Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make And How To Avoid Them

Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur’s downline is a long road of constant mistakes. it is normal to make mistake but repeating it is something that every entrepreneurs should avoid. Mistakes are made daily, avoiding them from happening the second time is what makes you a real entrepreneur.

Below are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them:


This is a mistake that new and intending entrepreneurs make, they think the best business is one that take years to plan and the launch. The C.E.O of Facebook talked against this in one of his interviews, he said: ” Ideas do not come out fully formed, it only becomes clearer as you work on them”.

When you have a plan to do something a little check is okay then start immediately, the more you do that business the more you will find out ways to improve.


This is almost like the first mistake yet different in a way. When trying to be perfect in other not to make any mistake; reduces the capability of the entrepreneur. He will be restricted within his mind to do and think of a new creative way to solve problems and improve his business.

It is good to be perfect, but giving room to some mistakes will help the entrepreneur understand the business and help him know what works and what doesn’t.


Most entrepreneurs begin to lose focus when their businesses start to expound. This could be caused by over excitement or fear of failure. Fear and excitement are the two factors that destabilize the mind of young entrepreneurs.

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An entrepreneur has to expect anything at any time, with this feeling he will be able to overcome fear and excitement.


This little mistake can destroy years of hard work and planning. It is liken to a situation on how wrong planing destroys marriage. It can even be worse on entrepreneurship.

If you and your business partner don’t share the same view or don’t have the same destination in regards to in-goal; then you have to stop partnership as soon as possible. Look for a partner that share the same vision with you.


This is one mistake the old entrepreneurs who have been in the gaming cannot afford to make. Marketing is the heart of entrepreneurship.
If you don’t market your product nobody will know what you are about (produce), talk more of buying.


As an entrepreneur being the all in all in your business shows you are limited to growth. You won’t be able to do more compared to when you have a set of workers or partners working with you.

Give an open mind to those who share the same dream and vision with you. This can really help your business grow.


If you don’t give a listening ear to your customers, in the process of time you will be left without a customer in your business Q.E.D.

Your customers thought should be your everyday concern. Thinking like a customer will help you soar high in your line of business.

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This is a very helpful piece for every intending and already established entrepreneur. This post will be updated from time to time for more tips. Always stay connected with Enibest.

Written by the C.E.O

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