How To Start Liquid Soap Production Business In Nigeria

Liquid Soap production

Liquid soap production is a good thing to venture into whether for business or for personal use. In this post I will be focusing on how you can produce it for business which is also applicable for those who wants to make it for home use.

Liquid soap as the name implies is a soap in liquid form, a cleaning agent which is mostly used as a multipurpose cleanser. This means it can be used for; washing plates, clothes, tiles, cars etc. It has the properties of emulsifying oils and hold dirt in suspension.

It can also be called liquid detergent and share the same properties with solid detergents such as O-mo, sun-light, A-riel etc. A detergent is believed to possess the surface active agents, important ingredients and supplementary ingredients. The surface active agent is the number one needed ingredient in detergent.

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Everything about liquid soap production is in this post.


  • The production is very simple and straight forward
  • You can start the business with little capital as low as #5,000 you are good to go.
  • It can be done at the comfort of your home
  • The business proffer good profits
  • It has increase demand because of the high level of patronage it enjoys
  • The chemicals can be bought locally from chemical shops around us.


  • Sulphonic acid…………. 1 litre
  • Caustic soda………………1/3 tin milk cup
  • Soda ash…………………….1/2 tin milk cup
  • Nitrosol……………………….1 tin milk cup
  • Texapon………………………5-6 teaspoonful
  • SLS……………………………..5-6 teaspoonful
  • STTP……………………………5-6 teaspoon
  • Perfume………………………as desired
  • Formalin………………………..5-6 teaspoon (optional)
  • Colorant………………………….as desired
  • Water……………………………..19 litres


  • Containers (plastic bottles)
  • Hand gloves
  • Nose mask
  • Stirring rod
  • Bowls
  • Tablespoons
  • Measuring cup
  • Plastics for packaging
  • Label


  1. Make sure you soak the soda first before preparing other things. Dissolve the caustic soda with 1 litre of water and allow to stay for 30 minutes and above to ferment. You can soak it overnight it would make the soap to glitter.
  2. Do same to soda ash, dissolve it in water for 30minutes or 1hour and above with 1 litre of water.
  3. Turn the sulphonic acid inside a big bowl, add texapon and perfume into it. Turn about 3 or 4 litres of water and stir vigorously for 10 minutes
  4. Dissolve STTP ( sodium tripolyphophate sulphate) with 2 tin of milk cup water in a small bowl and stir
  5. Also dissolve SLS (sodium laurate sulphate) in a separate bowl with 2 tin of milk cup of water as well and stir.
  6. In a bigger bowl that can contain all the mixture turn nitrosol into it. And dissolve with 4 to 5 litres of water. You can use antiso in place of nitrosol. It performs the same function but you have to soak it two days before you commence the liquid soap production.
  7. Pour the dissolved sulphonic acid, texapon and perfume into the dissolved nitrosol or antisol and stir vigorously
  8. Add the dissolved caustic soda into the mixture and stir
  9. Pour the dissolved soda ash into the content and stir properly
  10. Add the already dissolved STTP and stir carefully
  11. Turn the dissolved SLS into the mixture and stir very well
  12. Add 5 teaspoonful of formalin and stir
  13. Finally dissolve the colour in water and add it to the mixture. But make sure the colour is completely dissolved because if it is not it would show patches of the colour in some sides. Meaning the colour will not blend together (be in uniform). This is not ideal especially for someone who is doing liquid soap production for business.
  14. If the final solution is too thick add some quantity of water to the solution . Leave the solution for some hours until the foamy nature dissolves or you leave it overnight.

Hurray! Package your liquid soap for sale or for use.

Liquid Soap production


The difference between antisol and nitrosol is that the former can only be used after soaking and dissolving in water for 2 days. While the latter is used instantly. If you soak nitrosol even for few minutes you will not like the outcome because it would become so thick such that if you dissolve it again even with plenty water it will contain some molds. Some people sometimes dilute nitrosol with water and used it as gum.


This is a business that is well dominated by 2 companies. People have used their products and have come to like them because they are good. To break even into liquid soap business, it will require perseverance, serious calculation and good marketing strategy

Start by producing for your neighbours, friends, colleagues and family members. In other not to be disturbed by NAFDAC produce in small-scale and package them in reused water bottle. Take it to restaurants, Schools with hostels, markets, hotels etc.

If you are going into large-scale production you must get NAFDAC certification before you start selling in the market and everywhere.

Advertise your product using both online and offline portals. Reduce your prices in other to get the favour of buyers. Use a name that is very unique, simple to pronounce and memorable. Make the liquid detergent a little more foamy and thicker than the ones that are already in the market, this way you will be able to penetrate the market and become known.


  1. Caustic soda is used as a base during soap production. It is also a stain remover.
  2. Soda ash it is a neutralizer and builder. It is a surfactant.
  3. Sulphonic acid is an organic acid very important for the production of liquid soap it neutralizes the basic effect of sodium and caustic soda. It is used as a foaming agent.
  4. SLS is a foam booster
  5. Nitrosol or antisol is a thickening agent
  6. Formalin is used mainly for the preservation of the liquid soap so that it will not become watery nor lose its foaming properties with time.
  7. STTP it helps in softening the water used, suspend oil and it’s equally used as anti-spotting agent.It makes sure the liquid soap is stabilized and a good builder.


There have been an argument as to how safe is formalin in the production of soap that could be used for kitchen dishes;.

Others are of the opinion that it is not safe for the body due to health issues that may arise, while some are of the opinion that it is okay since its usage is infinitesimal. But there are other preservatives to use which are not harmful. They are;

  • Citric acid
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Cocamide
  • Boax etc.

If you are using sulphonic acid up to 1 litre you don’t have to add any foam booster again.

The colour to use should be water-soluble.


Use unique and strong containers to package your liquid soap. If you go to big chemical shops you will see different containers to pick from. Or big markets such as Aba, Lagos etc.

print your labels, use good colour combination and make it catchy. Place it neatly on the container.


it depends on the scale you are going into. If small-scale you can start with #20,000. The materials are being retailed even to the smallest price. Use reused bottles to packaged the soap.

For large-scale liquid soap production #500,000-#1,000,000 is a good start. This will take care of workers salaries, transportation money before purchasing car. Some of the materials should be bought in bulk


The profit is 50% and above returns on investment. Assuming you bought materials #5,000 you will produce a liquid soap of #15,000. The profit is equally good as that of bar soap production.

When you subtract the price of every expenses you made the rest becomes your gain. The more you produce and sell the more the profits that comes in.


Start making money quickly by producing liquid soap, the chemicals needed to start liquid soap can be found around you.

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  1. Comment:Thank you so much i learnt a lot from this post and got so interested to start the business there few who can share such information. I would also love to learn more about how I can my product different from others though you shared about making it foamy. And I also wish to learn about other products in this category. Thank you so much

  2. Thanks for this complete guide to. However, why can’t i download it for future reference?

    Also,how to i go about get NAFDAC registration?

    Beautiful, earthy packaging for the Eni Best multipurpose detergent. Really brilliant.

    • Hello Pat, I made it non downloadable because some bloggers will just copy and paste without any reference.
      Thanks for the compliment. You have to set the place you will use first before approaching NAFDAC. They have offices in every state

  3. Bonjour. Comment procéder pour obtenir votre sur la fabrication des produits chimiques??? Avez vous aussi une formule pour la production du liquide de refroidissement auto anti corrosion??

    • @Eric,
      Envoyez un virement Western Union de # 3 000, vous pouvez le convertir en dollars et l’envoyer. Oui, la production d’anti-corrosion est incluse. Envoyez votre e-mail après le transfert d’argent afin que je puisse vous faire suivre en PDF

      • 3000 naira? J’envoie à qui? J’aimerais avoir les coordonnés du bénéficiaire à qui je dois envoyer svp

  4. Wow!
    Please I need your advice. I intend marketing liquid soap for a friend, she wants to give me 25 litres for 3,000. Please do you think the price is fair enough?

    • @Simi that is way too low besides chemicals are very costly now. Calculate your expenses then put a little profit on it since she is your friend. She wont get it at that price anywhere except from people that mass produce without using all the chemicals needed in the propor ratio

  5. Great! Thanks a lot for this guild.
    Pls is it idea for me to give my soaps label( like name, contact and maybe address) on reused bottles pending wen I register with NAFDAC and start mass production?

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience, I am new in this field and am glad that there is improvement, I have not started selling it out but am just practicing it within my kitchen which I can call sampling. My question is that, how would the viscosity of the liquid should be, Can you give me the answer by example e.g glycerine?.


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