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Kanda/Kpomo business in Nigeria(Complete Guide)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Kanda/kpomo business is a very lucrative business. Some persons who are into this business are living large because of the huge amount of profit associated with it. Whether it is sold in kanda form (dry skin or salted skin) or as kpomo the gains in both are highly commendable.

Kpomo is a special delicacy in Nigeria that is eaten by many from the south to the north, east and the west. The rich, the poor, adult, children and the youths eats it. In fact poor homes used kpomo to cook in place of red meat. It is commonly eaten by the Yoruba’s. The taste and the feelings gotten while eating kpomo is something to desire as you will want to eat it again and again.Kanda Kpomo business in nigeria Eni best


Sometimes ago (2014), Vanguard reported that the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina has called for a stronger check on the consumption of kpomo.

His reasons were; so that farmers can be able to make bigger profit because they would turn the hides and skin into leather. He also said that the satisfactory level of production achieved in the poultry and swine segments will soon by stretch to reach other commodities such as beef, dairy, micro livestock and animal by products such as leather, bones, hides and skin.

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There has been an outcry by some persons especially the health institutions (medical expert) that the consumption of kpomo is unhealthy. They condemned the claim that eating of kpomo by the elderly is good as they cannot eat red meat.

According to them animal skin has not yet been medically proven to have nutritional value. They believe that it is actually unhealthy to eat kpomo.

Others argued that kpomo itself does not cause any harm to the body but the manner at which they are processed or preserved. Some sellers use harmful chemicals to preserve them. While some uses tyre to burn them. But all things being equal if proper hygienic conditions are carried out then kpomo should be an interesting delicacy to consume. Even with the huge cry many people are still consuming kpomo in fact in 2014 when there was a rumour that the Federal Government of Nigeria was going to ban the consumption of kpomo so many people were angry at such intentions


Kpomo can be very nice when prepared with African Salad, pepper kpomo or for pottage foods. In the southern part of Nigeria Akwa Ibom/Cross River States almost every home uses kpomo to cook soup. In fact your soap is not complete without kpomo especially if you are cooking afang or edikang ikong soup. People prefer kpomo for diverse reasons:

Age-wise: most elderly people prefers kpomo because of health, they say beef is not healthy for them.

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Income: others prefer it because of their low income such that kpomo becomes an alternative to red meat.

Taste: still others eat it because of the taste and feeling when eaten.

Business: people buy kpomo or kanda for business purposes as wholesalers or retailers.


Kpomo is a diet rich in fibre which helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels as it slows down the rate of glucose absorption into the body. It also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels, which helps in reducing the risk of heart disease contrary to the opinion that it does not give or add anything to the body.Kanda-kpomo businessIt helps in the digestion process but it should be supplemented with other nutrients while using them for cooking since their nutrient is small.

Cow skin is very high in collagen a protein which is good in holding bones and skin tissue in place.


Kanda is high in demand. Check those who are dealing on kpomo business the hardly carry them back home, there is always market for it.

Kpomo business is very profitable you can be making between #2,000-#3,000 from one piece assuming you are selling 100 pieces every week do the mathematics and thank me later. It can be more than that depending on the season and location.

It provides employment. The job that is in kanda business requires people (workers) at every point in time, ranging from the loaders, drivers, roasters, sellers etc.


Like I always say, it depends on the amount at your disposal but #100,000 can start kanda business in smaller scale while as low as #10,000 can start the kpomo business. Kanda are filled with 3 pieces or 2 pieces depending on the size in a bag. The same size are put together and sold accordingly. Size 9 goes for #9,000 while size 5 goes for #5,000. I will advice you go for the bigger size because it moves market the more. Depending on your location, transportation is #1,000 for a piece. They are mostly carried by trucks.


The fresh ones are usually wrapped with much salt though medically it is not advisable so use a little salt  on the fresh kanda, transport them immediately after purchase and sell them off once they land at your location. Apart from medical reasons too much salt on the kanda will break or pieces the kpomo. The dealers have already dried ones which where dried under sun, those ones can last until you are ready to use them.

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For the people dealing on kpomo, burn the kanda immediately you purchase them. If they are properly burnt, they can stay for more than a month, you can only soak them in water when you are ready to sell them if not properly burnt kanda will rotten and maggots will feed on them.. Note once water touches the roasted kanda you just have to make use of them if not they will spoil.


Wash off the salt with water and soak the kanda inside a bowl of water for the remaining salt to go off over night (24hrs). Remove it from the water and dry for water to drain or evaporate, use knife to reduce the piece to 3-5 other pieces. Set your firewood in a tripod stand and place an iron gauge on it. Make the fire to be high because kanda requires much heat for the hair on the skin to burn and for it to be well cooked. Turn the kanda from side to side while burning so fire can touch everywhere and do not allow it for too long so it does not burnt too much.

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Firewood, water, bowls, sticks for turning the kanda to different sides, tripod stand and wire gage. Others are knife, iron sponge etc.


After burning the kanda, do not soak them immediately; allow them to get cold maybe between 4-5hrs before soaking them in water for two days this is to allow them to completely soak in water for it to be soft and big.

The longer you soak them the bigger they become. Wash them with ordinary sponge gently so as not to break the kpomo then cut them to your desire sizes. You can only use iron sponge if the kpomo is strong.

If you did not finish selling them the same day then put them in ordinary clean water nothing will happen to it but for long preservation take them to cool room or put them inside refrigerator after wrapping them with nylon bag or placing them inside a bowl that has cover.


You can sell them at anytime of the day but the best time is very early in the morning from 5a.m when restaurants, hotels, bars and retailers will come to buy in volume for the days use. Within 1-2hrs you are already on your way home.


They are mostly sold in the northern part of the country especially in Kano and Adamawa states. The dealers in Admawa sometimes purchases them from Cameroon while those in Kano purchases theirs from Niger.

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Locate restaurants, hotels, institutions and individuals to sell for. Join association of kanda sellers so you can sell where others are selling as they don’t allow non members to sell with them.

Supply to individuals or market women after meeting them for negotiations. Reduce your price from what others are selling so as to buy the acceptance of buyers. Always make them available to buyers so they don’t run short of it.

Advertise your kpomo business both online and offline.


Trucks breaking down on the way sometimes more than a week causes delay in the business. Capital to go into kpomo business in a large scale is also a major challenge.


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  1. Hello, thanks for the guide,really appreciate. Please do u know where I can purchase this pomo,especially the white ones at a very cheap rate in the west here? Thanks pls contact me on 08032490948

  2. Thanks. That’s wonderful. But I have a question still. I sell the soft pomo. My challenge is how to preserve it at least for 4-5days so that I can sell it. Thanks.

  3. Please house, I actually want to start this business by buying the skin and processing it for bulk sales.I already know the process but off my head is how to prevent the smell so I don’t disturb People in my area.Any idea or suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks allf

  4. Pls just want to start this Ponmo business and am having 10,000 hope it will go along way and how am i going to get it in bulk at a cheaper rate thanks i stays at Lagos.

  5. Thank you so much for this piece. I want to be a kpomo dealer. Please I need a contact. I am in Lagos.

  6. Tnx for this piece. Pls do u know where I can get it in bags at a cheaper rate within south south or south east? I want to venture into the business big time.

    • Hello ma,mrs Eno Johnson,pls I will like to have a good contact with you ma,as I’m a distributor of ponmo ijebu and white fried ponmo and I need more sales rep,i promise a reasonable discount… I’m not a scammer,you can check my profile on Facebook which is: Opeyemi Awoyoola Val… my call/WhatsApp no:08062939074…I’m looking for a way to boost my sales more,thats why im here ma,my long-term goal is to start my own ponmo factory..but I’m yet to start that,all I’m doing now is distributing to wholesalers and retailers.. Thanks.

    • Hello @Ruth I am trying to prevent people from entering trap, you are opening your eyes to enter one. Did you read my post to the end or you have money to throw around?

    • A bag contains 1,200pieces and price depends on the seller…

      Don’t fall prey for people selling 2,350pieces for 30,000naira…
      Its pure scam…

      I hope this helps.

  7. Thanks a bunch for this piece. Please I would like to know the process involved in preparing ponmo if gotten in large scale from the north or is it already prepared?

  8. Can I venture into dried kponmo business while staying in the school hostel
    ?and what’s the difference between ijebu kponmo and dried white kponmo?


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