country.

The next option is power, this will chop deep into the profit and may extend to the capital.
The solution to this most especially for small starters is to produce in batches little by little when you exhaust the first batch you mix another one. Since you may not be able to run your generator 24 hours to them frozen.


Some machines dispense 15 cups of ice cream with one nozzle and then rest for 10 minutes before continuing. There is another type that has two nozzles for 2 flavours that can dispense 15 cups for each nozzle, totalling 30 cups before resting for 5 minutes.
It is now left for you to consider the number of customers you will be expecting to know which to buy.

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However, each of them comes with different prices. Two nozzles are about 3m, while 1 nozzle is about 1 million Naira. You can go for fairly use if you don’t have enough money to purchase a brand new ice cream machine. Fairly use of 2 nozzles can be purchased for about one million Naira while 1 nozzle can go for half a million.


  • Diary products (condensed milk), you can use fresh dairy products.
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Flavour
  • Additives
  • Eggs for flavour

Additives acts as stabilizer and emulsifier, the common flavours use are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate. You can mix flavours to come up with something unique. Air is added to ice cream to help in its flavour absorbent.

Lack of air will make ice cream to be heavy, soft and watery. Too much of it will make it to appear dry and white. Federal Government allows 100% air in ice-cream volume. But try to keep your own between 20%-50%.
Also, The Regulation of Federal Government allows 10% butterfat for any packaged ice cream. If you want to learn condensed milk preparation click here.


Ice cream production can be done in different varieties example strawberry, chocolate, sandwiches etc.


Blend egg additives, sugar and refrigerated milk together for 10 minutes. This is done in other to mix both the liquid and dry ingredients together.
Pour the mixture into pasteurization machine.
Fats are broken down here and are stopped from separating from the mixture. Ice cream is pasteurize for 30 minutes in a temperature of 68.3°C (155°C).

The mixture is blended again and pump into a vat where the flavour is added and blended very well. It is homogenized to decrease milk, fat, to make it smoother and creamier before sending it to the freezer.

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Age mix at 5°C over night for it to cool down before freezing. This will improve the properties of the ice cream mixture (whipping).
Put the mixture in the freezer and inject air into it. When air is added it is called overrun. It helps in the lightness and denseness of the ice cream.
Bring it out and add natural flavours into it if you are using them. This include fruits, nuts, candies etc. They are added after freezing so as not to interfere with the smoothing process. It will help them to stay whole. Cool/freeze it at a temperature of -25°C.



  • Whisker or stirring rod (anything that is good enough for turning (whisking) the mixture)
  • Spoon
  • Bowls (big and small)
  • Pot
  • Freezer


  • 5 scoops of vanilla (full)
  • Fresh milk 500ml
  • Whipping cream 250ml
  • 6 Eggs (but only the yolk will be used).
  • Sugar 60g
  • 1 vanilla pod or 2 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • This ones are optional
  • Honey
  • Caramel
  • Fruits

Make sure you have some ice cubes ready before you start the production. This is what you will use in cooling the ice cream, 40 cubes is just fine. In case you are using the vanilla pod, slice it open to expose the seeds


Pour the milk and the whipping cream into a big pot that can take all the mixture.

Add vanilla extract or vanilla pod (use everything both the seeds and fibre) into the mixture and place it on fire with medium heat.

Whisk the egg yolk very well.
Reduce the fire and remove the vanilla seeds and fibre if you did use it, immediately the mixture starts boiling.

The heat reduction will make the foaming milk to drop quickly add the sugar and egg yolk that you mixed. Stir it very well. Increase the heat at this point and continue to stir until the mixture thickens.

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Put the ice block into the big bowl and add water into it. Pour the ice cream mixture inside the smaller bowl and place it on the bigger one with blocks.

Use stirring rod to vigorously stir the contents until it is completely cool.

Put the ice cream together with the bowl in the refrigerator. After 30 minutes bring it out and stir.

Put it in the refrigerator again. After one and half hours you bring it out and stir for some times. Keep doing this until a solid cream is formed. This may happened within the range of 4-5 hours.

Add either caramel, honey or fruits to the ice cream and serve. Any remaining cream to be consumed should be taken back to the refrigerator to be frozen and preserved.


Vanilla is only used in this case, other flavours will follow the same procedure. The ingredients used can be found in a cake store or in big malls and shops.


Look for a very busy area and open an outlet. Places where young people high population is preferable especially school environment.

You can add snacks business to it for variety such meat pie, doughnuts or any other snacks. Make your shop to be very neat, appealing and irresistible. Use fancy furnitures and correct paintings. Click here to learn how to produce samosa.

If you have mobility or if you can afford one, employ 2 persons to run mobile ice cream shop for you.

Go to functions such as children’s day, workers day, democracy day celebrations etc. Produce and sell.

Package your ice cream in different rubber plates or cups of different sizes and supply to supermarkets etc.

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When you succeed in making a name, wealthy people in the society will be hiring you to produce for their occasions such as marriage ceremonies, birthdays etc.


  • it is very easy to produce.
  • The business records higher profits.
  • It is high in demand
  • people are not many who are in the business
  • Activities that requires such service are on the increase everyday.
  • The ingredients for their production can be sourced locally. Machines for their production are now produced locally.


You can make more than 50% turn over on investments. Some people make from 100% and above. It all depends on your location and class.

Chunk materials are processed into watering substances, frozen and sold for big monies. How much is a plate of ice cream sold in Mr. Biggs?

The higher the purchase, the higher the profits. You are sure to make more money on weekends. Because of dates, hang outs etc.

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