Opportunities For Investment In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

opportunity of investing in akwa ibom state

Nigeria is indeed blessed with many natural resources, there is no state without these abundances. Akwa Ibom State is richly blessed with so many natural resources that requires the attention of investors. As it stands Akwa Ibom is second to Lagos in terms of Foreign Direct investments. So investment in Akwa Ibom State is a bankable opportunity.

Little wonder so many foreign investors are coming from different parts of the globe to invest in the state. Of recent there are about 5 industries that has been established running on a full scale, attracting patronisers from all over the World.

These Industries are:

Many Industries are in the pipeline that is why we are calling on investors in Nigeria, Africa and Foreigners to make use of this opportunity and establish their Investment in Akwa Ibom State.


The Government of the state has reduced the cost of doing business by laying strong economy and infrastructural foundations. The State is one of the most peaceful, environment is safe from hazard, security of investment and people is in place. Akwa Ibom people are very loving and accommodating. Of interest is the fact that they love visitors to a fault.

Ibom power plant built-in Ikot Abasi Local Government Area has been increased from 190mw to 685mw. This will single-handedly take care of all companies as the power will be directly connected to the different companies.

Akwa Ibom Government policies are investment friendly. What drives investors away from investing in a particular place are stiff and frightening policies. But in this State the Government is very flexible and willing to satisfy investors in the area of their concern.

The State is blessed with infrastructures such as Five Star Hotels, Standard Hospitals, World Class Stadium, International Airport, Seaport, Good Roads, e-library, Oil and Gas Industry, Tourism, Agriculture etc.

The biggest crayfish market is in Oron Akwa Ibom State people come from all over Nigeria and neighbouring countries to do business in this market.



One of the things that boost many countries economy especially Africa is Agriculture. Akwa Ibom has so much potentials in this area. She is blessed with fertile land that supports many agricultural products. You can come in an establish:


Cocoa plantation and its value added companies. We need chocolate companies for the already cultivated cocoa so that we won’t have to sell the raw materials which will not bring in the same amount when processed. I stand to be corrected we have only a few of this companies centered in same location Lagos and Ogun. There’s need to establish one or more in Akwa Ibom to serve people in that area and beyond. Aba, Abia State which is one of the biggest market in Nigeria where buyers go to do huge buying is close to Akwa Ibom. And will serve as a major supply centre.

Having the raw materials will indeed make production possible, easy and reduced cost. Beverage companies will be a sure thing because almost every home make use of this product. We need the kind of Milo and Bourvita Companies that can compete with these products.


The economy of Indonesia and Malaysia relay so much on oil palm farming/business. Meanwhile the learnt the farming from Nigeria. Akwa Ibom palm oil is the best so far in Nigeria that is why so many businessmen and women from African Countries and other parts of the world come to the State to buy.

Nigerians that export this product to our brothers and sisters residing outside the country particularly request for Akwa Ibom red palm oil. The more reason investors will succeed in this area.

Another important thing is adding value to this product that will birth many other industries such as vegetable oil, red palm oil, soap manufacturing, raffia, (broom, basket, hat etc).

The list goes on and on. So many investors from countries like China, Germany etc have started and more are negotiating. It will be a worthwhile venture to look on this area. We are looking forward to your coming, you will be happy you did.


Ikot Ekpene Local Government area is well-known for raffia manufacturing that is why it is called raffia city. But to give a face lift to this, investors should come in and harness this wonderful trade (carving, molding, weaving etc). Foreigners appreciate this artifice very well. The supply will cover everywhere in the world. Film makers and producers will particularly be interested in this.


Akwa Ibom land is good for rubber farming, we need investors that will cultivate this plant. And also establish a rubber company especially that of tyre. The only tyre company Michelin that was established in Port Harcourt vacated. Bringing down this company to Akwa Ibom will serve the whole of Nigeria and beyond.

Other products are; yam, rice, cassava, maize, citrus, coconut banana family etc.



Entrepreneurs are welcomed to carry out investment in Akwa Ibom State in regards to this area. The State is the highest producers of oil for now in Nigeria. There are many subsidiaries to establish with this product. We need investors that will build a standard refinery in the state. Nigeria as a country still purchases fuel from other counties.

Establishing it where raw material is available will give added advantage. This will generate more money as it will serve the whole of Nigeria and for export to other African countries and other parts of the world.


Investors are welcome to take over Oku Iboku Paper Mill which has long become marabout it will spare the nation the stress and money used in importing this materials.


Aluminium is used immensely at home, offices, building etc. We are looking for investors to revamp the abandoned aluminium smelting company in Ikot Abasi Local Government Area.


Investing in Akwa Ibom State is getting hotter and it is the best thing any investor can do. Everything has been put in place to make the investment thrive. C

I will like to say amedio as you come down.

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