How To Start A Profitable Moi Moi Business In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

Moi Moi Business In Nigeria

Moi moi also known as bean cake is prepared from ground beans. Most people love taking it as snack or as full-time meal. The young and old consumes this product thereby making it a sourced for delicacy. It can be combined with rice, use with chilled soft drink, eaten with pap etc. If you want to learn how to do pap business so that you can probably add it to this business, click here. Moi moi business is taking a different dimension.

This was a business that was looked down upon and left for the uneducated but today it is the enlightened ones that are now running with the business. Who would have thought that Nigerian moi moi would find its way into the white house but it actually did since then moi moi business has become a hot cake.

Most people doing this business are now millionaires if you see the owner of ‘no left over plc’ ask her. But it requires had word and intelligence. You have to keep empowering yourself on the business. Develop strategies to use in attracting customers.. People are packaging moi moi the same way cake, bread, chin chin etc are packaged. Find out what people like and keep to it.

Check out this photo; it is well branded, try out something uniquely different. Apart from their packaging I also love the business strategy the owner of moilicious is putting up.

Personally I like moi moi wrap with uma leaves, that was why Mr. Biggs was my lunch place at work. Find out for yourself ; anybody selling moi moi sells faster than other foods.

In this post you will be seeing a step by step guide on how to prepare quality moi moi that can keep you on top of the business.


  • It is very profitable, any beans business has gain. That is way akara is also making waves. The profit is more than 100%.
  • Moi moi business can be started with little amount of money. If you have #5,000 you can start the business from the comfort of your home.
  • The food/snack is in high demand, it is sold between #50-#100 which is cheap for any body to afford. People consume it not just because of the taste or to satisfy hunger but also because of the nutrient it give to the body.
  • Moi moi is easy to produce and sell.
  • It is a self-sustaining business.


If a wrap goes for #100 and you sale 200 wraps in a day. Multiplying you will get #20,000. And this something you probably spent #7,000 to produce.

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This alone tells you how profitable moi moi business is. Assuming you have about 5 places to supply to in day and make #5,000 each that means in a day you will be making nothing less than #25,000. Isn’t it worth doing?

You can increase profit when you buy things like beans in bulk. Another thing is that it is easy to combine this business with any other business such as drinks, pap, agiri etc.



  • Beans
  • Ground crayfish
  • Pepper
  • Nutmeg (ground)
  • Tomatoes
  • Tatashi- it makes moi moi to be reddish in colour
  • Pepper
  • Stock Cubes
  • Onions
  • Vegetable oil
  • Water
  • Salt (to taste)


You can use any of these three or all

  • Boiled eggs
  • Bone marrow
  • Liver/kidney


  • Containers
  • Aluminium foil
  • Plastic bowls
  • Leaves
  • Moi moi jacket
  • Coolers


Select dirt, stones etc out of the beans and soak in a big bowl with water for 10 minutes. Since it is for commercial that means the quantity is much; so you don’t have to use your hand as it will take a long time to clean the beans. Rather put the soak beans in mortar; use pestle to rub on them gently the peel will come off fast.

Turn the beans inside the bowl and pour plenty water into it until the peel comes up you then sieve it. Keep on doing this until they become clean of chaff.

Soak it in water and set aside. If you grind beans you are supposed to prepare it for the fire immediately. You don’t grind beans down if not it will sour (change taste). And if it stays too long no matter how much fire you put to it, the moi moi will never cook. It will come out watering and undone.

Boil the eggs and slice them to your desired sizes. Cook the bone marrow with spices and herbs such garlic until done, do same to the liver and kidney. Set aside.

Wash the tatashi if you are using it, remove the seeds because it can make the pepper bitter, wash the other pepper and grind them together. Set it aside

Peel and cut the onions to pieces and grind it with crayfish. Crush the stock cube into powder and set aside.

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Grind your tomatoes you can fry it with pepper and onions together as sauce for use. This is so done because moi moi goes sour easily with tomatoes. Also cooking of tomatoes will remove their acidity.

Finally, grind the beans.


  1. Pour the sauce ( tomatoes, onions, pepper, crayfish into the beans. Add the stock cube and any food natural flavour such as garlic etc. Use the bone marrow stock or meat stock whichever you used.
  2. Add oil either red palm oil or groundnut oil.
  3. Add more water either worm or cold until the mixture becomes watery but not too much
  4. Add salt to taste and stir properly until it is well mixed.
  5. Pad the base of the pot you want to use with leaves, add water about 1 inch depth and set on fire. Dish the moi moi into the containers you are using. Put any of the animal protein you are using (sliced egg, liver/kidney, meat, corn beef etc.) inside each container of the moi moi, cover the container very well. And put them inside the pot.
  6. Add small quantity of water at a time while cooking so that the moi moi will not become watery when ready. This is mostly applicable when using aluminium foil or uma leaves. Keep watch every 10 minutes to avoid burning.
  7. Add hot water or warm water if it is about drying; never let the water dry up if not the moi moi will burn together with the container used. It gets worse when using nylon or plastic. containers.
  8. To make moi moi cook faster, allow minimal steam escape from the pot. It takes between 45-60 minutes for it to be well cooked but will depend on the container in use. It is only fire that is best in cooking moi moi if you use electric cooker it will not cook well.


The use of leaves is strenuous but best in taste and is safe for the body. Wash the leaves and put them inside warm water before using them. This will make it a bit easy to use because it will not be slippery anymore.

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For tins, wash them properly and put a little oil in it before letting in the moi moi. Don’t pour the oil into it but just rub around the container.

Plastic containers are easy to clean while nylon is easy to dispose of and less clumsy. But the bone of contention is the debate that plastic and nylon causes cancer. This makes the use of leaves safer for packaging moi moi but difficult to find neither can it be preserved.

Apart from uma leaves you can use any other leaf that is safe for use. Asian use bamboo/banana leaves you can try it out.


The owner of ‘no leftover’ started by preparing to the family, friends, neighbours before it hits the market. You can start yours this way.

Locate school premises, parks, marketplaces or any busy environment to sell your moi moi. It is possible to place 5 stands someone and employ people to sell for you.

Locate hotels, restaurant, fast food centres that are not into it and supply to them.

Advertise your product so that people can patronize you the more.

When you produce quality moi moi people will book you for supply in their birthday parties, naming ceremonies, weddings, child dedications etc.

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